June 21st, 2014


Bassnectar & Seth Drake - F.U.N.Amorphous Music Presents: “F.U.N.”
A collaborative adventure with the one-and-only Seth Drake <3 This is the opening track of the Noise vs Beauty album, and sums up the spirit of what the album is all about - extreme contrasts creating a harmonious sound clash!

Opening the Red Rocks weekend with this song was one of the highlights of 2014 so far and I’m excited to share this beast with you in preparing for the arrival of Noise vs Beauty on June 24 🙂

  • CJ

    Fully. Uncensored. Noise?…..

  • Tyler White

    This shit at the Rocks was super cool!

  • Jake Robbins

    The last teaser song. Soon we will be blasted by 10 new songs 🙂

  • Bill Staks

    Super dope…very trippy and melodic…heavy bass! Bravo

  • Dave A Tylka

    I love this alot wish i wud of saw this live! super dope!

  • Ariel K

    fall tour fall tour fall tour fall tour fall tour fall tour fall tour fall tour fall tour

  • dimitry

    you are a shining example of what the industry is lacking…keep doing what you do

  • Jason Gravely

    THIS IS THE NECTAR THAT GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS! So inspiringly animalistic, makes me want to get up and take over the world. Ah so relieved!

  • John

    This is… by far… the most amazing, deepest, awe inspiring Bassnectar I’ve ever listened to. I never thought an album would hit my heart the way that many other Bassnectar songs have, and now I have 15… In the battle of Noise vs Beauty, beauty wins, and noise just decided to be the nasty pushing it through… thank you Lorin! More than you know!

  • Lida

    One of my favorites from the new album <3 Love you Lorin!!