January 17th, 2015


Bassnectar NYE in Nashville @ Bridgestone Arena
Just read an interesting article:

(First off, I’d like to acknowledge how friendly and constructive the tone of that article was. It’s really inspiring to read a piece like this which questions things in such a kind, respectful way.)

Anyhow, the issue for me isn’t as much about the setlists, and more about what’s really going on in my sub-culture.

What inspires me?
There is a mystique to the simple human sensation of experiencing something overwhelming which I do not understand, and cannot verbalize or rationalize, yet I am swept away by it. When this happens, my experience is more immersive, more enchanting, more deeply impactful then if I can see behind the curtain, figure it all out, understand/analyze every last inch of it.

When I go out to a nice restaurant, I looooooove ordering really healthy, fresh, delicious food. I also admit I appreciate ambiance: the lighting, the crowd, the aura, the music, the details of the tables & settings, and all of that. It would be a different experience if I was a chef, and worked tirelessly sweating away in the back with a bunch of stressed out screaming kitchen staff dealing with an entree that just caught fire, or seeing a bunch of rats or roaches or the dumpster after a night, or all the grimy behind-the-scenes nuances which obstruct my ability to just enjoy the purity of that restaurant experience.

Same with film… it is my single favorite medium to experience because I have carefully avoided getting behind the scenes. When I watch a good movie (I’ve seen a lot lately, like Birdman, Whiplash, Donnie Darko) or a series like True Detective, I’m so thankful that I am easily swept away into another world. I love not knowing what a key grip is, or not seeing the director and the producer arguing heatedly, or knowing what a pain in the ass some actor was to work with, or how carefully the lighting was altered or colorized. In fact, I don’t even want to read reviews or see a trailer… I want to go in COMPLETELY blind, and ready to be taken on a journey. I don’t question the motives of a director if they prefer I not read the script, and instead just take the ride.

Same goes for music… the live shows I create (along with my awesome crew & team!) at a festival or on the road ((and along with the awesome people in the crowd who are energetically contributing MASSIVE amounts of personality and intensity and who are responsible for all the reflection… whose “aura” I sense, and in response steer the ship of the set into unexpected directions)) are EXTREMELY raw, personal, creative “pieces of art” for me… I work an insane amount on each one (I work full time on music and my career in general, but when on the road each individual set gets hours – like 5-8 hours EACH – of individual thought and preparation; fine tuning new loops or variations, or creating new remixes or rendering out new loops, or re-assembling parts so they can be improvised in new orders, or whatever… alot)

a lot a lot a lot 🙂

I always cringe when I think about someone in Missouri watching a Youtube clip of a set which happened in Seattle, and then catching me in Miami and having their experience affected by the clips they have already watched. For obvious reasons these Youtube clips or “live recordings” are such sad, flaccid renditions of the actual thing with criminally whack sound quality, and just such a frail 2 dimensional replication of the omni-dimensional experience of being in the thick of it: surrounded by your friends, or maybe all alone, eyes closed or maybe wide open – soaking up the light and the visuals and the immense multimedia art installations and projections and production…with the sound painstakingly dialed to not only sound as good as possible…but to FEEEL as good as possible. Experiencing it all live, and being a part of each moment as it bursts into existence.

That’s what I am obsessed with… not the shards of third-rate replications. When I see a sunset, I am the guy who squeals with excitement and watches it, maybe calls to my friends to come check it out, I don’t whip out my phone and start taking pictures (which suck inevitably) and then miss out on the sunset. (Confession: obviously I *DO* try and photo it sometimes, but then: I’m missing out.)

It’s all about the moment. Don’t worry “what I played” last night in Grand Rapids, or “what track order I mixed” at Lollapalooza or how they were different. Why? What does it matter? It’s missing the point. I’m not saying “DONT THINK ABOUT IT”…I’m encouraging you to stop worrying about it, and instead catch the moment…experience it as it’s meant to be experienced, and if you don’t then come back soon!

