October 6th, 2014


Bassnectar - Halloween 2014 - NVSB Tour 2014NASHVILLE NEW YEARS 2015!!!

Hot off the heels of our sold out Madison Square Garden smasher we’re wasting no time in announcing this epic return to the Bridgestone arena and raising the bar up and up and up until it turns into a spaceship and discovers new realities…

Yes, we’re bringing Bassnectar 360° back to Nashville for New Year’s Eve – how could we not!?? With last year’s event selling out once again, we are zooming back for our 4th annual: December 31st, 2014!

#NYE360 vets will know what to expect – noise, beauty and a close encounter of the thirty third kind, in 360 degree smash-o-vision, this time with support from legendary bass music pioneer Tipper and West Coast up-and-comer G Jones!!!

Tickets, Travel Packages and VIP tickets are now sold out!

VIP Upgrades are now sold out!

Facebook RSVP

Bassnectar presale tickets that were purchased through Frontgate tickets – not via promoter presale – come with floor wristbands.

Doors open @ 7:30 PM
VIP Doors open @ 7:00 PM

This is an 18+ event and ID is required at entry. The following are the allowed forms of identification for the event as per the facility:

> US government-issued driver license or ID card displaying a photograph and date of birth.
> US or foreign government-issued passport displaying a photograph and date of birth.
> Foreign government-issued driver license with a color photocopy of a foreign government-issued passport with both documents displaying both a photograph and date of birth.

Not accepted:
> School identification cards
> Consular identification cards
> Expired identification of any kind, even if listed on the “Acceptable” list.
> Birth certificates
> Photocopies of any identification document except as noted in the “Acceptable” list


GA wristband distribution will begin at 11:59PM on December 30, 2014. Lines for distribution may not form prior to 11:00PM on December 30, 2014 and anyone attempting to form lines prior to 11:00PM will be asked by security to vacate the area and return not earlier than 11:00PM.

Wristbands will be distributed on a first come, first served basis once distribution begins, and distribution will end once all wristbands have been distributed.

Rules for wristband distribution:
> Lines may not form prior to 11:00PM on December 30, 2014.
> The queue line for wristband exchange will form on 5th Ave. South — guests standing in the queue are required to stand within the designated queueing area.
> Guests may not hold space in line for other guests — security personnel will be instructed to send any guests holding spaces in the line to the end of the line, regardless of their original position in the queue.
> Wristband distribution is planned to begin at 11:59PM on December 30, 2014, however, the facility reserves the right to begin wristband distribution at any time following 11:00PM on December 30, 2014.
> Each guest must hold their own ticket to receive a wristband — guests may not exchange tickets for wristbands on behalf of other guests that are not present in the wristband line.
> This is an 18 and over show and all guests exchanging wristbands must show identification (please see the Accepted and Unacceptable identification lists on the Bassnectar.net page).
> Wristbands will be applied directly to the wrist of each guest exchanging a ticket for a wristband by facility personnel.
> Once all wristbands have been distributed, security personnel will make announcements and the line will be shut-down — no further wristbands will be distributed

Please note that guests that have received wristbands on December 30th during the distribution must also bring the the following for entry into the event on December 31st when doors open to the general public

If any of the following items are not present, the facility reserves the right to deny entry to the facility or the GA floor:
> Valid ticket with barcode.
> Valid identification to verify 18+ (even though this was verified during distribution, it will be verified again during facility entry).
> Valid GA floor wristband on the wrist it was applied to by facility personnel — wristbands with visible tampering will be removed by security personnel.


Allowed items:
> Earplugs
> Non-professional digital and film cameras
> Small bags and drawstring-style backpacks
> One factory-sealed plastic bottle of water 20oz or less (caps to be removed by security at the entrance)
> Items such as tampons, chapstick, gum, and cigarettes must be factory-sealed
> Empty Camelbaks (the carrier may have no more than 2 main compartments and 1 small compartment)
> One (1) empty water bottle (20 oz or less)
> Totems of reasonable size and constructed in a way to not interfere or affect public safety
> Reusable light-up toys & LED Gloves
> 1 inflatable toy (deflated upon entry)
> Hula Hoops
> Costumes
> Masks (may not fully cover the head)
> Face paint (already applied prior to entry)

Items that are NOT permitted:
> Backpacks or bags larger than 8.5×11
> Any professional cameras, any video and/or any audio equipment
> Outside food or beverage
> Electronic or vapor cigarettes
> Glowsticks
> Laser pointers
> Full head masks, dust masks
> Vitamins
> Instruments
> Stuffed animals, dolls, or plush wearable items/backpacks
> Markers, Pens, or Spray Paint

  • apex_aly

    Anybody know if the GA to VIP upgrades can sell out? Looking to upgrade soon. Thanks!

