April 2nd, 2014


In the last 5 months I’ve worked with over 50 different humans, in 10 different studios, in 6 different cities, and now I’m sitting here looking at 26 new songs, of all different styles and genres and attitudes, and I’m starting to think I may be a workaholic…

Bassnectar - New album update

Last fall, while zooming around on tour, I set out to write an album which would really represent my diverse tastes in music. I approached it with a specific and dynamic palette of influences, ideas, preferences, and styles. Sometimes when I hear requests for my “older material” (from someone who only discovered my music relatively recently) or when I hear a comment about a song being “too trap” (as if 808 drums are no longer allowed in music! …when 808 beats have been a part of my production since…1996? 1997?), I think about how far back my musical influences stretch… how multidimensional they are.

I wanted to reach back into all the various corners of those influences (death metal & grindcore… gangster rap… classical… psychedelic rock… techno/ambient… IDM/glitch… downtempo… trip-hop… breakbeat… trance… every vein of electronic music… folk music… big band… jazz…. acid jazz… mushroom jazz… etc etc etc) and I wanted to play the field, like a human pinball bouncing off all the extreme ends and complicated dimensions of my own musical tastes. I wanted to create an album full of music I love. I wanted to have fun, play games, tell jokes. I wanted to make insane bangers, and also to explore deep sonic journeys… and everything in between.Β 

By the end of Summer 2013 I had more than enough music to complete an album, but the songs weren’t really finished. Some of them were crude ideas, and a one in particular was a little track I began in 2002 and never got around to finishing. I decided I wanted to reach out to collaborators (not just other producers, but singer-songwriters, guitarists, pianists, composers, vocalists of all sorts, even entire live bands) and get interactive. By October I had rewritten many songs into a unique format: no drums. no bass. I reduced all the wobbles and lasers and synths and sound FX into basic chords: piano, guitar… maybe some simple background accompaniment. I sent them out to all kinds of people, mostly vocalists or composers, and asked them to write to it, riff over it, mash it up… see what came back. By the end of Fall Tour, I had almost enough music for an entire album that sounded like some weird indie rock band… still no beats, and no bass. I spent the rest of the year recording new ideas, sitting with vocalists and writing lyrics… playing guitar and piano and constantly remixing and transforming the ideas… just trying to see what would come up.

In January I started taking these songs and “remixing” them, as if they were songs by some other band, and I was hired to do a remix. I treated them like an Ellie Goulding song, or a Deftones song… I ripped them apart, cut them up beyond recognition, and added tons of weight, heaviness, filth, noise, beats, basslines, sound effects etc, often winding up with multiple versions of each song. On almost every individual song, I would act like some manic Goldilocks character – alternating back and forth between the extremes “this song is too hot, this song is too cold” trying to get everything “just right”.

Being off the road is weird. I’ve never had a 6 month break before… not since I was in college and throwing nonstop full moon parties and renegade warehouse raves, and trying to save the world πŸ˜‰

I’ve spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying nature, reconnecting with my friends, being invisible and relaxed… but most of my time has been spent working obsessively. I’ve worked a 13+ hour shift, 7 days a week, almost every single day this year. And I’ve collaborated with so many people that many days are spent with 5 computers in front of me, on the phone with New York, with Atlanta, with Chicago, with Denver, with Los Angeles ….losing my mind and losing myself in music.

Now I need to decide: what the fuck am I gonna do, how do I ‘finish’ this story… 26 tracks… gotta pick 13… gotta choose which ones make the cut, and which order they will appear in… don’t wanna leave anything out, don’t wanna under-represent any particular direction… want to make something that feels just right… mostly, I just want to make something I love.

And share it with you later this year!

I’m sure I will get a single or two out soon, ideally before the summer… but it’s hard to release one slice of the cake when each slice is so different and unique…Β 

Oddly, as much as I look forward to delighting you with this, I don’t care if you don’t like it. Or if you wish it was more like this, or less like that, or not enough this, or too much that. I don’t care! πŸ™‚

I’m making what I love, and I feel so grateful when I look ahead at all the amazing opportunities I will get this year to play these songs – and remix them and reinvent them – at live shows…

One of the best parts about this time off the road is being disconnected from the internet… not checking Twitter or Facebook. I kept feeling the reflex to check in, say hi, etc… but it’s just simply too deliciously fucking wonderful to not be plugged in. I have a personal goal of spending as little time as possible online this year…. ha, we will see how it goes (wish me luck).

But I’ll be seeing you all soon out on the road, just wanted to give you a little update on where my mind is, and what I’ve been up to.

Hope you are healthy and happy,


  • Nectar24

    I wouldn’t mind if you released 13 on the album and kept the other 13 as only live material;)

  • Shad

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I think it’s very healthy for an artist to make the stuff they want for no one other than themselves. And if a couple of million people happen to like it too, well that just a bonus πŸ™‚
    Hopefully you’ll consider releasing all 26 tracks at some point, but whatever you do, I look forward to it.

  • Kayley

    release them all!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Taylor Joann Taylor

    glad you’re happy πŸ™‚ enjoy your off time and can’t wait to hear these tracks!

