September 2nd, 2014


Bassnectar - Halloween 2014 - NVSB Tour 2014The Bassnectar crew will be taking over Peoria, IL at the Civic Center for a special NVSB Tour 2014 Halloween Event on Friday, October 31st 2014!

Will special guests Kill Paris and Son Of Kick.

This is an All Ages event.

This is sure to be a big one: we will be summoning some serious sonic spirits and reaching out beyond this plain of existence with beats to wake and bass the dead. Expect dark caverns of sound splashed with technicolor highs, alternate realities and astral happenings aplenty. I will be using equipment that has passed through several dimensional portals, and will fly around the venue on a nazgul. Plus there will be candy.

And we’re throwing down the gauntlet for costumes this year! We want to see all bass heads turned out in the most mind-bending costumes imaginable – e.g. it’s not enough to be just a zombie or a vampire. Unless you have to work that night, you have to be a zombie astronaut punkrocker, or a vampire spiderman nurse from the future. Step it up! Costumes that riff on Bassnectar album covers are welcome and we will have swag bags to give out to people who really blow our fragile, sheltered minds!

After Bloomington City Council decided to ban shows in their beloved mini arena, we thought we were done for. Then Peoria popped up to make it happen, and we are extremely excited for this 4th annual Mid-Autumn Mid-West Maximum Impact throwdown: this time it’s Halloween in Peoria… coming from miles around. #ILLINOISEVSBEAUTY


Facebook RSVP

Allowed items:
> Earplugs
> Non-professional digital and film cameras
> Small bags (12” x 12” x 16”)
> One factory-sealed plastic bottle of water 20oz or less (caps to be removed by security at the entrance)
> Empty Camelbaks
> Totems of reasonable height not deemed to be safety hazard (at security’s discretion)
> Hula hoops
> Reusable light-up toys & LED Gloves
> Costumes
> Inflatable toys

Items that are NOT permitted:
> Large bags and backpacks
> Laser pointers

  • Andrew Scott Hall

    can u leave a clue on when the tickets are going to be released lol

    • Stevie Russell

      im going crazy checking this site constantly waiting for tickets

    • julie

      tomorrow 11am

  • Zach Mignin

    Peoria!!! He said so at Northcoast Chi-town goes hard as hell, he killed it

  • Stevie Russell


  • Stevie Russell

    damn tickets start at 42 bucks… is it just me or is that high?

  • Kyle Grogan

    What I’m most excited to see is how people dress to this event.. I mean we already dress up in costumes for a normal show but a show on halloween, wow we are going to see some amazing outfits!

  • monica

    Nope peoria babyy!!!!

  • Conrad Ohr

    Is it going to be similar to Bloomington with the floor wristbands? And I’m assuming if there are wristbands the pre-sales get em automatically? 🙂

    Let’s hope for another 3 year run too!

    • Chris Basscrew

      More details coming soon here – stay tuned!

    • Chris Basscrew

      There will be floor tix and bowl tix – all presales will receive floor tix.

      • Conrad Ohr

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Do you know what’s going on with the Peoria Civic Center VIP presale on Friday compared to the public on sale Saturday? Does that mean VIP tickets or is it just ticket masters “presale” and would a promo code be needed?

        Thanks for your help,

        • Chris Basscrew

          Where are you seeing this?

          • Michael Dangelo

            Jay Goldberg promotions had a presale as well. It was just a chance to buy tickets before the public on sale date.

  • Bass

    Will there be Limited floor passes for this? Similar to what Bloomington did last year?

    • Chris Basscrew

      There will be floor tix and bowl tix. Presale tix will be floor tix. The rest of the floor tix go on sale this Saturday 9/6

      • Stevie Russell

        i just asked this question before seeing this post. good to know, thanks!

  • Stevie Russell

    got my ticket!!!!! sooooo pumped!! gonna tear peoria UP!

  • Michael Dangelo

    Damn, tried to get a ticket at exactly 11am and got a there are no tickets available in that section….

    • Michael Dangelo

      Guess I gotta do the Jay Goldberg presale…and worry about not getting a floor wristband. Dammit

      • Stevie Russell

        no floor bands, just floor tickets and bowl tickets. i got my ticket at 11:00:08

  • Taylor Smith

    is there going to be the wristband thing?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Nope just floor tix and bowl tix

      • Stevie Russell

        what about a general admission? i got a presale ticket and it doesnt say floor or bowl

        • Chris Basscrew

          Presale is floor

  • lucy

    did peoria sell out that fast? or is it broken

    • Chris Basscrew

      It sold out that fast! Public onsale this Saturday September 6th

  • Brandon james

    Im pretty sure the midwest blows colorado outt the wata

  • disqus_TxxdCor2Uc

    How much are tickets?!

  • dru

    Where public tix gonna be on sale at?

    • Chris Basscrew

      There will be a clickable link on this page – check back soon.

  • Unbelievable. Peoria finally earns some cool points. Hope there’s a good turnout.

  • Jacob Kaufman

    This is bullshit. I’m a Peoria resident, bassnectar is my favorite artist, and floor tickets are sold out. Throw me a ticket Lorin. I’ll pay triple of the asking price!

  • Kyle Grogan

    Im happy to see this show sell so quick. Lorin is about to bring something special to Peoria, we already know it.

  • Stevie Russell

    so how is floor seating gonna work? all my ticket says is general admission.. also i have a friend trying to get a ticket but he doesnt know to get floor or bowl

    • Guest

      There are two types of tickets, one at 49 dollars and one at 41 dollars. 49 is Floor and 41 is bowl. Unless you bought during the pre-sale in which they are all floor. It is all standing space.

  • Natalie BeaconofLight Roland

    Sooo excited for peoria! Got the tickets. Anyone know a start time??

