October 29th, 2014


Brittany MaynardMy heart goes out to Brittany Maynard.

Just as it goes out to all people who are suffering at the end of their lives, and who are forced to suffer through extended times of excruciating pain, dementia, sickness, or worse. My heart goes out to their families, their friends, and everyone who is caught up in this painful, cruel situation.

Please click here to read Brittany’s story:

Every human should have the right to choose when they die: the tragedy is when someone is robbed of that right. I am not advocating melodramatic suicide, I’m not talking about teenage angst, and I would not advocate “The Right To Decide” unless it was HEAVILY monitored and carefully controlled. But after I reach a certain age, and within certain strictly defined situations (when death is near, or when life has become too overwhelmingly painful and that pain is permanent, when there is a scientific impossibility of recovering) then there is zero defensible reason why any human should have any say whatsoever in how or when I die, if I so choose. If I am suffering from an incurable disease, and wish to pass away peacefully to avoid causing pain for myself and my loved ones: it is *MY RIGHT*.

My heart goes out to Brittany Maynard first and foremost because she is suffering. But since she is suffering so immensely, and permanently, it is her right to decide if she and her family want to gather and peacefully send her off with dignity, compassion, love, and grace.

It’s nobody’s business but hers, and her family’s.

Beyond Brittany, I have personally dealt with this situation in my own life where a loved one was suffering and their death was wrongfully extended into a painful, horrendous, inhumane experience. I also have hundreds of dear friends who have dealt with this in their own lives, being forced to watch a loved one suffer through extended periods of pain, discomfort or humiliation, as they are prevented from passing away in peace and dignity.

Thanks to the State of Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act, Brittany Maynard has chosen to relax peacefully, and die with dignity, on November 1st, 2014. I have decided to donate all our Dollar Per Bass Head earnings from our November 1st Day Of The Dead event to The Compassion & Choices Brittany Maynard Fund – because I believe this is an incredibly important issue, one that affects all of us, our friends and family members. The traditional holiday “Day of the Dead” remembers those we have lost and still carry in our hearts: and November 1st, 2014 is the day that Brittany will choose to pass on, and relieve herself and her loved ones from their pain and suffering: WE SUPPORT YOU BRITTANY!

As we dig ourselves out of the trenches of barbaric, archaic, caveman mentality where outdated religious beliefs restrict our rights, it is time to proclaim loudly the right to die with dignity and compassion. It took us long enough to realize when a thunderstorm strikes, it’s not because “god” is mad at us. It took us long enough to realize that it is wrong to cram Africans onto slave ships and send them off to be slaves in the New World. It took us long enough to realize that stem cell research is a vital and necessary way to improve health care and quality of life. As old, archaic issues fall to the wayside and states decriminalize marijuana, legalize gay marriage, and take other steps to advance our understanding of human justice – it is important to stand up for Brittany, and for all our loved ones who suffer and deserve better. Just as we have abolished slavery and promoted civil rights, just as we have refused to tolerate sexism, bullying, racism, or hate crimes which were accepted and promoted by our puritanical ancestors – this is another BIG issue where we are overdue to make up for lost time, and that time is now.

Again, please click here to read Brittany’s story:

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  • austin

    very intense, i cant stand how sweet she looks in her pictures too, makes it even worse, but in my opinion I dont think anyone should give up on life and thats exactly what she has decided to do. regardless of how perfectly diagnosed or how sure doctors are she will suffer she is still dismissing the fact that all kinds of things happen beyond our understanding to reset the circumstances of our destinies and fate. NEWS FLASH: we are all going to die most of us will be lucky enough to die without our good looks, without our strength, without our sharp wit,without our dignity, without some basic body functions even, and that is a damn good thing because it means that we used them all up by living a long full life. So why anyone would give up on that (even if it seems all hope is lost) is beyond me. you ever heard the saying “it aint over til the fat lady sings or you decide to off yourself” ?? while i understand the pain and struggle are very real im sure deep down everyone she loves and who loves her wants her to do the best she can to stay a part of their lives. so i support you and your right to personal freedom and right to do as you please in your own mind, but not your decision to call it day on life and give up on life which you still have regardless of how miserable it may be now.

    • Jackie

      so do you believe the same for people that lay in hospitals in vegetated states? is that really, truly living? When you see an animal hit by a car, clearly suffering from pain, do you let it keep suffering? I’m not so sure you can grasp the kind of pain people endure with chronic illnesses or injuries. It’s like you kind of got screwed over with the whole “long life” thing, the least they can do for this girl is give her the grandest and most beautiful exit.

    • Lauren

      “while i understand the pain and struggle are very real im sure deep down everyone she loves and who loves her wants her to do the best she can to stay a part of their lives. so i support you and your right to personal freedom and right to do as you please in your own mind, but not your decision to call it day on life and give up on life which you still have regardless of how miserable it may be now.”