  • Walker Whitley

    I’ve been excited to see what you come out with this year. I’ve noticed your music is growing more multidimensional in terms of genre for the past few years, and although it can be hard to figure out at first, it’s something that really defines you as an artist. The amorphous nature of your music really comes out through the various styles and influences, and also it gives your music a range of emotions, and a whole lot of attitude. Us listeners reach places you guide us to with your music, and its so fun to be immersed in all those experiences at a show. That is one thing that separates you from other artists out there, you deliberately immerse us in sensory experience… the sub-bass textures are almost tactile, and breath life into so many dimensions of sound layered on top, synced to visuals and lights….a sonic Odyssey where your senses blur and you lose your mind and come to your senses. It is truly something spiritual for me, and I think it gives you a very universal element, something everyone can understand.You’re shit is getting crazy and I think the experiential and immersive aspects of this years’ material are going to take the crowds to realms of mind and body they have never been before, and I’m not talking about LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, or MDMA.

    After reading this, it makes a lot of sense to me where you are as an artist right now. It is awesome to see a person hone their art, and find a place mentally or physically where so much creativity and universality springs from. I can always tell when artists are coming from that real place… it is very difficult to cultivate and takes a special effort. You wouldn’t be Bassnectar if you didn’t work your ass off and dedicate yourself fully to what it is that you do best. You are reaching your potential and everyone gets a chance to experience something unique and meaningful because of it. You’re dedication and hard work, and of course the fruits of those labors, are all very inspiring to your fans, so please…. keep being a workaholic πŸ™‚

    With an attitude of gratitude,

    P.S. Please annihilate me with a Boomerang remix at the Tabernacle in ATL this year…. I may achieve Nirvana (no pun intended)

  • Bells 96′

    Keep doing it brother. I became a fan cause not only is your music sick, I know you who you are. You were always destined for great things. GO BELLS
    Ryan Quinn 96′

  • Bells 96′

    If I send you a sick ass Bellarmine Baseball Jersey with Bassnectar 96 on the back would you wear it?

  • Chuck Finley

    Lorin be like “guys my CDs can only hold 13 songs. lay off lol. But oh yea I forgot to mention these songs have so much depth, that it’s like 20 songs in one track…. But you already knew that, didn’t you? πŸ˜‰ and I also have a genius marketing team. πŸ˜‰ “

  • paku3d


  • Corey Allen

    ALL 26!!! do it!!!!

  • kittygurlxo.

    U can just spoil us with everything u got! I wont be mad.. not one bit!!!

  • kittygurlxo.

    Can’t wait to see you at waka!! ??

  • Wow. I saw the post on FB with the tracklist/everything and got excited like it was christmas eve when it first got posted, but after seeing this whole page worth of words right now. I am beyond curious to see whats about to happen. I need to get on my nectar.net grind. Reading all of your comments make me even more curious, they make me giggle, and most make me realize that your responses are things I find running through my subconscious. You all rock <3

  • nateconq

    very excited for the new album to come out!

  • BASSineer

    Hail Bassnectar, King of the Underworld

    • BASSineer

      the Lord our Saviour

      • BASSineer

        how’s that for an ego boost

  • BASSineer

    When you retire (sorry but it’s going to happen eventually) you should name a predecessor. Someone to take your place- and then he/she will do the same when they’re retired, and so on, so that Bassnectar will be an ever-living, consantly-evolving organism producing new and experimental sounds forever.

    • Blinkfocus

      Heeelllllll nah. Lorin’s gonna produce till he looks like Gandalf the White. I’ll still go to his shows when im just as old lol.

      • BASSineer

        Man I hope you’re right! I think he’ll look more like Solomon though lulz

    • Chuck Finley

      iLL-Gates = the prodigal son of Bassnectar

      • BASSineer

        how so?

      • Basshead Will

        iLL-Gates is such an amazing producer and person who’s so connected with his fans and the community around him. Comment on a facebook post and he’s bound to read your comment, laugh, smile, w/e and like it — or even reply. I agree so much since iLL-Gates and I have interacted so many times. He even liked a photo I didn’t post to his wall!

  • Mike Way

    Magnificence, typically demands patience, I think – and brilliant things grow like plants.

    I can’t wait!
    But of course, I will.
    I believe it will be worth it. πŸ™‚

    • Mike Way

      That is to say… no pressure. πŸ™‚

  • Alyx Siegal

    can u just release all 26 of them??

  • Kyle

    Lorin, Your songs are always amazing. Your production and sound quality cannot be rivaled. Your catalog is certainly a Divergent Spectrum and I can only hope it becomes more diverse. I don’t care if you release a Polka song…If the artist is Bassnectar. Rest assured, the song will be fucking slamming. Enjoy your last month off. See you in the mountains and again in the woods.

  • Kyle

    P.S. You didn’t take six months off, Lorin. You performed at the Ultimate Music Experience. Ha.