    • Chris Basscrew

      They should still be on sale – but I would hurry quick!

      • apex_aly

        I saw they were still available. Looking to upgrade within the week, but wanted to check just for my own knowledge 🙂

  • Conor

    The amount of people on here acting like its Bassnectars fault that scalpers are a thing is staggering. Like are yall serious?? ticket scalping isn’t anything new. For e limited thing in high demand there’s gonna be some jackasses who resell those things. It sucks, but in no way is Bassnectar screwing you out of tickets. You should’ve been faster.

  • Ronald Rageon

    So I’m still wearing my Hudson project wristband and lorin Ashton is my favorite musician. missing him at Hudson was definitely a heart breaker. Tipper has always been one of my favorite artists to watch visuals of and to zone out to late at night so if there’s anyway this could be a Hudson reunion fix that would be other worldly. But will the mudson crudson amateur-jet ever be avenged? I need some old school nectar in my life at a campground under a wondrous sky. I need to hear the smashers and mashers mix and bomb the blocks select frequency leftfield downtempto hyp hop live. You da man Lorin. Counting on this or an east coast bass lights(maybe multiple again? Fingers crossed) and would easily make my whole year. Avenge the Hudson for the folks who couldn’t make it Madison square garden. I need to have my tent and my crew and my totem and my gloves in a big ole messy field with some 200000 watts technology blaring. That’s how to truly experience Nectar. Hopefully they’ll be a sick ass counterpoint or camp bisco and all I want is bass lights (bassnectar and Pretty lights) to be there with some excision opiuo and Big GRiZMatik (big gigantic, GRiZ, gramatik) and tipper infected mushroom to make every bass head on the east coast smile. Love to the west coast but they have hard day of the dead and red rocks so let’s get a crazy ass bass lights. Bigger than ever. 3 nights. Rock on lorin! Ready2rage

    • the mudson avenger was MSG! don’t tell me you missed it? 🙂
      well, if you did, have no fear… NYE will definitely crush!

  • jeff

    is the 18+ mean everyone has to be 18 or if your younger than 18 you can be accompanied by an adult

    • everyone must be 18 or older with valid ID, strict age limit this time

  • Haley

    Is there a meet and greet for this show?

    • nothing announced as of now

  • Cam

    HOW CAN TICKETS BE SOLD OUT IN A WEEK!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH shouldn’t have procrastinated!

  • William

    Play Raw Charles when the clock strikes 12

  • Procrastibator

    Will any more tix be released?

    • none to release! SO sold out!

      • Any advice on how to get a face value ticket from someone?

  • seth

    this isn’t right. if the BASSNECTAR TEAM won’t stand up and end this madness then us evBASSHEADS need to take proactive measures to ensure that this will no longer continue. my birthday is jan 2. and i live in fayetteville arkansas. an 8 hour drive isn’t too bad. but the prices on stub hub…. WTF!!!! i bet 90% of true bass heads don’t fall in the rich 1% of society….

    I can’t speak for everyone…. but i am a tax paying, hard working citizen that doesn’t have a high paying job which would let me pay ridiculous prices for tickets and take off whenever during the week to go see lorin. that being said, it has become impractical to go see a wonderful bassnectar show like in kansas city or st. louis. ( the 2 closest places he ever comes near fayetteville) due to the fact that they are on thursdays. that means i would have to take off work thursday and friday (recovery day) just for a show. not too mention gas, food, and hotel. in the end it turns into a mini vacation so you really have to plan things out way ahead of time. it kind of baffles me to follow Lorin from the 2000’s and know he’s only doing these huge venues where i feel the intimacy has been lost… but not all the way.

    with all that in mind….
    i never have had much luck on having a decent birthday since its right by NYE and X-mas… and each year i keep telling myself i need to go see Lorin for his NYE show but i haven’t been able to get off work in the past. Well this was the year i had the chance and what do ya know? already sold out in a blink of a eye and now if i want to go, you have to wear lipstick and bend over and take it in the butt from some scalper.

