June 6th, 2014


Bassnectar at Moonrise FestivalThe Bassnectar crew will be heading to Moonrise Festival, going down August 10th, 2014.

Also on the bill: Kaskade, Excision, STS9, and many more…

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or visit www.moonrisefestival.com/ for more info.

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  • bobby wheeler

    is bassnectar playing sunday!!?

    • David Giovannini

      Stay tuned for the schedule!

  • George

    What day bassnectar will be performing?

    • Chris Basscrew


  • Friends told me Skrillex threw down here recently, mad excited to see what’s good with this race track. Never will beat the bay though, with the bridge <3 starscapestheEVOLVINGmooninfinitelysquared #bEAST #COaST

    • So BERgh

      Glad I attended the last starscape in which Bassnectar played. You’re right, nothing will beat that view. #RIP

  • Jeremiah

    Will single day passes still be made available for this festival? Im starting to get worried because its only a month away and i still cannot purchase them.

    • dollaz

      single day tickets will be available after the second phase is released

  • Jeremy Balser

    Dollaz, phase 2 has been released and still no single day tickets for sale. Whats going on???

  • Jeremy Balser

    When will they become available to the public?

  • Love_How



  • phatz808

    Please avenge hudson project at moonrise!!
    Still looking foward to seeing @bassnectar for the first time

  • Michael

    Hey bassnectar, mr lorin ashton to be formal, I don’t know if you’ll ever even read this as I know you are huge now (very much deserved!) and I also know 20 thousand loyal bass heads went through the same ordeal as me. I just wanted to say how much your music has meant to me since I was just a kid over 6 years old. Nothing else in the counter coulter or even society all together has ever impacted me as much as your album Underground communication. I was about 13 years old when I first heard “bomb the blocks” and I credit that as one of the most influential, life changing moments of my existence on this rock. I have proclaimed how much I legitimately love your music to any and everyone with working ears. I am passionate to the point of an unwavering obsession lol. I am only 19, and I have never had as good of a chance to see you as I had at the Hudson project. I am aware of how dangerous your level of electric explosions +h20 would be. Along with 30 thousand electric-fried muddy hippies, I too would have gladly worn rubber boots and non conducting materials to have finally experienced my favorite artist of all time. In any genre of art, you sir are my icon. I consider you the John Lennon to my generation. I wish you reach that level of stardom and are as worldly renown one day, as I recognize the sheer talent in your 5 feet of hair and your magnetism that is the sound you produce. I used to want you to always stay underground, to keep making filthy goofy nectar songs for us crazy spunions in the fields, but now I see you need to be shown to the world. No talent of your magnitude should be silenced, even due to horrendous weather or maybe some quiet-seeking non-understanding perspectives. 2 of my siblings are also massive bass heads, and they have both had many opportunities to see you. I went in a state of shock when I realized I was going to be deprived of nectar. I have never felt so disillusioned, so out of body before. It was very surreal, almost out of a hellish nightmare. I am man enough to admit it brought me to tears. Pale faced, unable to speak clear coherent thoughts. I don’t look at anything as I see bassnectar. No art, no sounds, no paintings, no illicit substances, no videos, not even any of the wonderful hippies I’ve met, none of the counter reality I know and love has ever mattered to me as much as Nectar does. I know you must get these by the truck load, and it is 100% absolutely deserved my man, but if you ever read this, just know there is a kid in Virginia playing with light toys that will break down in tears if he ever actually has the opportunity to see his icon. If you ever see a spacey tall dude with led gloves tutting in the air at one of your shows and a shit eating serotonin filled smile, know that you’re fulfilling a life long dream and making a major, major difference in a fellow beings existence. If I ever see you drop bomb the blocks in person, I swear I may have to buy every piece of your merchandise I haven’t already and actually create a whole room in my domain dedicated to the sheer passion I have towards nectar. Mr Lorin Ashton, I salute you. For about 6-7 years, bomb the blocks and your whole underground communication/podcast/mesmerizing the ultra era has touched me more than any other sound, any other sensory, any entertainment or art form, and truly has been my absolute theme to counter culture. I see your continuos stances on the political issues that will actually matter (net neutrality) and it makes me hold my head up high that I am a proud bass head. Always continue to produce beautiful art and never fall victim to the system. You are the voice of my whole ideology towards life. Supply this Earth with as much of your art as you possibly can. Us planet dwellers will carry your impact well into the spirit world and far beyond. Future generations DESERVE NECTAR!!!! I truly hope I get to see you at the moonrise festival in Baltimore coming up, and if it somehow gets canceled due to Mother Nature again, I will know that my ego is simply not ready for the level of emotion your art will produce in me. I will have my light gloves held high and most likely have some moist retinas if I ever have the chance to see my idol. Your music, your art has brought me closer to my brother and sister over the years. Your art form and use of sounds to make beauty has opened my eyes to a higher plane of enlightenment I wasn’t aware was possible without the use of illicit mind altering substances. I have never felt as connected to a song as I had to bomb the blocks at 12 years old, completely sober, pre-ego deaths and pre constant cannabis consuming. Dancing to underground communication has been the only thing keeping me here and sane some of these nights man. You may never read this, but if you do pat yourself on the back for me and for all the beings you’ve helped live a more enjoyable day. You deserve every bit of the recognition you finally are receiving. If I had seen you at Hudson project, my existence may have shattered. Bassnectar in person is my dream. Any person who has ever discussed any form of art with me instantly knows how big of a deal nectar is…my mom gave me a hug the moment I got home safely. She knew how much it must have affected me even before she saw the look on my face. I was in shock. Never had I been so amped then had it stricken away. Obviously I understand Mother nature and I am trying not to appear bitter. Only very very excited for the possibility of seeing my favorite celebrity figure. And ready2rage since you first released your smashers and mashers mix when I was still in middle school. Thank you nectar. Namaste. Peace to you and all fellow rock and spirit world dwellers. Palms together, I sit and play underground communication on repeat as I try to reach a higher state of mind. My key to unlocking knowledge through meditation has always been to have your 808 bass blare the door of uncertainty down down down to funky town. You have taught me more through your womp than any official government baby sitter (teacher) ever could. Thank you man. My brother, my dad, my grandpa, Picasso, Einstein, Galileo, Da Vinci, Hendrix, Marley and Mr. Lorin BASSNECTAR Ashton. My Heroes, my male role models, my favorite brains to dwell into.

    “I guess the theme is not being afraid to speak up about what you believe in.”

    May every person, every being on Earth be blessed with peace, with love, with light and joy.

    • lawwww

      dude you’ll see him at moonrise

  • Bassfreak2

    woot woot!

    so pumped for this shit, HAD to go to this festival after the whole hudson project thing

  • Todd Stramel

    i have to sell my single day moonrise ticket 🙁 was stoked to see lorin for the 5th time, but broke my collar bone a few days ago, and have to get surgery. selling for $75. reply to this for more info!! hopefully someone will be able to see this killer lineup if i cant!