April 24th, 2014


TrueThe Bassnectar crew will be heading to TomorrowWorld in Chattahoochee Hills, GA September 26th, 2014.

Also on the bill: Diplo, Skrillex, and many more…

Set Time: 11:30 PM EDT

Click below for tickets or visit http://www.tomorrowworld.com/ for more info.

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  • Chuck Finley

    looked at the line up and my face is already melting

  • Marnie Murguia

    I want to go so oo badly

  • bass spank

    Holy shit. I’ve missed Bassnectar the last 3 nearest shows. These festivals are way too expensive.

  • bobby wheeler

    do you know which day bassnectar will play yet!? if its not friday i could make it!

    • Jordan Garner

      He’s not playing saturday so either friday or sunday

  • Tommi

    I’m sorry, but over $400 for a GA festival ticket is just ridiculous. Even worse, that’s the only show for the south east and a single day ticket is around $150. Lorin, if you see this, the bass heads of ATL/Athens are begging for an intimate, gnarly, grimy, yet beautiful, non-festival show. …Or a repeat of the legendary double-header basslights of 2011.

    • David Mosseri

      Orlando, FL checking in. Haven’t been able to see Lorin alone since 2011. The ENVIRONMENT and PRICE of a festival is not enjoyable 99% of the time. I went to 2012 EDC Orlando and it’s just not the same. He wasn’t at EDC Orlando 2013 so we got BassLights (Miami) instead (which was awesome)! I will not do TomorrowWorld for $150 plus hotel even if he’s there for one day. PLEASE COME BACK TO FLORIDA!

    • One

      More of a Flashback I’d say

    • mike

      shows end at 12am too

  • Jordan Garner

    use ambassador code jordan http://ambassador.tomorrowworld.com/ when buying tickets to get a free TomorrowWorld goody bag:) And also thrown into a drawing for a VIP upgrade!

    • David Mosseri

      didn’t lower the price any

      • Jordan Garner

        You get a free Tomorrow World gift bag with your purchase, does not lower the price but you get free tmrw world merch!

        • David Mosseri

          What kind of gifts are in the gift bag?

          • Jordan Garner

            Just full of Tomorrow World memorabilia all the items in the bag combined are worth up to $50 so you’re getting some awesome stuff along with an awesome lineup!

          • Vitalsine

            Too bad I didn’t know about it sooner. haha. We went last year though so we bought ours during the founder presale.

  • Justin M. Reed

    Atlanta checking in,
    If you have never been to the TomorrowWorld festival in Atlanta I would not knock it until you have been there 400$ for a 5 day 4 night event is more than enough nasty grimy bass than most can handle.. Buy your ticket and find out

  • jlh

    What day are they playing at the festival?

    • That info is TBA by the festival! The schedule is usually released a little bit closer to the actual dates of the festival

  • Vitalsine

    TomorrowWorld is fucking insane. Don’t knock it if you haven’t been there… lol. Ticket prices for the festival are right where they should be. It’s HUGE… The production is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, at least in the US. Maybe EDC Vegas comes close… Must be tens of millions of dollars worth of staging and lighting… lol

  • Ben Boyd

    Which day will bassnectar be headlining TW?!

    • David Giovannini

      Keep updated with TomorrowWorld for that info! The event is a few weeks away so I’m sure it won’t be too much longer 🙂

  • Hope Lansing

    If anyone needs ticket hookups purchase them at http://www.TWAmbassador.com with Promo Code : Uproar

  • Bass808

    This festival got all the big time artists so that’s why it’s expensive.