November 9th, 2014


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DEEPEST THANKFULNESS & LOVE TO EVERY HUMAN WHO WAS A PART OF OUR NOISE VS BEAUTY TOUR! Climaxing with a sold out show in San Francisco – watching you all bring the fucking ruckus, and alongside my crew & amazing team – that was unforgettable. THANK YOU! Much Love to all friends & family 🙂

Photo by Max Hoage



  • Marty Mcfly

    Lorin! when are you going to come back to Boise! I saw you there in 2012 and it changed my life pleasepleasepleasepelase consider coming back there on your next tour!

  • Katie Sherman

    Thank you again for another incredible night with all my favorite humans at my favorite venue! Until next time! <3

  • Michelle

    Where could i find more of the pictures that people take at your show???

  • allegra

    thank you for making this one of the greatest shows of my life. you were my first show ever at dmb caravan in bader field and you know how to bring a crowd together. so much love

  • Joshua

    Why don’t you do more with community involvement and donations to non profit organizations?
    30 species of animals die in a 24 hour period on average.
    You have great shows and music involving animals.
    Sadly you are not doing enough for our future generations.
    I love you wholeheartedly and wish you could do more for those whom have no voice.

    • Marissa Jones

      Be the change you wish to see in the world. Don’t criticize Lorin because he isn’t reaching out towards the things that YOU are most passionate about. To say he is “not doing enough for our future generations” is completely ridiculous, since when is it one person’s responsibility to better the world for future generations? The responsibility belongs to all of us. He uses his “fame” as a platform for spreading knowledge and love and teaching people within the Bassnectar community to live life consciously and with purpose. So although i admired your passion, i think if you are upset with things going on in this world, speak up and attempt to change it, don’t tell someone else to do it for you.

      • Kyle Grogan

        Couldn’t of said it any better! AMEN

    • Chris Basscrew

      We all have a voice 🙂

  • Joshua

    hello and good bye

    blessed in the state

    cursed under a country

    i cant say ive met a person who hasnt liked me

    there is no one as enticing

    you see im attracting.

    a metal pole struck by lightning

    a flower to a bee

    collecting earths essence

    and some honey for my tea

    it helps with allergies

    homie please

    see these things

    before it’s too late

    give a wedding ring

    to this crust we call earth

    just don’t let it sit and rust

    or get consumed by the dust

    where has it gone

    we cannot find the lust

    we decided to turn the cheek

    on our family

    what we call home

    this is all i see

    all we say is “look at me”

    all we care about is me

    now all i do is laugh at me

    now im caught in the lust

    you done dipped me in the dust

    caughin chokin on your lunch

    guess what homie

    I grow all my families berries

    and Paps makes the best pies

    best crust

    i dont ask for help

    when i do im low

    i dont ask for much

    just respect you know

    i must be used at all time

    im metal and ill rust

    and become just like you

    in the ground and the dust

    helping keep my family alive

    helping you make bread

    i love pie,

    anything to help you survive

    so high youll see the clouds

    ill keep pushing i know i must

    past breaking point

    at one point dont we give in

    what does it take for you to acknowledge what fate you choose every day

    every second

    i keep giving unconditionally

    because anything less is unforgiving

    if you dont have everything

    than i dont have anything

    in reality ive never really had anything

    im not that clean im not that mean

    but for you i will do anything

    break my back

    exhaust myself

    what do you need

    i got your back

    this game is rudementry

    ceasing constantly

    killing with what we call an army

    of these primitive ants

    what we called inferior even back in elementary

    what a fucking catastrophe

    i dont want my kids to end up like me

    i want them better suited than me

    the odds of me seeing them is a very low chance

    a very small probability

    that we could even exist is unfathomable

    ive always have felt like there is something bothering you

    or maybe its me

    maybe im not catching your drift

    through space



  • BP


  • jesse edelman

    was such an EPIC time to get my mind blown and face melted!!!!! the song when your aaaarrrreee geeeettt ttt tttt ttting vveeeeeerrrrryyy sleeeeepppyyyy….. just sit baaaaaaccccckkkk aaaaaaaannddd reeeeeeellaaaaaaxxxx…. DROP!!!! fucking crazy!!!! followed you from tahoe to sac to sf trying to get you a flash drive with the creations you have inspired on it…. if you would like to hear them here you go,,,…. lifes a trip go ahead and fall……… Zodiak iller…. aka jesse