    • Chris Basscrew

      More info coming soon – please check back

  • Guest

    Why isn’t bassnectar allowed in bloomington anymore? too much bass? 😉

    • Michael Dangelo

      Bloomington has banned all EDM. Too much Bass and the fact that its a college town has led to them being concerned about vagrant-ism and drug use.

  • Kyle Grogan

    Lorin i will be there for this show! nd MSG.. now its time for you to come throw a little show at the University of Iowa – blue moose. Would love to see Lorin in a room that fits a few hundred max!

  • Lisa

    Comin from miles around!!!!! THANKYOU LORIN FOR THE LOVE IN THE MW

  • Chelsey Funneman

    Does anybody know if the Bassnectar show in Peoria, IL on Halloween night is gonna be all floor or are some tickets going to be seats? I dont want to buy GA if I can’t stand up and dance, ya’ll know what I mean?

    • Chris Basscrew

      You will be able to stand and dance no matter where you are in the venue 🙂

  • livestreamerr

    I think Bassnectar chose to play in IL to give all the Bassheads a chance to experience a massive show on such an amazing holiday. 🙂

  • Jose Villa Jr.

    First time going to IlliNOISE!! Super stoked.
    Does anyone know how the floor is working? It’s GA, right? So as long as we have a GA ticket we can grove on down there, yeah?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Nope!!! there are floor tickets and bowl tickets

  • Slickback

    illinois bassheads are bout to tear down the civic center

  • Darkest Dot

    What about dekalb? we have a stadium.

  • Kelsinator303

    What better way to spend such a bad ass holiday then take a train out to Illinois from CO to catch Bassnectars Noise Vs Beauty tour!??!! Twice in one year?! New record!!! 😀

    • Jacob Spielman

      im makin the voyage too;)

  • eric m

    he chose Peoria Illinois cause Bloomington Illinois banned all edm shows there. Peoria is only 35 mins from Peoria so ya. plus he said playing in Bloomington the past 3 years has been one of his favorite shows to perform cause the fans are phenomenal. so why not move to Peoria… still have the same fan base. plus Illinois goes hard as fuck!!!

  • Mack Coleman

    does anyone know if i can still get a wristband even though i missed the presale?

    • it’s based on the type of ticket you bought. after presales, the general on-sale tickets were for either floor/pit or the bowl area. check your receipt or actual ticket and it should say 🙂

  • Bassslove

    Is there assigned seating?

    • Chris Basscrew

      No there are floor tix and bowl tix

  • Michael Dangelo

    I have a floor ticket, but my buddy has a bowl ticket. Will I be able to go visit him in the bowl?

  • Jillie Bean

    Is it all GA or is floor seperated?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Floor is separated – there is floor GA and bowl GA

  • baptizedbybass

    what time would bassnectar come on? and what time would the show end? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Vicky T

    Coming all the way from the big TENNESSEE! First show, missed him at greensboro due to getting locked outta the stadium! Not gonna miss this for the world! 5 years waiting to see him! Cant wait to throw down in Illinois! Coming to you from 11hrs away!! Making one for the books! #bassboomboom

  • Richard Cosgrove

    Hey guys, so if you got floor tickets are you only allowed to be on the floor or can you move up to the upper/ lower bowl? cause some of my crew only has bowl tickets and some have only floor.

    Would us floor(ies) be able to go up and hang out in the bowl sections or will we be forced to stay on the floor?

    • Chris Basscrew

      yup you can move up into the bowl with your crew 🙂

      • Richard Cosgrove

        awesome thanks alot =D

  • Flip

    yyyooo quick question world??? what time do u think bassnectar will go on??!?!? lmk thanks!!!

    • we don’t publish set times… sorry! the venue might tell ya if you really wanna know, otherwise just show up and prepare for several hours of insanity

  • partyMAD.

    midwest goes hard for lorin !!!

  • Indiana???

  • Anon12345

    Anybody know if gloves will be allowed?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Looks like they are 🙂

  • chicagobeatfreak

    So half of my group has upper bowl tickets while the other half has lower bowl tickets. We were under the impression all GA bowl tickets had free range (other than floor) like at every other arena nectar show ive been to. Could you please clear this up for us? I couldnt get a hold of the venue. Thanks basscrew.

    • Chris Basscrew

      It is free flow 🙂

  • Bethany

    I need two tickets 🙁 someone please helppp

  • jt

    Listening to some tunes and reading this got me sooo stoked for The 31st.. Gonna be dope

  • Sad it sold out before i could get tickets

  • Olivia

    Can someone explain to me how the admission works? like whats upper and whats lower? For the Halloween show?

  • Stevie Russell

    Any info on when doors open?

    • Stevie Russell

      Also can we print pre-sale tickets or do we pick them up at the venue?

      • Michael Dangelo

        Doors and waiting rooms open at like 3pm…you gotta go to will call for presale.

  • steph b

    Lorin, in hopes this will work out, I’ll attempt to reach you on a few social media platforms. I’m so hoping you could help me out with the best wedding gift to some close friends.

    Halloween. Peoria. My good friends Steve and Stephanie are tying the knot the following day. If there’s any way you would consider doing a little “congrats Steve and Stephanie on getting married tomorrow” kinda thing, followed by playing You + Me…. It would absolutely blow their minds.

    Thank you so much!!

  • noname

    how are the cops in peoria?

    • basshead15

      awful. they all come out when there’s an event like this and try to nab as many people as possible. be careful

  • bodidly

    This is how much bassnectar truly inspires me because tonight at the Peoria civic center on Halloween I met a deaf woman named Trish. I just its awesome that just by nectars bass and lights and good vibes ppl give can have such beauty in his music