August 22nd, 2014


Edward Snowden - WIRED MagazineHere’s a fascinating article from Wired about Edward Snowden; a true hero and a true patriot.

And here are some of the ways you can show your support for Snowden, and stand up against government spying programs. Protect your constitutional rights and your privacy:

Just in case you needed yet another reason to hate the NSA and to defend your privacy…


2 Responses to “THANK YOU SNOWDEN”
  1. G.Orwell says:

    Too darn right he’s a hero!
    Donated $20. Not much but it’s a start.
    Would be happy to pay for a Bassnectar remix if some of the proceeds went to Snowden’s support.

  2. Matthew Walker says:

    As a security practitioner in the private sector (non-government) this topic is very near and dear to my heart and i’m glad that Bassnectar chose to spread the word about it!

    There is a much fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) spread by the media on this topic all while governments (not just the US) continue to expand their surveillance capabilities. To combat the FUD and surveillance I think the best things that someone can do is:

    1) Follow Bassnectar’s lead and support causes and people which oppose mass surveillance and controlling or censoring governments, and

    2) Educate yourself on the topic – Here’s one of my favorite TED Talks by Bruce Schneier talking about power and the Internet:

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