September 11th, 2014


Bassnectar - NVSB Nationwide Scavenger HuntThe NVSB Tour 2014 is fast approaching and we want to unite Bass Heads across the country all at once for the scavenger hunt of the year! The prize? GOLDEN TICKETS!

The NVSB Nationwide Scavenger Hunt is going down this Sunday September 14th in (nearly) all cities we will be storming on the upcoming tour!

>>> Each scavenger hunt will kick-off at 1PM in your local timezone.

>>> The Bass Network team (@Bass_Network) will reveal the first clue for each city on Twitter. First clues will also be posted here on this page at bassnectar.net

>>> Once you find your way to the first location, an Ambassador in Bassnectar gear will be waiting for you with the clue to the next location. You MUST take a photo of yourself with each Ambassador to progress to the next clue.

>>> Be the first person to solve all the clues and you win the Golden Ticket – good for 2 passes to the show in your city!

NOTE: We’ve located some of the hunts in the nearest major city to make it accessible to more Bass Heads. (And for the cities not included this time, don’t fret – we will be hosting more giveaways closer to the day of the shows!)


Participating cities:
– Rochester, NY
– New York, NY
– Hartford, CT (for Wallingford, CT)
– Boston, MA (for Lowell, MA)
– Pittsburgh, PA
– Columbus, OH
– Cleveland, OH
– Greensboro, NC
– Austin, TX
– St. Louis, MO
– Kansas City, MO
– Chicago, IL (for Peoria, IL)
– Detroit, MI
– Lake Tahoe, NV
– Sacramento, CA
– San Francisco, CA

See all NVSB Tour Dates here: www.bassnectar.net/tour




  1. tonic says:


  2. Mike Medina says:

    I wish this could be in Los Angeles ;-;

    • David Giovannini says:

      No scavenger hunts for any festival stops, but that HARD Day of the Dead line up is PHAT as PHUCK! 🙂

  3. Griffin Mulvey-Hudson says:

    i don’t get this. are we taking pics with the ambassadors at the show? someone please clarify

  4. basshead says:

    Please come down to south florida again!

  5. dudeness says:

    Y not Minneapolis?!

  6. KittyQueen says:

    This is so awesome 🙂

  7. Errlsyndicate says:

    Bullshit that they are doing peorias hunt in Chicago wtf

  8. Everyone in Denver says:

    That Colorado love though…

    • ray channeler says:

      why is there alllllllway somebody from co complaining

    • David Giovannini says:

      I live in CO too, and want some Nectar love…but hey, we got the only four day run in the spring and it was fucking epiccccc. We can’t get too greedy 😉

  9. FvckRealLife says:

    SO EXCITE! I desperately need a ticket still to Bass Center, so you better believe I’ll be running around NYC Sunday! <3

  10. Aj says:

    So, does the Golden Ticket include a Meet and Greet?

  11. Jake the Snake says:

    Awe no ticket for the state of Maine 🙁

  12. Clever, brilliant idea

  13. Bassfreak2 says:

    CO people need to stop talking, you just had RR


  14. Erik Trujillo says:

    so will meet and greet golden tickets be hidden the days of the show?

  15. This is absolutely fantastic!!!! 😀 Definitely doing this.

  16. Anais says:

    No love for the Dc MD VA bassheads though ?!!?!?! Whaaaaaat ?!

    • David Giovannini says:

      We are only doing the scavenger hunt in the cities that Bassnectar will be hitting on the NVSB Fall Tour

  17. Sunshine Emily says:

    Too bad ill be working :/

  18. Sunshine Emily says:

    Good luck sac town

  19. Kayla Kitty Marie Jambois says:

    you should do a show at a waterpark wooo

  20. Rachel Meyn says:

    GAHHHH SO EXCITED!!! :):) Turn it up and let it go!

  21. Jessica Anne Taylor says:

    I would be perusing this, but I am in Portland Oregon 🙁 love ya Bassnectar

  22. hannah says:

    Really? ): you were in okc like a week ago, you shoulda hid one here. Ugh ):

  23. Joshua says:

    I have had this book for some years now that I want to share with you.

  24. Joshua says:

    Me and you
    Against the world.

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