June 4th, 2014


Photos from the night 1 of our sold-out Red Rocks weekend.

Photos courtesy of aLIVE Coverage!

Thanks to all who made every moment of this night MAGIC 🙂

  • Bird Stone

    Welcome to my planet, will you help me clean it up?
    It’s only a test of love, how full is your cup?
    Blessings to the clockwork of this elemental rock,
    Remember, every eye yearns to shine upon the beauty it once sought,
    Just like frequencies in time, it will never begin to stop.
    Developing noise into beauty and all the in between,
    Enveloping every sound to express that golden mean.
    Designing the truth from all that is around,
    Every being, a universe of sound.
    Opening our inner core to glimpse the ethereal,
    I wonder if deep inside you can almost hear me still .:.
    Unveiling the old to integrate the new,
    While careful not to lack the me that makes me true,
    To remix future past and present,
    Honey, mushrooms are the clue.

    Thanks for redrocks 2014!
    Always grateful ever bassful