      Soooo because OTHER people want to more time with her, she should go through a painful, debilitating treatment that will destroy her quality of life going forward? All while knowing there is no cure on the way, and that even with the chemo she has little to no chance of improvement? Sorry, but that is incredibly SELFISH. Brittany is the one who is facing this harrowing decision-not her husband, or friends or family, or any one else. They are not the ones who have been diagnosed with cancer death sentence; Brittany is.

      This isn’t about allowing people to call up a doctor and schedule a suicide for any reason they want. This is about allowing people with terminal illnesses-people who face certain pain, suffering and a SEVERELY diminished quality of life-the ability to decide for themselves when enough is enough, and more importantly the ability to say good bye to friends, family & the world on their own terms. They are able to say proper final words and good byes and I love yous, something that most people in this life are not afforded. Would you really ask someone you cared about to continue SUFFERING, after they have decided they are done fighting, just because you want to see them a bit longer or on the outside shot they will recover?

    • Steffpuff

      Austin, you probably don’t have a terminal illness like me and/or in chronic pain, if you were in that position, you might want
      change your “tune”. Enough said.

  • COBassheadTX

    You are the man. Your music helps people every day and so do you.
    Thnx for caring
    Thnx for the awesome moments
    And thnx for helping me though the toughest times of my life
    Salute to the Nectar

  • Jake.ivester

    all i can say is wow.

    i am in full support of her decision. thanks for sharing L

  • Josh


  • Matthew

    A well spoken and generous man is a gentleman, and that is what you are Lorin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for supporting the causes you believe in.

  • loni


  • Forbes on Cancer Miracles

    Stephen Hawking was given only two year of life, very fatal life, and he decided (set up his mind) to take the challenge.

    Louise Hay had a tough life, was raped at 5, pregnant at 16, beaten, divorced and in her adult life diagnoses with terminal cancer. She decided to live and use her last moments for a total transcendental change.

    Rose Siggins with a half of body decided to take the challenge till the end no matter what.

    The list is endless… on schizoaffective disorder, ALS, unbelievable genetic mutations, unbelievable tortures and amputations or victims of war, AIDS … if they decided to live till the end, are they not dying with dignity? is that not a beautiful exit?

    Living is a matter of making it meaningful. If we are able to live 5 more meaningful and profound days, it is more precious than those who only go to work, eat, sleep, wake up, and work for 50 years. With that urgent time limit (sense of impermanent), we can attain accomplishment in a snap and make a profound impact in ourselves and others. Tomorrow can be our last day…

    yes, life and how we want to live it is our choice till the end.
    But bet your money on life.

  • Andrea Mossman

    This weekend, I’ve been heavily reflecting on 2014. 2014 has been a year of growth and reflection for me. It’s been a year where I have been at a loss when contemplating what the next step
    is for me. I know I am in a fork in the road but can’t understand where either path is going to take me. How do you decide on which path to take when you aren’t sure where they will lead you? I know that 2015 holds a lot of change for me, but I still have no clue what changes will occur…although my gut tells me they will be life changing.

    Last night, I had a dream. When I woke up, I realized that I had this dream around the same time last year…around the time Brittany was being diagnosed. The dream was that my soul had been seeking another single soul for what felt like years. “I know you’re out there; I can feel you.” I finally came in physical proximity with the person whose physical body carries that soul…and I never wanted to be apart from this person/soul again…this connection was eternal. When the person started to walk away, I panicked…I could feel the oxygen leaving my body. I had sought the companionship of this soul for so long and now it was leaving me. I chased after the person…I needed to make them understand how long I had searched for them and how much my soul needed the companionship of theirs, even if they thought I was insane. I knew if I could just physically connect with this person, they would understand. I was certain that if I could touch their hands and look into their eyes, they would feel it too. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul. I’ve never had such a powerful dream in my entire life.

    Have you ever experienced this type of desperation in real life? I’m sure that’s how Brittany felt when trying to explain her choice…I need you to feel how I feel so I can make you understand. I’m also sure the panicked feeling I experience in my dream is how Brittany and her husband felt when they learned of her diagnosis. After all, they were newlyweds…they had finally found the physical bodies that carried their soul’s counterpart…and now the physical body was causing their souls to have to be separated in this life. I hadn’t thought of Brittany since November, but I came across this post today. Even though I don’t know what 2015 will hold, this reminds me that I will cherish every moment. Brittany put it best “Now, I’m able to move forward in my remaining days or weeks I have on this beautiful Earth, to seek joy and love and to spend time traveling to outdoor wonders of nature with those I love.” What sticks out here? JOY. LOVE. Nature. Spending time with
    those you love. My wish for anyone reading this…really all of humanity is that 2015 be the best year yet, for those of us lucky enough to have another day on this Earth. “Sometimes
    there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.” Love and joy always!

    • Chris Basscrew