    its cool that he does the Dollar Per BassHead program. i really dig it. but how are we suppose to contribute when all he does is play at big city arenas and venues and it costs us close to 500$ round trip. i get that he is doing it for a good cause but on the opposing side, i really don’t dig is how the BASSNECTAR team DOESNT consider taking some of their old tour routes and playing at smaller towns or ACTUALLY taking ACTION and being PROACTIVE about these ridiculous ticket prices. i went and saw Pearl Jam in tulsa recently and paid half the price on stub hub for PEARL JAM!!! like them or not, they are a classic.( remember they played a FREE concert for the west memphis 3, as a protest. let me remind you. IT WAS A FREE SHOW!!!!) now why would a band do that???? maybe because they actually DO CARE and not let $$$$ blind them, I’m not saying the bassnectar team doesn’t care but really think about it….. with how many shows they play and how many years this has been going on…. i think that lorin has the reputation to where everyone knows that if you’re going to a nectar show, be prepared to get your skull rocked!!! so why not take advantage of that and tell stub hub and whoever else that we are not going to play here unless these are the rules. idk exactly the best approach but if pearl jam can throw a free concert to make an effort in getting the west memphis 3 to be freed then i know THE BASSNECTAR TEAM can do something about the ticket prices and/or playing smaller areas to let everyone have a chance to see him. so what if a small area holds a shit ton of people. (a city) . if you weren’t doing it for the $$$ then playing at small venues and going to small towns wouldn’t be an issue cause you’re doing what you love.

    sorry for the rant, but damn. all i want for christmas is a bassnectar show, a bassnectar show, a bassnectar show, all i want for christmas is a bassnectar show, too bad the prices are so fucked up ill never get to go, never get to go, never get to go. hopefully one day he will know, one day he will know. that this isn’t right and i can’t take it any mo’, i can’t take it any mo’

    it just sucks getting to see him live and to experience his atmosphere but then as soon as you go to another show you’re kinda like ehh, that was a little weak. thats just my opinion, the vibes and sound quality he provides you can’t beat, so this is why i am also butthurt. i just would like to go enjoy a true nectar show for a FAIR PRICE, why does GREED HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING!!!! calm on peeps lets brainstorm and come up with a solution to end the madness. i am part of the BNF so i will post something on there to get the ball rolling on coming up with GOOD, LEGIT ideas on how to outsmart the scalpers and letting everyone have a chance to see Lorin instead of a select few that live in big cities……

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi Seth – thanks for dropping us a line. While we truly value your opinion, we must say that this sounds like more of an issue on your end. We cannot control where you live and how much money you have. We have bass heads from all over the country that travel from greater distances and do it for less money.

      We do all we can to keep the prices down and keep our shows available to all our fans, and we will continue to work at this. There are many variables to consider here, so please be mindful of that.

      In terms of where you live, we were just @ Wakarusa in Arkansas! Did you make it? I hope so because it’s in your state! We try to cover as much ground each year as humanly possible. Lorin and this crew tour like maniacs, so be sure to catch them in your state, nearby states, or across the country – whatever shows you can make we want you there 🙂

      As for Pearl Jam, that is so great they threw a free show! Please be aware that not all of their tickets are affordable. In major cities their shows can be much more expensive than Bassnectar shows. Also, by purchasing tickets on Stub Hub you are supporting Stub Hub, whether they are half price or not. Supporting Stub Hub assists them in taking tickets from the true bass heads.

      Finally, your comments about rape are insensitive. Please try express your frustration in a more positive way or leave them off this page. You have a right to your opinion, but not at the expense of other people who find their way onto our site.

      Thank you for your support through all these years and hope to see you out a show spreading good vibes soon 🙂

      • Devin Shaw

        So glad to hear the defense politely, cool. I live in Bham, its a radio thing, there isn’t a big ass stadium here so I don’t blame you for not playing the sh*ttily built arenas and amphitheaters. I’ll eventually get out to ya, there’s ways around everything. Make some other bass heads pitch in and carpool tht b****

        • Joel Munoz III

          Boutwell last year, whaaat! It was like, correction, we WERE in a speaker-box. DNA vibration!

