August 29th, 2014


We are giving out free earplugs across the land, brought to you by our $/BH program ($1 is collected from every ticket sale to put towards good causes) in partnership with We’re Hear For You.

Bassnectar - Protecting Your Ears - EarplugsI’ve been using ear plugs since I was a tween, it feels so much better like you’re immersed in pure music, and it’s safer for your fragile ear drums. Without a doubt, I recommend wearing ear plugs at EVERY SINGLE show you attend for the rest of your life, I personally use a foam plug with a 33DB cut, and it’s like perfection.

Stop by the HeadCount booth at North Coast this weekend to pick some up.

We will also be dishing them out at every stop on our NVSB Tour!

  • Hugh-Janus

    I hear you.

  • Tylerds1

    So a Bassnectar show is about 200dB?

    • not entirely sure but I believe in the past our system been up to 300

      • Logan

        The loudest concerts ever recorded maxed out at 130db. Any more than that can hurt people.

        • ah ok, then I am misremembering 🙂 not sure then!

  • Rod

    Lol @Logan, I don’t know where your getting your info… maybe from the 70’s… db levels push over 130 a lot nowdays. not saying anywhere near 300 but still 130 is broken a lot

  • Joel Munoz III

    I am curious to know if anyone have ACTUALLY taken measurements at a BN show. I feel like its probably in the 150 range…does anyone actually know? I’m guessing anyone that does know 100% for a fact, will not post it because it will probably draw fire from silly fools.
    BTW please wear earplugs guys, it doesn’t make you tough to not, just deaf. Not just at concerts, any time working with loud machinery, firing weapons etc. Believe me, I cannot distinguish most sounds like “c,d,v,g,b, or e” due to guns and loud music w/o plugs. So now I’m stuck trying to figure out, “What does what that person just said sound like that makes the most sense/is most relevant to the conversation?” or just saying “WHAT?” a million times a day. :-/