January 7th, 2015


Bassnectar Ultra Music Festival 2015The Bassnectar crew will be heading to Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL going down March 28th, 2015.

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  • Joel Munoz III

    HHmmmm…could the 2 weeks between Buku and Ultra be filled with SE shows all around me? Birmingham, ATL etc…fingers, toes and eyes crossed 🙂

  • Joel Munoz III

    Whew, talk about LOST IN THE CROWD! BN is lost in the line-up! I cringe at the envisioned vibes that I feel would be at Ultra. Hopefully you all can be a positive difference 🙂

  • Noah K

    I would much prefer it if Bassnectar was a main event rather than a headliner. I know SoFlo is out of the way and expensive to get to, and plus you gotta play where the crowd and money is. But really, we got no NVSB love, and now our only bit of Bassnectar is at Ultra? It would have been great to have Miami Basslights round 2 or something. A spot (headline or not) at a music festival is not a full experience.

    • Amy marie

      OH MY GOD THANK YOU. I travel all over for Nectar and love him to death but it would be amazing to not have to travel at least 15 hours somewhere to see him. And at a festival just doesn’t feel like a real nectar how. Not only that but Ultra is stupid expensive and he’s really the only reason I would go

    • jesse.

      You stay down in miami ? me too man ive been trying to meet bassheads down here cause i can never find or meet anyone whos a basshead

      • David Giovannini

        If you’re on twitter you can tweet to @bass_network looking for Miami-based Bass Heads and they’ll retweet you to help your search!

  • F-Ultra

    I can’t afford to see Bassnectar with how much ultra tix cost.

  • Morgan

    @bassnectar Is there any chance of a set being played outside of Ultra??Ii know a lot of artists perform at various clubs around the city but is B.nectar one of them?? Traveling all the way to Miami from Kansas City for Music week & all I care about is seeing Bassnectar! Please. Please. Please say yes!

    • Chris Basscrew

      There is nothing official scheduled outside of Ultra – have an amazing time at the festival 🙂

      • Morgan

        @chrisbasscrew Thank you! Unfortunately, a college budget doesn’t allow room for the price of Ultra tickets but we’re enjoying the events going on around it & in Miami which are a little more do-able & still a lot of fun. Will be keeping my eyes & ears open for any changes. Thanks again!

  • Nayeli Herrera

    BASSNECTAR HEADLINING ULTRA IS THE SHIT. DOWNTOWN MIAMI WITH BASSHEADS….Ive seen bassnectar every year since 2005 Lollapalooza! changed my life. As much as I hear from this threads that music festivals are not a “true” experience. I disagree music festivals bring different people together and create new fans. I LOVE music festivals more people are reached as opposed to limited spaces at venues for one or two nights. MY OPINION. Im heading to Ultra from Chicago next weekend and im fucking pumped

  • Gechols


  • Forbes

    Very excited for this show, Lorin. Coming down all the way from Chicago for it, and I’ll know you’ll kill it just as you did two years prior 🙂
    I know you aren’t a big fan of requests, but I can’t help but ask to hear What.
    Either way, I can’t wait to hear what you’re most likely currently cooking up this week for us on Saturday 🙂

  • Jason

    Hey family! Does anyone know if Lorin is playing a set a a local Club/venue after Ultra. I just cant get myself to go to Ultra. I dont like what its become. Can you email me if you have this info. JasonAspen1@yahoo.com Im cant wait to see all you guys at Red Rocks!!!

    • Chris Basscrew

      There is nothing official scheduled Jason – hope you can find your way into Ultra 🙂

  • stuntt

    Lovinu brother, bigups at ultra. Wishing we could see ya twitch.

  • adry

    LORIN AMAZING OMG ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I have seen you for many years but the transitions and the crossing of genres with all the BASS power loved it 🙂 please share set soon if you can i would love to have it for the car

  • FeedoffThehaterz

    Iv seen nectar in every setting including the double weekend at ultra two years ago and 360 in nashville to small clubs. this was maybe the 10th time iv seen him and one of the best sets iv ever seen him play. Just because he played far from you or at a festival you happen to not like dont hate on others experiences. He killlllled it at ultra this year. It was def the most funky set iv seen him play.