      • seth

        i didn’t mean to be disrespectful or offend anyone by the “rape gesture.” yes you guys were at wakarusa but i thought y’all don’t use your sound system at festivals and i don’t like seeing festivals shows for the main reason of sound bleed. yes its an awsome atmosphere but I’m mainly there for audio quality! just isn’t the same as it is inside. again i apologize for ranting like that and the whole ticket thing. i feel really guilty that I’m going because my girlfriend heard me mention that it would be great to go for NYE but it turns out that my girlfriend paid 300$ for 2 tickets. makes me feel really selfish…. aahhhhh

    • Joel Munoz III

      Seth, man, I feel you so much on some of these issues. Scalpers, stubhub etc suck. However, I don’t think there is any beating them unless everyone stops using them. Unfortunately, some people not me) can afford to pay double or triple the price and are willing to overlook the principle of the matter and buy, instead of miss a show they really want to see.
      I can agree with Chris in that you got to FIND A WAY! Car pool, sleep in your car instead of a hotel, don’t take a “recovery day”(lord knows I’ve had some WIERD Mondays!). There is more than one way to skin a cat, or so I hear 😉 If you think BN/BN team greedy and not empathetic to your woes, then why even support them? Sending out some positivity to you brother, I hope end up scoping a ticket, having a badass birthday and renewing your faith!

  • Basschronicles

    Ok here we go-throwing this out there in the universe. My name is Mike and I am a Personal Trainer in New Jersey. More importantly a Basshead, Anyway i was curious to see what Lorin and the entire basscrew/team thought of having someone like me (preferably me haha) basically run/operate/take care of the whole crew in as many ways as i can offer to help everybody reach and maintain the best health they possibly can as well as reach individual goals. Ill obviously move to California and go on tours and become married to the crew and bass. Just trying to live the dream…contact me if you think its a cool idea/ are interested.

  • Any advice on how to get a face value ticket from someone?

  • BassGirl

    Quick question! Does anyone know what time the first come first serve floor wristbands will be passed out?

    • Chris Basscrew

      More info coming soon!

  • madDUDE

    why is this an 18 up event its never been 18 and up. this should really be taken down to a 16 up event because im 17 about to be 18 in 3 months so i should be allowed in if we are spending 100+ dollars to see my favorite artist perform
    im slighty upset over this

    • Joel Munoz III

      They have no control over this, it is up to the venue. They would have it be all ages if it were their choice 🙂 So says BN twitter.

  • Robert

    Does anybody want to work out a trade…I have 2 basslights tickets that I am willing to trade for 2 NYE tickets

    • Joel Munoz III

      I have one ticket that I am willing to make the same trade for, will you let me know if anyone you talk to just wants a single ticket?(once you get yours handled of course)

      • Robert

        i really need two tickets unless you know somebody else that has one

        • Joel Munoz III

          lol, no no no, I’m saying that I’m trying to do the same thing as you, and let me know if you happen upon someone that only has 1 ticket to trade 😀

          • Robert

            ohhhhh I gotcha…yea I’ll let you know if I find any

          • Joel Munoz III

            back atcha

    • Lindsay Moyes

      Hey I’ll trade! Do you have the two day passes? I have 2 fan club tickets to NYE

  • bass head

    heyy I’m looking to carpool down to nashville. I live in maryland. i can give money for gas. i already have a place to stay down there. Ima 23 y/o dude and i promise good positive vibes on the way. please hit me up 240 538 6683

  • seth

    hello basscrew!

    since in the past I’ve had bad timing to get to go to some shows, and i love making nectar on nectar mashups/remixes, really just dissecting his music and just playing around with it. I’ve noticed that when lorin comes out with a new album its followed by remixes in a later date. Soooo my main question is how would i go about trying to purchase or receive some of the stems from his songs and/or songs that haven’t been fully processed or still broken down so i can really remix it and and not trying to isolate certain parts from a bunch of EQ’ing and what not. i started playing around with his music in 2009-2010 and have put them on his posts here and youtube. I’m just a bedroom producer here in fayetteville AR. with 2 krk 8’s, and a krk 10′ subwoofer. I’ve spent hard work saving up for all my gear. i wouldn’t have any problem signing some copyright papers or even sending whatever i do right back to you guys. bottom line is i am very tenacious and want to get in on these remixes. it would mean a lot. thanks and have a great day/evening!!! hope to hear from you soon

  • Guest


  • Karl Vostal

    What type of sound system/low-frequency loudspeakers does Lorin use in his sets? Like is the sound system from Meyer Sound used in one of his sets or most of his sets? Would a low-frequency loudspeaker be the 1100-LFC? Or are there others? Thanks!

