October 24th, 2014



Presenting: THURSTY

If you have been at recent NVSB Tour stops you will be familiar with this frenzied slice of bass music mayhem: a brand new collaboration with Craz, and one of several exclusive tracks from the NVSB Remix album.

Get all 20 tracks next week 10/28!

  • Cope

    I can’t wait to hear them all!!!!!!!

  • Cope

    And where can we find Craz to show support?!?

  • aiwku1277

    My cup runneth over!!!!!

  • aiwku1277

    The Pre-Order + Gear link doesn’t work. Page not found (404).

  • Jonathan Leffler

    I have two tickets to sell to the SF show… I have the actual tickets… Will sell for less than I bought them to any Basshead … Going to the Sacramento show and can’t make both nights…hit me up at for a great deal!

  • nate

    i can’t just pay for the album? i have to buy the bundle? just curious. thanks

    • if you dont want the bundle you have the option of purchasing on itunes or streaming on spotify — all the options are right here on the homepage —

  • seth

    hello basscrew!

    since in the past I’ve had bad timing to get to go to some shows, so i love spending my time making nectar on nectar mashups/remixes, really just dissecting his music and just playing around with it. but you can’t really remix a song like you want too and have it properly done when its been mastered.
    I’ve noticed that when lorin comes out with a new album its followed by remixes in a later date. Soooo my main question is how would i go about trying to purchase or receive some of the stems from his songs and/or songs that haven’t been fully processed or still broken down so i can really remix it and and not try to isolate certain parts from a bunch of EQ’ing and what not. i started playing around with his music in 2009-2010 and have put them on his posts here and youtube. I’m just a bedroom producer here in fayetteville AR. with 2 krk 8’s, and a krk 10′ subwoofer. I’ve spent hard work saving up for all my gear. i wouldn’t have any problem signing some copyright papers or even sending whatever i do right back to you guys. bottom line is i am very tenacious and want to get in on these remixes. even if you could send me old stuff to work with. it would mean a lot. thanks and have a great day/evening!!! hope to hear from you soon

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hi Seth – we don’t always give out stems and samples from tracks – however the links below may be similar to what you are looking for. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing your new music 🙂

      • seth

        yes i remember this post. so you said you don’t “always” give them out. i like to look at the bottle half full not half empty which kinda means you could possible to do something 🙂 anyways hope you have a great day

        • seth

          can you hit me up on my personal email? its
          id like to send you some of the stuff I’ve done over the years just for shits and giggles. i think you may like some of it

          • Chris Basscrew

            We look at the glass half full too 🙂

            Send me your tracks at chris(at)bassnectar(dot)net

          • seth

            will do!

  • seth

    I’ve got a gang of stuff I’ve been collecting over the years that id be more than happy to share just so you can see where i am aiming at. This is a true passion of mine and it really would mean a lot to get to work with some of his art. Thanks

  • Guest


  • Ronnie Henderson

    Any idea of the lyrics of thursty? “Gonna cause a swarm on ya!”,”fire the alarm boi-ya”?!?