September 19th, 2014


Bassnectar - NVSB Tour 2014THE NVSB TOUR 2014 IS COMING!

We are two weeks away from hitting the road and blasting off the Noise vs Beauty Tour!!! The prep work put into this run by the whole team has been unprecedented! As our only road trip of the entire year we have upped the ante in every direction possible!

After a season of festivals, now we have a chance to go deeper: longer sets, more immersive rooms, more intimate atmosphere, more creative & artistic freedom, more time to get wild, get free, get loco!!! Our team @bass_network is also working hard to coordinate ride shares, help you find hotel deals if you are traveling, and organizing scavenger hunts, meet & greets, hot oil massages and attempting to cure leprosy! We hope you and your friends have been preparing yourselves for the adventures to come: please let us know what you wanna hear, how deep down the rabbit hole you wanna go: are you ready? What are you most excited for? Tell us everything!

There are limited tickets left so don’t wait until the day of the show and get caught out – let’s pack these shows full of freaks and throw the fuck down!!!!

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Tickets on sale now!

October 3rd – Rochester, NY @ The Main Street Armory

October 4th – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

October 8th – Portland, ME @ State Theatre

October 9th – Burlington, VT @ Memorial Auditorium

October 10th – Wallingford, CT @ The Oakdale Theatre

October 11th – Lowell, MA @ Tsongas Arena

October 15h – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE

October 16th – Columbus, OH @ Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Indoors

October 17th – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater

October 18th – Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center

October 23rd – Baton Rouge, LA @ Baton Rouge River Center

October 24th – Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall

October 25th – Houston, TX @ Something Wicked

October 28th – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant

October 30th – Kansas City, MO @ The Midland

October 31st – Halloween in Peoria, IL @ Civic Center

November 1st – Day Of The Dead in Detroit, MI @ The Masonic Temple

November 2nd – HARD: Day Of The Dead in Los Angeles, CA

November 5th – Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl

November 6th – Lake Tahoe, NV @ MontBleu Resort Showroom

November 7th – Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

November 8th – San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

  • Blake

    Good to see you’re leaving December open for your return to Colorado. Hahah. ,,,,,right?!!

  • Eric

    what about Birming-go-ham D:

  • L Rowan McKnight

    I still don’t see Portland, Oregon on this list. Do you not love us anymore? O.O

    • Billwave

      Come on Rowan. The PNW got alot of love in the last few tours. We had Paradiso in summer 2014, kaleidescope in summer 2013. Portland in october AND may 2012. And Porltand in summer 2011. Not to mention a few seattle shows that I didn’t get to… 🙂

  • Darth Reefster

    No DC date???

  • kris

    im surprised you have no socal dates! we love you down here!

    • Chris Basscrew

      11/2 @ HARD Day Of The Dead in LA

  • rob


  • Rich Quik

    My Lil Sis and I can’t wait to help you tear the roof off of the Peoria Civic Center.

  • Kayla Kitty Marie Jambois

    Please please Halloween don’t sell out

  • Jillian

    I need to head Butterfly live. I need it. Need. Desperate. Please. Love you guys!!!

  • Gechols


  • 1

    I regrettably cannot make it to any of the NVSB tour shows above. However, I will be at TomorrowWorld this upcoming Friday for only ONE reason. It will be my 5th of the six shows that I plan on attending and I would like to go very deep down on this occasion. You only have an hour and a half for this but the pattern is continuing. There are many things I would like to hear, but truly I just want you to enlighten me further in the best way you can think of. My story is in the NYE 2014 pictures post on the site that has been taken down. I am hiding in the archives. Please set me free

  • Nate B

    Wad up with another BassLights Hampton,VA @ the Mothership ? If not . I got tickets to Greensboro,NC Coliseum. So I for sure don’t miss me some #NVSB !!

  • Benji

    I am SO happy I can see you yet again! I first saw in you in Reno in 2011, and I was absolutely stunned and amazed that a concert could be that fantastic. After that, I knew that anytime I could see you, I’d invite as many friends as I possibly could to see your shows. I’ve now seen you in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Red Rocks with some great friends and people I’ve met along the way. You never cease to amaze. Even people who have never even heard of you or listen to EDM absolutely love your shows.

    I love your mission, your music, and the community you’ve created. I’ll be seeing you in Greensboro in a month, along with seven friends who never seen you live (and some people who never even been to a concert)! Show everyone there how crazy you can get, how mind-bending you get, and how beautiful and magical your shows can be. Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  • Kyle Grogan

    must hears: Pink elephant, wild style methods, boom boom bass, human, and of course every track of NVSB. Hope MSG sells out!

  • Kyle Grogan

    lucky enough to see Lorin for MSG and Halloween. What more can i ask for? not a god damn thing thank u so much LORIN & his team WE LOVE YOU

  • emily

    please play upside down, what, butterfly, red step and the matrix at the garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best place you’re ever gonna play! kick off the new york rangerssssss hockey season for me woo hooo 😉 ! CANNOT FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!

  • thirst4beats

    Hiya just checking to see if Madison Square garden will be live streaming also can I get an interview for Thirst4Beats NVSB tour this would be really informative for the readers

  • Will Attisano

    Dear lorin,

    Im pretty sure it is up to the venue..( heard somwehere its up to the artist) but i am a 17(senior in high school) yearold who REALY wants to go to NVSB. in the closest palce(LOWELL,MA) it is 18+ is there Any way you or i can talk to the venue and arrange something so i a able to go? YOU are my favorite artist! i love all your tracks! NVSB is fantastic! i would hate to miss out.thanks

  • Austen

    please come back to Nashville NYE? We’ve got nothing but love for you and your crew. You bring too many positive vibes to music city

    • soundcloud.com/crimsondubstep

      I agree, you bring new people to the genre every year! It’s such a beautiful show!!

  • Aaron Smith

    any meet and greet or vip passes for the greensboro,nc show on 10/18 ? ? ?

    • no VIP, and no meet and greet has been announced. sometimes they are announced the day of a show so make sure you follow us on facebook/twitter, etc 🙂