    • someone31988

      I’ve gotten curious about this myself and came to the same conclusion by looking around the Meyer Sound LEO page.

  • Mallory

    Question! If you buy a ticket directly from Bridgestone and it has a yellow ticket stub, do you automatically get a floor wristband? Someone is saying that he has done this the past 3 years and has gone to the show the night of and never had a problem getting a wristband, I want to know if this is true before potentially buying a ticket from him for a friend. My friend doesn’t have a ticket and the rest of our group all got presales, so it would be stellar if we could get him a ticket + guaranteed wristband without having to wait in that horrendous line. Thanks fam!

    • Chris Basscrew

      You sure he didn’t just get there early? And did he buy the ticket directly from the venue in person?

      • Mallory

        He said the night of the show, and yes he got the ticket from the venue directly. He also said there is a side entrance for thewe yellow stub tickets etc on Demonbreun street

        • Chris Basscrew

          Sounds like he just got there early enough to get a wristband – I’ll look into this though.

          • Mallory

            Okay, thanks so much!

          • someone31988

            I can see how it’s possible. I just got my presale tickets in the mail, and they look the same. Yellow tickets and clearly printed by the venue itself rather than Ticketmaster. If what Mallory is saying is true, the person might have walked up to the VIP/presale entrance, had the ticket scanned, the ticket scanned just the same as a presale because it’s from the same place, and then was given a wristband because the person scanning was none the wiser.

  • Ahleya

    Almost willing to buy the stubhub tickets even though i’d be paying on top of travel costs.. but there’s no seating charts anywhere that shows what section “floor” is. Don’t want to pay $100 more for a ticket that will get me the same rage as GA.. Anyone know how that’s set up? From MI, this would be my first nectar show at this arena.

    • Joel Munoz III

      Hey there, i’m from Michigan too, although I wised up and moved waaaay south 🙂 The GA ticket allows you the opportunity to get floor wristbands if you are willing to camp out in a line the morning of the show. The presale tickets(usually tagged FANCLUB or PRESALE) give you a guaranteed wristband given the day of the show.
      As far as the set-up, imagine Joe Louis Arena…the “floor”=the ice. The stage is at center ice spinning slowly. This is to the best of my knowledge and if i’m wrong about anything, it wouldn’t be the first time.

  • Tyler

    So I just received my nye 360 tickets in the mail. I was lucky enough to get the first day Presales through frontgate although there were no wristbands with the tickets. Just wondering how I get these guaranteed floor wristbands :/ any thoughts guys? Thanks! Much love

    • Joel Munoz III

      From what I’ve read on here; There is a separate line/entrance where they give presale people their wristbands. Also, that they usually let you know closer to the date.

      • someone31988

        This is true. I nearly got burned and was stressing hard last year when I tried to go in the regular entrance with my presale ticket with my girlfriend who had a regular ticket. They were telling me I had to go back around to the other entrance. Needless to say, after waiting in the cold for four hours, I was pretty livid, but they helped me out and let me through. I didn’t even care about getting the floor wristband that came with my ticket, since my girlfriend wouldn’t be able to go down there anyway.

        Luckily, we’re doing it right this year. We BOTH have presale tickets and will go through the proper door without waiting in the cold. I would have done it that way last year, but I met her after I had already bought a single ticket for myself and was going to go solo. I honestly didn’t think it would be a problem trying to go through the LESS desirable entrance.

        • Joel Munoz III

          Good to see you guys are still going strong, it helps when you have that BASS melding your cosmic DNA together 😉
          This will be our first year and I was wondering, what road was the regular entrance off of? I don’t want to get mixed up. Also, why were you in line for 4 hours and how close to the front of the line were you?

          • someone31988

            We waited for so long because they did the pat downs/searches outside at 4:30 PM, and then you still had to wait in a fenced off area outside the doors until at least 7:30 when they were supposed to open. They ended up not opening until closer to 8:30, and that only added to the stress. We were probably one of the first couple hundred people to get in excluding those in VIP, though (capacity was 11,000 if I remember correct).

