December 16th, 2014


TrueThe Bassnectar crew will be heading to Buku Music & Art Project in New Orleans, LA, going down March 14th, 2015.

TV On The Radio, STS9 and many more are also on the bill!

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16 Responses to “2015.3.14 BASSNECTAR @ BUKU PROJECT IN NEW ORLEANS, LA”
  1. Joel Munoz III says:

    Does anyone know if he will be bringing his own sound set-up? AWESOME VENUE!!! We went to Buku 13′ and saw Pretty Lights, 12th Planet, AraabMuzik & Beverly Skillz there. I know he’ll be on the main stage, but Nectar in the Float Den would be EPIC!

  2. Colin says:

    I second that. A completely immersed freak show inside the float den would be incredible.

    But outside on the Mississippi River will be insanely beautiful.

    • Joel Munoz III says:

      Yeah dude, my first ever STS9 experience was in that float den! Talk about AWESOME, especially when Dom from BigG came out EEEEK lol.

  3. Joel Munoz III says:

    Does BN take his Meyer sound rig to festivals or is it house sound? I guess it may vary, specifically BUKU.

    • someone31988 says:

      It’s always just whatever sound system the festival has set up. Now, I can’t speak with authority on that, but I’ve never seen anyone bring in their own sound set up to a festival.

      • Joel Munoz III says:

        Yeah, i kind of figured that same thing. There just doesn’t seem to be a comparison. Or maybe it’s just so much more sound loss being outside. Either way BN 4life!

  4. Yatgirl Teh Bucket says:

    happy birthday to mah ass! i can’t wait!

  5. Matthew says:

    Will Bassnectar be headling both nights of the show? Driving from Ohio and not sure if I can make the 1st night of the fest so fingerz crossed I might still get sum nectar. cheers 🙂

    • David Giovannini says:

      Bassnectar will only be one of the nights. Be sure to check back closer to the date of the fest for a schedule!

    • Joel Munoz III says:

      i’m sure you know by now, but just in case. He’s playing Saturday from 9:45-11:00, the last headliner on the Power Plant Stage.

  6. Cody McCarron says:

    NOLA Nectar Party 2015 – can’t wait to get down on the Mississippi River

  7. Joel Munoz III says:

    I see than Senior Lorin is playing from 9:45-11:00pm. We are taking a trip specifically to see him play and i was wondering if there is a curfew or something? Is it mandatory that he stop at 11pm? In previous years, Bukus last headliner have went till 12+ and none of the final headliners have played for less than an hour and a half. Any info?

  8. bailey * says:


  9. Joel Munoz III says:

    Please i hope LORIN reads this. I don’t know how much stock you can put into this but according to this BUKU AMA you can, apparently, play as long as you want 😛 Check out my question and responses.

  10. Bwigglez says:


  11. Joel Munoz III says:

    Hey there Lorin, thanks for an amazing night! Hearing that Bone Thugs is now one of my favorite memories 🙂

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