October 7th, 2014


Bassnectar - Decadence 2014 - Denver CO - NVSB Tour 2014The Bassnectar crew will be heading to Decadence 2014 in Denver CO on December 30th 2014, as a special warmup for our New Year’s Eve 360 event in Nashville.

Tickets on sale now!


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  • rachel

    Sooo fucking ready!!!! and extremly happy your coming to denver.

  • Manhattan_24


  • zack

    Anyone know how much single day tickets are?

    • above $90 — check above “click here for tickets”, prices for single day tix are posted

  • someone31988

    The link goes to Something Wicked, btw.

    • thanks for flagging! fixed

  • gratefulned

    frog song

    • put it on the request line 🙂 — bassnectar.net/requestline

  • Guest

    What would I get with the VIP ticket for this show?

  • Tony

    Can you tell me is Bassnectar headlining the bass room on the 30th? The reason i ask is my wife and I are returning from a trip and we don’t want to miss him, to be honest he is the only reason we are going. I know you don’t give out set times but any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and cheers!!

    • Chris Basscrew

      The festival has not released the info for set times yet. I think it’s safe to assume that he will be headlining one of the stages though 😉

      • Tony

        Thank you!! I think if we can get there at 9 we should be good to go!! Can’t wait!!

  • azbasshead

    sexxxxxxxy party remix! 😀

  • DWTF

    Colorado bass reserves are running low!!! Less than two weeks of bass fuel left!! We need the Nectar!

  • Shawn Haught

    what song/s do you want to hear when Bassnectar plays?

  • Joshua

    Dude! you are too amazing. Thank you for your beauty.
    18 years and still KILLING it

  • treenebula

    Are you guys providing any sound support tonight, or is this strictly a performance?

  • Jimmy

    Bass head, nothing has been broken, plugged in remix, replenish

  • Shawn Haught

    What was the last song he played after the family photo? Only thing i can really remember.

  • shanebasshead

    I really appreciated hearing this opening sequence on the Red Rocks system! Super fun times!!

  • shanebasshead

    I know it’s like 6 months out but will you and crew be returning to this event?

    • nothing announced yet so there’s no telling! we always announce the events that we will be at as soon as we possibly can, so always keep an eye out 🙂 — https://www.bassnectar.net/tour/

      • shanebasshead

        Always a surprise 🙂 & Always keeping an eye out 🙂 It was -20 outside last year but inside I was REBIRTHED. You all have my deepest appreciation 🙂