January 21st, 2015


New from the Amorphous lab:

Out now on Joker’s label Kapsize

Original taken from Joker’s new album “The Mainframe” – OUT NOW!

Video directed by David Dutton
Dancing by Atomic Mari
Twitter @duttonfilms @AtomicMari

Directed, shot, and edited (VFX) by David Dutton. Dutton often teams up with Mari Takahashi, better known as Atomic Mari, part of the Youtube channel Smosh, and formerly a ballet dancer. Originally an art collaboration for their collective Hidden Fortress, the video was remixed into new life for this remix of Joker’s “Midnight”.

Get more from Joker and Kapsize at
Twitter @joker @kapsize

  • Just a Fan

    Could you provide us a link to that Youtube channel? I’m getting something completely different from searching for it.

    • Cody

      Just press the youtube button on the video above.

    • Anonical

      press the share button in the upper corner of the youtube window and copy the link if you dont want it embedded.

  • Joel Munoz III

    OMG!!! I LOOOOOVED it when Lorin played this on NYE! I had been listening to it on one of the mixtapes via soundclound the day before and was thinking to myself, “I sure hope he plays this because i HAVE been waiting for tonight, and dreaming of this love.” Just one of the many times he was balls deep F’ing my brain that night 🙂

  • jesse edelman

    So amazing Lorin! you never seem to drop a track that is a let down…. I was just filled with uncontrollable love for the duration of that song… great job love your sound….. never stop creating!

  • Mark

    Every time you release something, I think it couldn’t get any better, more magical, or moving. Every time you prove me wrong:) Just listening to this song gives me chills thinking about when you played it at NYE. Keep it up homie:)

  • Natty


  • Nathan Taylor

    This song and the visuals of that girl at Decadence though! Thanks for the release!!! 🙂

    • Nathan Taylor

      I hadn’t heard the song before that weekend.. than night 2 Flux drops a remix of it too. You’re set that night was phenomenal though!

  • John M Molloy

    Wow. = D I can’t stop listening.

  • Mia D’Andrea

    So glad I get to see these visuals again, they literally blew my mind at basslights. So much love and appreciation for you Lorin!

  • Devin

    I am so grateful to be able to stay connected with the BassNectar community and to have the ability to stay up to date with all the juicy new Nectar releases, even in my remote village in Cambodia! I may have to bike 7 km to download, but its TOTALLY worth it! Cannot wait to catch a show as soon as my service is completed! A Peace Corps volunteer in Cambodia LOVES ya Lo! xoxo

    • DEVIN! you are a bad ass! may your ear drums and your calves be blessed in equal measure!

  • Katie

    Can you download this song without itunes? lil confuzed ova heaa.. <3 ya basscrew

    • Chris Basscrew

      Seems that Kapsize only release this on iTunes

      • Connor Hiltenbrand

        can actually buy it off of Bleep too!

  • Residualis

    Mediocre. Where’s that real shit. Not that trill shit, not that flavour of the week garbo. wheres that shit I can play straight for 5-6 years? Those days are gone . I donno why I keep giiving you chances, Lorin.

    • Reid Blanchard

      ehh. Come on, he’s epic and continues to be epic. Respect…

    • Jake

      Bassnectar is an incredible artist and a humble one at that. So what, he released one trap song that you don’t agree with. Keep giving him chances??? He’s put out more music in a day than you are capable of doing your whole life. Keep hating from behind a keyboard!