December 17th, 2014



Our good buddies Beats Antique have remixed So Butterfly (2014 Version) in their gorgeous signature style! 🙂

Get the free download here via Beats Antique:

On a mobile device? Click here to receive a download link to your inbox.

And in case you’ve been asleep at the proverbial wheel, don’t snooze on the full 22-track NVSB Remixes album, out now! Click here to listen to an album sampler + get the download.

  • sugaree024

    wow. as if this song wasn’t already beautiful enough. gorgeous <3

  • Julia Sotomayor

    Getting a 404 error on mobile/: please fix- my ears crave this mix!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey Julia – try the mobile link! Seems to be working fine. Refresh your cache too 🙂

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey Julia – try the mobile link! Seems to be working fine 🙂

  • mike g

    sweet beats and music!

  • D Sharp

    Cool, thanks for the DL! 🙂
    Much Love,

  • Luvdub

    Definitly not as good as original….

  • why so difficult to use?

    Thanks, but my tablet doesn’t seem to be able to use or find any of the links, it just keeps bouncing me around doing nothing, or freezing the tablet, in fact almost every free link for the last year or so doesnt seem to work or says download limit reached…for years there were rarely any problems, now these days it seems to just be non working problems to ever try and download anything…its saddening…please try and fix! Thanks

    • Chris Basscrew

      Do you have a computer/laptop available to download onto first?

  • why so difficult to use?

    The mobile link doesn’t seem to work either, made a dozen attemps but it just wont work…I sure wish it would…thanks:-)

  • why so difficult to use?

    Where it says get the free download here, via beats antique is now nothing…earlier was a beats antique logo pic that did nothing, the send the link to email just keeps looping it back into nothing…tried rebooting…still nothing works…please help if you can…thanks kindly!:-)

  • why so difficult to use?

    And for some time Ive been wondering, is there not a way to not have download limits? Why make limits? It doesn’t seem fair and seems like there must be a way to let us all get the free downloads, not just a pre selected number of people…thanks though still…:-)

    • Michael John Will Jr.

      I had no trouble downloading

  • why so difficult to use?

    Much love though, and love the musical genius!!! Thanks again Lorin!:-)

  • Brad Epperley

    Nothin’ cheaper than the five finger discount!

  • chorus

    dale wacho!

  • Bonnie

    Nice job Lorin awesome mix!

    • Bonnie

      Love you!

  • Bonnie

    And Beats Antique nice job for sure 🙂

  • Tyler Erlandson

    They should remix the entire album NVSBA!

  • joshua

    consider a concert on the outskirts of sacramento. Carksburg CA. at the old sugar mill…
    hit me

  • Dubnectar

    This Song Is Beautiful!!! I Love It!!! Nice Work!! Btw Keep Up The Good Work!!! #BassHead4Life

  • gNat

    Im hoping for another remix of dont hate the 808 and maybe one of FUN?

  • Anne Marks

    Tried downloading to my Galaxy S4 & it couldn’t open the file. How do I fix it?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey @anne_marks:disqus please email me at chris(at)bassnectar(dot)net – thanks!

  • Joshua


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    Thanks for amazing music bro


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    • Chris Basscrew

      Instead of calling out others, why not lead the charge? We can all help change the world.

      What are you and the Carvalho Family Winery doing to help create change? (Just curious!)

      Would love to see you and a crew of bass heads out promoting the change you wish to seek. Hope you had a great weekend Shua 🙂

  • Melissa rose bird

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    -please wake

  • Albert Amelard

    i love so much and god bless you : albert amelard