July 7th, 2014


Bassnectar - Bass Center VIII - Madison Square Garden NYC

Friends, family, freaks, bass heads olde & new –

We are proud to bring you:
Bass Center VIII
@ Madison Square Garden, NYC

Are you ready to go completely banana brains? WE ARE! Bass Center is returning, this time to New York City’s legendary Madison Square Garden! It’s a ‘Come One, Come All’ special event, with people traveling from all corners, coming from miles around, road tripping, hitch hiking, sky diving, teleporting by any means necessary to gather under one roof for the 8th Bass Center: our largest, wildest, noisiest, and most beautiful to date…

We are bringing our full crew, every nut and bolt of our colossal sound rig, every pixel of custom-synced multimedia video & light art installation, and a stacked lineup to fire on all cylinders:



That’s right, I am going to repeat:


In addition to pulling out all the stops, our entire team has bent over backwards to design a scenario that is as affordable as possible, so you and all your friends can come join in the madness. We don’t have big sponsors, we don’t have fancy bottle service, we aren’t show-boating you, we are going completely raw, punk rock & completely wild style on this event to provide tickets at the most affordable price possible while still raising the bar sky high and delivering the sickest show we have ever put together!!!! With a limited number of floor tickets ($93.50 – it’s New York City, baby) and a lower bowl of limited $45-$50 tickets, we did everything in our power to keep the rest of the tickets at $35 – so bring your team, plan your weekend, and come be a part of the largest Bass Center event to date: the kick off to our 2014 Noise VS Beauty Tour.

Bassnectar Presale tickets go on sale Weds @ 11am EST, make sure you’re ready!!


> Bassnectar Presale tickets go on sale this Wednesday July 9th at 11:00am EST. All Bassnectar Presales are floor tickets!

> Public tickets will follow on Friday July 11th at 11:00am EST

> VIP tickets include 1 x VIP GA floor ticket, access to the Bass Space which has a private cash bar and bathrooms, an exclusive Bass Center VIII NYC screenprint poster plus an exclusive piece of Bass Center VIII NYC merchandise – signed by Lorin & The Crew, as well as a VIP Group Photo.

> Travel packages are also available which include 1-night accommodations at the Hilton Garden Inn Chelsea on 10/4 (with option to add additional nights), with 2 GA (or VIP upgrade) Floor tickets to the show.



See you soon bass heads and Bass Center veterans!! 🙂


72 Responses to “BASS CENTER VIII – NYC”
  1. Matt Dornfeld says:

    boom.boom.pow. #MESIBA

  2. BallouBear says:

    Will any VIP tickets be released as part of the pre sale on Wednesday or is it GA floor only?

  3. elisanectar says:

    aMaZING lineup! thank you Lorin! See you first at hudson and moonrise <3

  4. eyycaiiit says:

    This is unbelievable. THANK YOU!

  5. Ryan Greene says:


  6. Ryan Greene says:


  7. Richie Gentile says:

    Is the show all ages??

  8. Michael Mauger says:

    Lorin I love you so much but please put the $ in front of the number and not behind since this is America and you’re a well educated individual. Thanks.

  9. Marzz says:

    I’m a little confused so forgive me, but what do you mean by “all pre sales are floor tickets” when it says it’s sectioned off by “very limited floor tickets” and “limited lower bowl tickets” ? (Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing of a question

    • Michael Mauger says:

      My guess is that all presale tickets are in fact floor tickets, and that there is just a very small number of lower bowl tickets available at $40-$50 and then a ton of $35 higher level seats. That’s my guess.

      • splatterdatadeep says:

        Whats the difference between the “floor” and “lower bowl”. Which ticket do I want to get if I want to be closest to the action and the BASSS?

        • Michael Mauger says:

          Easiest to think of the arena in terms of basketball game. “Floor” tickets are going to put you where the basketball players play (though obviously they will not have the court floor there) and those tickets are going to allow you, theoretically to get up close right to the stage. “Lower bowl” would be like that lower level seating to watch the basketball game. If you want to be up close and in the mob you want floor. I’ll probably go with lower bowl cause I’m old and know I’ll want to sit down at some point for a brief respite. But also because it gives me kind of a higher view of the crowd and the stage watching the energies of the two bounce off each other.

          That and it’s half the price.

          • splatterdatadeep says:

            I hate that type of setting personally. The whole place should be just 1 ticket sold for an average price. Not $100 and not $35. And everyone can go wherever they want. But alas….

          • David Giovannini says:

            The issue with that is it can cause over crowding and possible safety issues. This way the event can stay organized and everyone can have room to get down and boogie rather than being on top of all of the people around you 🙂

    • David Giovannini says:

      Hey Marzz. What this means is that all tickets on sale during the Bassnectar Presale (Wednesday 7/9) will be for FLOOR tickets only. All other seatings in MSG will be on sale on July 11. To be on the FLOOR of the venue you must have a FLOOR ticket. This is to prevent over crowding and possible problems. Hope this helps!

