June 12th, 2014


Bassnectar - Hold On - Noise vs Beauty out June 24thRevealing the next piece of Noise vs Beauty:
“Hold On” featuring TURSI

Stream the track in full below…

Noise vs Beauty drops June 24th!
Pre-order now and get an instant download of “You & Me”


Remember Dorfex Bos? That’s the alias of my good friend Angelo Tursi, who I collaborated with on this new piece of music. We are trying to figure out which show to have him sing live at because there are unreleased verses and extra parts… Maybe October 4th 🙂 


  • Jake Robbins

    sick song lorin, reminds me of take you down a little, but a toned down chill vibe. Love it man!

  • sugaree024

    I knew this song was short for a reason. You’re always full of surprises! So excited for fall tour, where ever that may be! <3

  • Jonesy974

    I remember when Bassnectar used to drop bass in your face…

    • Radaumeister

      and others remember beautiful songs like butterfly in between the bass attacks. so stfu

      • peceblaSTerS9

        Only a true bass head would understand as you do my friend..

    • Ticklebottom

      You obviously havent been a fan very long because he used to make songs like this all the time. Go listen to Excision or something you jackass.

    • that guy

      and i remember before he was dropping bass in your face… point is, his style is always evolving. just enjoy the music.

    • David Giovannini

      Everything can’t be noise all of the time… you need beauty as well.

  • So BERgh

    Take You Down, anyone?

    • stilli

      yea from a producing stand point i hear similarity in alot of his tracks…its easier to generate a set as much as he tours
      i noticed another new song “now” that would be nice mixed with va va voom…it makes alot of sense to do that i think..

  • bobby wheeler

    I hope this is just a preview cuz the part you start to fade out sounds like it’s bout to get filthy hope the next drop carries those noises over!!!!

  • Milyan

    I remember when Bassnectar didn’t feature some retards

    • spaceylacey

      I remember when assholes kept their mouth shut. ..oh those were the good ol days

    • Stepson808

      You’re on a totally different timeline then, cause what you’re referring to, is non-existent.

    • David Giovannini

      Why bother cluttering conversation with hateful, inappropriate bashing?

  • spaceylacey

    Digging the lil synth solo. NvsB seems to be a loony array of sounds styles n silliness.
    Can’t wait for dat juicy goodness xoxox

  • IpswichTownie

    I can picture being at a show and having this song come on to a crazy visual show. Can’t wait!

  • CJ Webb

    Few things I know from listening to this. First and foremost, this is AWESOME! Definitely something enjoyable. Secondly, the “drop” sounds familiar to Take You Down, the synth lines added over top follow a similar High/Low pattern that can be found in Take You Down’s drop. The bass line is still heavy but tasteful and not overpowering, good ‘ol reese bass. A LOT of Beauty in this track with it’s focus on the higher end of the spectrum and much more relax on bass. The vocals just add to it making it feel more passionate. In a lot of ways this feels like Take You Down Part 2, though it’s still BN’s ever experimental style. 😀

  • North Michigan

    i know alot alot alot to i like to oogo bass heavy but mr. nec come in Mr. Nec paging bass nec we need a cut at Rothbury this year surprise appearance for the moon rocker come in mr. Nec we need a select it cant be to late please come in mr. Nec

  • Britt

    I have chills

  • Wil Ledbetter

    YES! Dorfex Bos!! Keep making more BEAUTY Lorin! Everything that you release is absolutely stunning, we love you man! Thank you for everything that you do, you’re truly an inspiration to all of us.

  • Soundwrecker

    Don’t fear change. Embrace the continuous evolution of the artists we love.