            The main entrance was on 5th Ave. This Google Street View shows exactly how it was set up (good timing for us on the Google car, lol). You can see on the left where the initial line forms and they do searches. Then you move on and wait outside. https://www.google.com/maps/@36.1598188,-86.7779979,3a,75y,257.4h,83.47t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sXyIWtz186J7K_Z1FxoHGZw!2e0

            I believe presale and VIP people were to go to the south entrance on Demonbreun St. seen here. https://www.google.com/maps/@36.1582273,-86.7777204,3a,75y,341.1h,86.06t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1seI-XI_wInkKoesEn6p_lgQ!2e0

            EDIT: Forgot to mention that we got in line at 3:30, waited for an hour to be searched at 4:30, then wait another 3.5-4 hours after that.

          • Joel Munoz III

            Dang, maybe they will be a little more stream line this year…i’m not down for being cold at any point, lol. Thanks for the info and the maps brother! Helped out a lot!! btw googled it and it says capacity for center staged concert is 20k.

          • someone31988

            I hope! They did have a donation bin (just a Rubbermaid tote box) right inside where you could ditch your blankets, sweatshirts, coats, etc., so that was pretty cool. I guess you could wear 5 layers of sweatshirts from a garage sale and then donate them when you get inside. haha

          • Joel Munoz III

            Gonna need some of those layer for after we get out!

    • as others have said, you will receive your floor wristband when you go through the entrance at the show, there is a separate entrance for presale and VIP ticketholders

  • Joel Munoz III

    .I know “More info TBA”, however, based of previous experience with this venue does anyone know of some general rules.(camel backs, totems, etc.) On the venue site it said no backpacks, but my camelback has a backpack compartment soooo. 🙂

  • Lindsay Moyes

    Hey guys if anyone wants to trade two 2 day passes to basslights with 2 NYE 360 fan club tickets hit a gurrrrl up! I went to 360 last year and it was madness but I’m trying to lose my basslights virginity this year 🙂

  • Nick Suresky

    I bought tickets off Stub Hub that are supposed to presale that come with floor wristbands and I know that you get the wristbands the day of even if you have presale. I just want to be sure I actually have presale tickets so is there a way to tell if they are the presale that come with the wristband. Mine are yellow and have Bridgstone Arena Printed on them which differ from my friend who bought the tix released to general public and his are pink from ticketmaster.

    I just want assurance that mine are presale that come with floor because if they are not, then I will wait in line to try to get some the day of. otherwise I will just claim my wristbands without the hassle. Thanks to anyone that can clear this up for me.

    • Chris Basscrew

      This info will be released soon – check back closer to the show!

    • someone31988

      Unless Chris knows something I don’t, I bought presale tickets from the official sale, and mine are yellow. I think you’re good. 😉

    • presale tickets will only have one price (60.50) printed on them and will say “GA-FAN”……
      versus normal tickets with 60.50, plus the other two fees printed underneath, and reading “ADULT”

  • veej209

    I would love to hear a bassnectar remix of “odesza – say my name” great song, bassnectar can make it better! I also like the RAC remix of the above song.

  • Robert

    Is anybody riding from Memphis to Nashville on the day of a show that is willing to pick up 2 baseheads from the Memphis Airport(arriving in Memphis at 8AM on day of show) have $$ and other goods I can offer your your kind gesture…thanks

  • Chris Chevalier

    Is anyone driving from New Orleans La (or anywhere close) to Nashville TN for the NYE show that would be willing to pick up 1 extra basshead. I will help you with gas money and make sure you’re high the entire trip. Contact me at my email chipedub@yahoo.com

  • meaghan

    have two floor tickets to get rid of if anyone wants them.

    • Geoff

      Are these for NYE on Nashville??

      • Geoff

        Would love to get them off of you if they are floor tickets for NYE in Nashville

  • Gechols


  • Chris Chevalier

    Hey everyone! Is anyone going to the NYE show from New Orleans that will have any extra room in there car for one more basshead? I will pay for gas on the trip and make sure you’re stoned the entire time. Gimme a call 504-813-0131

    • Joel Munoz III

      Don’t smoke and ride. Mississippi and Alabama state troopers don’t play! Vac seal and wait till you get there 🙂

  • Erik

    Hey um, I attended last year as VIP, now that it is sold out here, my only option is through StubHub, anyone know if the Fan Club General Admission is the VIP package? Thanks!

    • Joel Munoz III

      From what I’ve read, no. The fanclub GA just guarantees floor wristbands. The VIP also comes with wristbands but A LOT more cool stuff, early entry, vip section, private bathroom, print, Nye specific merchandise etc.