  • yourmothernude

    Do what you always do, and do YOU. This entire update post made me beyond amped, predominantly because you affirmed that you were/are still off the grid as you previously mentioned via social network / the website. The reason why I am stoked fucking beyond words is; 1. Anyone who makes a conscious devotion to go off the grid (which can be many different things, but in this day of age it would be considered to not use/check/update social networks – all of which I stopped using almost 3 years ago and it makes life bananas) allows an individual to discover things about themselves, rather than discover things about other people. This allows a broad spectrum of self generated realism, idealism, personal acknowledgment, optimistic personal growth, and allowing yourself to set goals for your own self, rather than setting goals that are generated and applied more towards/for the masses. 2. Knowing who you (Lorin Ashton) and what you are capable of producing in a fuck ton of aspects of life, music being the primary trait here, I cannot even envision the amount of creativity or self expression that you can assemble and create into a musical form when you allow yourself to stop and smell the flowers instead of going 100 (one hundred, 100, 100, hunnndreeeeed) on tour blasting minds at each stop. ***3.**** That you straight up said, that I DON’T CARE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Thank. you. for. keeping. it. really. real. No matter what you have made, there are ALWAYS going to be an insane amount of people who are going to fucking try to grab and drag everything and anything down to their own fucked up level of standards. You could release an indie album without any EDM values/structure, and the fans you have been leached onto you since the jump (the jump for me personally is the real of freakbeat for the beatfreaks. the jump to others can be way different) will appreciate it because that is what you wanted to express at that point in time of your life. Or you can release the most bonkers album that wins the best album ever made in musical history, and people are still going to fucking sit there and bitch and hate. In summary, knowing that you do not give a shit if people like it or not, makes me feel reassured AND beyond ecstatic due to the fact that you are going to continue what the fuck you want to do in a world where critics sit back and dont lift a fucking finger until you put your work out there for the entire world to judge based off of what their fucked up standards and idea of expectation. Please know that the people who really like you for you, are always going to be there and back you no matter what the fuck you do, as long as you stay true to yourself, and continue to be real as fuck. No matter what, we will be here. NOW HERE’S MY FUCKED UP IDEA OF WHAT I THINK WOULD BE PRETTY COOL TO DO WITH THOSE 26 bombtracks. Release the ‘unique format’ tracks aka ones that you took out out all of the layers and stripped them of their signature content AND release those same ones but with your magical insane twist/.remix of them, Then when people hate, bitch, and moan about how horrible of a person you are and how you’re such a corporate mainstream slut for releasing the album, you can simply tell them to kick rocks and remix the original so they can bring it down to their own jazzed up shit level of greatness. MUCH LOVE FROM CHICAGO AS ALWAYS AND SEE YOU AT SUMMER CAMP and SUMMER SET any other events or shows you decide to blast the midwest or IL or Chi with!

  • Trevor

    does anyone know when Nectar is going to release his tour dates? πŸ˜€

    • But we just kicked off festi season! πŸ™‚ Usually tour dates come later in the summer/early fall. Keep an eye out! πŸ™‚ make sure you follow us on Facebook for updates, too

  • izzo

    i think its time for an exclusive sneak preview mr lorin!

  • Shawn Haught

    Stoked beyond belief for my first Red Rocks experience and the new album drop.

  • Yoda

    Why only 13? Release a double album, like a black/white yin + yang kinda thing.

  • Arielthearies

    Those colors from digital music structure on the screen would make for a cool painting!

  • Taylor Moon

    Lorin, I fucking respect you. We actually had an interview back in 2012 that turned more into a conversation about out love of different genres of music along just chatting about festivals we both had gone to. Its fucking chill and that is why I will never have anything bad to say. I can’t wait to see and hear more. Maybe even chat again.

    Much love,

    T. Moon

  • Austin Rockhill

    AHHHH love hearing from you and reading this. I love how diverse you are and how awesome you do work. Love the idea that you created tracks for artists to put vocals to, then brought them back into the studio to remix. Pure genius and you’re simply the best DJ out there. Keep your style and your sound unique, thats what we all love about you. When a Nectar song drops, you can instantly tell its completely different than anything else out there. Keep doing what you do my man.

  • Mel

    I just love u

  • Adam Fernandez

    Bassnectar I have a request….https://soundcloud.com/moodygood/moody-good-musicbx

    Give this your love. He used to be part of 16bit, this shit is beautiful, I just want bassnectar to make it bassy, just give it a touch man. If you feel it is appropriate.

  • Jackson

    please release frogs and butterfly vip!

  • Kristina

    I just love you πŸ™‚

  • Aechde

    Why are you so set on 13 tracks haha? There’s probably a reason, This is Bassnectar we are talking about, everything he does has a reason.

  • Jake

    Okay, so we know 15 of these songs, and assuming Frogs is the oh, so grimy Frog song, we can say 16. But have we heard any of these other songs? maybe they are to be debuted at Red Rocks 2015? All I know is that I cant wait for some new nectar and I have a feeling that these songs are going to come out soon enough. Lorin is scheming something, and I have a feeling that new music is coming soon and with a suprise.

  • Joshua

    Basscrew- QUESTION: Where can I find (and buy) the Frog song?

    • there hasn’t been any official release of that song, it’s preserved for live shows as far as i know! πŸ™‚