  10. Juan Castaneda says:

    im confused so is it all ages cuz the bassnectar website says all ages and ticketmaster says 18+

  11. Nectar24 says:

    I see that it says all presales are floor tickets. Does that mean every presale will be $93.50? Or will they be the bowl price ($35-$50) with the free upgrade to floor access?

  12. Guest says:

    Are the pre-sale tickets that get released on the 9th only electronic? Any way to get physical tickets? Thanks.

  13. splatterdatadeep says:

    Are the tickets only electronic or is it possible to have physical ones prior to the show? I’ll be getting one from the presale starting tomorrow.

  14. Kyle says:

    Lorin/BassCrew… Will this be a Bassnectar 360 event? That may influence my decision on going….Coming from St. Louis.

  15. electrics0ul says:

    Hey Lorin….I know Madison Square Garden is a huge and non-intimate venue…but i really hope you and your crew try your best to make it intimate with a close stage etc. It may be hard….but the energy would be insane. cant wait to see you regardless. history is being made. i adore you. xoxo

  16. fabzsworld says:

    thank you so much

  17. Peter G says:

    how much are VIP tickets?

  18. E says:

    Will there be any floor tix avail @ the reg public onsale this Fri?!

  19. Isayah says:

    Can I still get a ticket for GA west tomorrow or no? How much will these tickets be priced?

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Your best bet is to be ready @ 11 AM EST tomorrow and you will get the best available. Floor tix = $111 through Ticketmaster

  20. bobby wheeler says:

    on ticketmaster it just says floor does that give access to west & east or what cuz i want west ga floor.

  21. chris says:

    Are all VIP tickets sold out as well? ;[

  22. Juan Castaneda says:

    wtf did ticketmaster cancel anyone else’s order im beyond pissed right now !!!

  23. Lauren says:

    Hopefully you guys can work magic and make up for hudson project goers here…I just can’t wait until october 🙁

  24. dan says:

    18+ or all ages?

  25. NatRogachevsky says:

    Hey Lorin,

    So me and my crew were really bummed out your Hudson set was rained out. It was going to be my 20th Nectar show. My dear friend saw you for the first time at Wakarusa a few years back and it changed his life. He loves you almost as much as I do. He moved in with me in Boston from Arkansas just over a year ago. We were neighbours at Waka last summer and became instant best friends. We were so excited to see you at Bisco that same summer but a tragedy occured. That same friend was sprayed with a chloform solution, and woke up in the medical tent naked with all of his belongings stolen. He was unconscious during your set, and returned to our campsite the next morning in tears. It was heartbreaking for my whole family. We love you and your music and everything you stand for so much, and he is truly depressed he has now missed you twice for reasons outside of his control. We tried buying MSG tickets the second they went onsale but where unable to during presale, as well as regular release. We only have cell phones and we think that may be part of the reason we couldn’t get them. I know this is a stretch but I was wondering if you could make his year by pulling some strings and giving us the oppurtunity to buy floor tickets. He loves you so much, you are the first thing we connected on and now he is like a brother to me. I don’t want to ask for any handouts, but he has been through so much since he has moved up, and knowing that you personally helped us in this would be the greatest gift. I bought him his Hudson ticket for his birthday, because he has a minimum wage job and I am more financially fortunate. He truly has a a heart of gold and we are die hard bassheads. He is full of more love and light than anyone I know, and a great deal of it was taught to him by you and your music. We don’t want anything for free, we are just asking for the oppurtunity to rage our faces off and spread some love in Madison Square. I know I must sound pretty generic, but what happened to him at Bisco was so heartbreaking, that this would literally mean the world to him. I don’t mean to repeat myself but I love this kid so much, and I wanted to make up Bisco and Hudson by buying a MSG ticket, and maybe a kind word from the king of the sound himself. His name is Mason Smith and his facebook Url is If you can’t help I understand, we will always love you and the message either way. Love and light Lorin. Thanks for saving our lives.

    • Clancy says:

      Shit give these guys my tickets. I have minor PTSD after Floodson but I at least got to enjoy you at Bisco. This guy NEEDS some beautiful, live, blow-your-face-off Nectar.

      • NatRogachevsky says:

        That would be unreal Clancy, thank you so much. Seriously I gotta get this kid in there he needs it more than you know. Whatever you could do would be so appreciated, and if you’re ever in the Boston area you would be treated like a king. 🙂

  26. the dopest buddha says:

    Is it a first come first serve for the stadium seating or are you held to the seats your tickets say?

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Your seat is your spot at the show. It is hard to say or predict how this will be regulated during the show, but to be safe I would first go to your designated seat.

  27. Nick says:

    Does VIP include meet n greet? Lorin, please?

  28. David says:

    I bought a Front floor ticket, does front mean east or west cause the floor map is confusing me.

  29. KevBarnhArt808 says:

    Is it possible to purchase basscenter fan gear before the event? Like t-shirts or some sort of merchandise?

  30. Aurel says:

    Does anyone know if you can move freely between the front and back floor? the presale tickets were ga floor and they were the same price for both sections, so i’m a bit confused as to why the floor is divided. Thanks

  31. lyss says:

    This line up tho

  32. Leo The Lion says:


    see you there

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