      • Erik

        Yeah I was VIP last year, and it was pretty cool, not completely worth the price IMO but I’d do it again just for the gear and spot on the floor.. not to mention the bathrooms haha.. so tickets with “G-FAN” on them guarantee me a floor band? I’ll be happy with that! 🙂

        • Joel Munoz III

          What sort of gear did you get? Also, how did they hand it out? Hopefully as you leave, i would NOT want to keep up with stuff lol.

          • unforgettable_night

            I got a VIP laminated pass, a NYE 2013 poster, an aluminum water bottle and a Bassnectar NYE 2013 hoodie.. LOVE the hoodie! 🙂

            (This is Erik btw, forgot I had an account from last year already set up lol)

          • Joel Munoz III

            That sounds like it would totally be worth it to go VIP(if you missed out on presales)! But with my fiancé and I both going, can’t really come up with an extra $400. But believe me, I’m rationalized it a million times, even though you’re basically talking an entire festival budget on 1 night, it would be totally worth it 🙂

      • Erik

        As for the early entry, that’s BS, we got in maybe a half an hour early last year but still had to wait until show time to get to the floor lol – I blame the Bridgestone staff for that though.. I don’t think they were very prepared.

        • Joel Munoz III

          Dang, that’s crap. Your are probably right about the venue staff. At least you could lock down primo bowl seats, then come and go as you please, right?

    • “fan club” are presale tickets, not VIP package, but you definitely can’t trust anything from stubhub. you could end up with anything including fake tickets! dont buy from scalpers — find a real basshead who will sell you a ticket for face value!

  • Joel Munoz III

    Anyone know where all the weirdoes are hanging out after the show? Looking for a spot to finish the ride (~);}

    • unforgettable_night

      Curious as well.. had a rough time last year after the show lmfao!

      • Joel Munoz III

        How so?

        • Erik

          Eh, let’s just say that driving home was like some shit out of Tron.

          • Joel Munoz III

            Been there, DONE THAT!!! Say no more! Definitely using Lyft.

          • Joel Munoz III


  • israel

    Curious as to whether or not its possible to help out NYE as part of the team? I remember last year, while enjoying fruit up front haha, that one of the girls said she was chosen when she requested info or something.. I would love to help if possible!! thanks a lot


    • hey there, that was an ambassador you were talking to! you can feel free to apply for the ambassador program, but invitations have already been sent out for NYE. if you apply soon you may be able to join the team for the next tour. good luck!

  • bsmetona

    Can we please coordinate a white out? All white attire

    • Joel Munoz III

      Why? To me, part of the fun is checking out the weirdness that are bassheads and their attire 🙂

  • Aftershock After Hours

    Like Facebook.com/aftershockTN for info for the after party following bassnectar!

  • sunrise in the 650

    Hello beautiful music community! I’m seeking travel mates from the WEST COAST!

    Scopin’ my airline alternatives 😉

    I’d love to meet some new faces and share stories, music, silence, company, food, philosophy, whateva, on this NYE 360 journey 🙂

    It’s gonna be epic. See yaa <3

  • Joel Munoz III

    For anyone with questions about CamelBacks at Bridgestone Arena, I e-mailed them directly and received this response:
    “Q: I noticed that you do not allow backpacks, however, my CamelBack has a backpack compartment, are CamelBacks prohibited?
    A: If it is the small model that’s simply the bladder pouch with a small front pocket, Yes, however, if it is a backpack with the compartment for a bladder, no. here’s two images for further clarification, as that’s a little convoluted. (http://www.bridgecycles.co.za/image/cache/data/CAMELBAK%20ROGUE%20Hydration%20Pack-900×900.jpg – Yes, http://www.365adventure.com/reviews/data/76/Camelback-Rim-Runner-100oz-Hydration-Pack-1.jpg – No) Please be aware, the bladder needs to be empty, and is subject to search upon entry

    Q:This will be our first visit to Bridgestone Arena and we were wondering, where exactly is the entrance? North, East, South, West side? Also, when looking at the seating chart, which section is the North side of the building.
    A:The main entrance is located at the corner of 5th and Broadway. This is the Northeast corner of the building. The section closest to this entrance is section 101″

    • Joel Munoz III

      BIG shout out to Ben Bosse, Director of Events Services for the timely and informative response!

  • Daniel

    Hi, is there going to be a coat check?

    • Joel Munoz III

      The Bridgestone Arena site says no. I couldn’t imagine 22k coats piled up lol.

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey Daniel – I would assume no. More info on this event coming soon so please check back!

  • maria

    My best friend lost her brother dad and husband in a horrible accident. I lost my dad and brother.
    They were supposed to get us bass lights tickets before but never got around to it before passing.
    I decided to scour the Web for wither bass lights or the nye nectar show.
    I found a guy selling bass lights and he said he’d do 280 because of what we’d been through. Sent the money and never heard back. We are absolutely crushed. I do still have 280 or so I can spend or maybe a little more if anyone has 3 tickets? Please please help us. We need some nectar to get over this grief. If you can call me 4342278774

    • Chris Basscrew

      So sorry to hear about your losses @disqus_0l9quBJGg2:disqus – please be careful when sending money for tix! Beware of scalpers :/

      If anybody on this page can help Maria out please do!!!!

  • Brent R

    How long did Bassnectar play last year? Anyone remember what time he started and stopped?

    • Joel Munoz III

      I would like to know this as well. I watched the ball drop video on youtube and right after he said “We aren’t even half way done yet!”. Doors were at 730 last year instead of 7 this year, so I would guess he would be done about 1/130. Anyone with actual knowledge out there?

      • Kyle McCallum

        last two years he’s played from like 11:00 till 1:30

        • Joel Munoz III

          Soooo, with doors opening a half an hour earlier, he should go until approx. 1am, NICE! Thanks!

          • Cody McCarron

            or that extra time is for Tipper and Nectar still goes til 1:30? that would be tight.

          • Joel Munoz III

            DUDE! You are reading my MIIIIIND, haha.

  • Erik Slavik

    General Admission tickets, where should I expect to be seated/viewing from? Will it be on the floor, or is that exclusive to presale ticket holders with wristbands?

  • Guest

    Does anyone know if more floor wristbands be released the day of the show?

  • Joel Munoz III


  • Joel Munoz III

    Does anyone know if Meyer Sound if still the audio equipment being used? Basscrew?

    • Joel Munoz III

      For anyone else wondering, I tweeted Meyer Sound and they confirmed they are providing sound for NYE with the Meyer Sound LEO via VER Tour Sound, just like last year(which I unfortunately did not attend).

  • bkat

    Afterparty this year?

    • Joel Munoz III

      Someone announced a pre-party the night before with Thriftworks, Truth and Kayla Scintilla. Pretty sure i’ll be getting plenty of rest that night though, haha. Also, as far as an after party, WHEW IDK if I’m going to be able to handle anything after how hard we’re going to go HAHA! Also, probably won’t want to taint my sonic after-glow 😀 Let us know though, just in case :::-)

  • Therese Hafeken Woods and fami

    I purchased 2 tickets through Ticketmaster. They are general admission but do have a section and seat number on them. I called Bridgestone to get info about the armbands but they said it came from BassNectar. How do the arm bands work? How do you get them? I heard they will give them out the day of the concert. If a friend gets inline early can they take my tickets and get my armbands? Thanks!

    • Joel Munoz III

      Read through this page.

      • Therese Hafeken Woods and fami

        Thanks but the more I read the more I became confused. Posts are over 2 months old also.

        • Joel Munoz III

          Sorry 😛 The armbands are given out the morning of the show(time still TBA) at Bridgestone Arena. From everything I’ve read through, it seems like they only give out around 2K of them and the line starts EARLY! Bridgestone says do not come any earlier than 8am, but I’m pretty sure people are going to be there WAY earlier.
          I don’t really know if you would be allowed to get someone else’s arm band, even if you had their ticket. It would make sense that you would be able to, but I’ve found that logic and common sense rarely play a factor when it comes to rules, lol. If you find out about this let a brother know. We have 4 people going and it would be sweet to take shifts! Where are you all travelling from?

          • Therese Hafeken Woods and fami

            Thank you Joel! I will pass this info on.

        • all the info given here is still accurate

          • Brett McClelland

            Hey Collen, I have a question on the Puerto Rico Page, could you check it out when you get a chance, thanks <3 -Blackbear

  • dj T3chn0 HC

    is it an 18 and over event for his event in nashville for 12-31-14

    • Joel Munoz III

      Yes, look under the picture 🙂

  • dooshlin

    Trying to VIP upgrade, says it’s available here but otherwise when I follow through the link?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Yup they look like they’re sold out.