Of course, nerds will be nerds (I should know) and the more of a geek we are about the things we love, the more we obsess over them. So I am honored that people spend hours discussing setlists I play (although I will not tailor my art to anyone who worries about what I played at another show, be it on setlist, or Youtube clip…my only targets are the bodies in my proximity whose nervous systems I get to play with in the heat of the moment) but I will say it’s annoying how inaccurate they are. Partly because I am a geek too…I work so hard on this stuff – so I’m kinda like ‘get it right or leave it alone’… if you want to make a set list and fill in all the gaps with “?????” and maybe note various samples you recognize (if that is really worth your time?) feel free! But those are songs I’m sampling…I am not DJing tracks off of Beatport. Every single track, loop, or sample you hear in a set has been heavily edited or remixed or remastered or ripped apart and put back together live or layered with other things, or reduced to it’s simplest part, and then combined with something else which is new…or customized in a myriad of ways…whether it is something I made, or something a friend made, or something sampled from the Limitless Collection of recorded sound & music which exists in my record collection. Even if a loop sounds familiar, it has been painstakingly reinforced or remastered (and this stuff takes ****DAYS***** of work for each 1 or 2 minute track which gets played) to live up to our audio quality standard, and then it’s all being re-sequenced live in a spontaneous way, all heavily customized live.

And this has always been important to me since back in the late-’90s when I stopped playing vinyl because I wanted to customize the tracks I played. I would edit out all the the parts I didn’t like, or customize exclusive bootlegs or loops, or cut out the swear words, or all the lame misogynist rap lyrics (but keep the beat, or keep the hook) or take the loop I loved, and sample it and then go berserk. So what I’m saying is there is more than meets the eye, and most of the setlists I see are just straight up inaccurate. I’m like “yuck! don’t say I played THAT…I didn’t play that” or whatever…it’s me being protective of the art.

That said, do whatever you want. I wasn’t telling the world not to do this, I was telling a specific forum of insiders this, and as things inevitably do on the internet: people got confused. The message was only intended for that particular group, it wasn’t intended to be a blanket note to the people of earth. if you want one of those, here you go:






  • Alicia Michelle O’Shea

    I’m always shocked by how every Bassnectar show I am graced with makes me all the more ravenous for delicious live Bassnectar. Nothing in the world compares to the euphoria of hearing one of my 50 favorite songs beginning to seep its way into the next segment, or to the feeling of the earth shattering waves of bass pumping into my heart center. There is no better high, and certainly no drug can provide the health benefits I always walk away with after a Nectar show.

    Lorin doesn’t have to write the post above for me to know the painstaking love and care that goes into each second of every experience. Every true fan knows the careful planning and attention to detail that goes into the music. There will be haters and there will be hipsters and there will be people who think for some reason they are entitled to things they don’t even understand. But the real Bass Heads know that Lorin is an artist and he is for some reason selflessly looking after us all as he takes us on a wild adventure during every show.

    I hope you know that we’re out there, Lorin! The people who do appreciate the experience for what it is. It’s a journey, it’s a feeling, it’s a challenge, it’s a blissful moment and already a memory. It’s not something I understand, and I don’t want to. All I understand is that I can’t get enough, and while I wish it could last forever, I know that it won’t. So I will seize every chance I can get to have a taste of that Nectar and I will cherish every moment. I wish I could express how grateful I am to you for giving me some of the greatest memories of my life. There is simply no way to repay a person for something like that. I hope you know how many lives you change and how many people you touch. Yes, for many people, it’s in a small way, but for many others, it’s massive. I think you do know, but don’t ever forget it! You inspire me and remind me that what I believe in is worth working hard for. Rest assured that your efforts are not in vain. You know we love it. 🙂

  • basshead_ben

    Hey Lorin, basshead ben here, just wondering if you know of dj hippo and ubbitz on soundcloud, and if so, what do ya think about all dat? thanks bud, see ya soon

  • Sam Cardona


  • Sam Cardona

    I didn’t listen to NVSB until basslights for this same reason (for the suprise!) and HOLY SWEET SHIT…. Lorin knows whats up with this article.

  • Dia Berry

    I just… love you ? Words like love, inspiration, and respect come to mind when I think about you, your music, and the incredible stances you hold in meaningful discussions! I was one of those nervous systems you messed with and brought to complete bliss @ Bassachusets Fall Tour 2014… you played that “wait for the drop” part that I had requested after getting arrested outside MSG for pins I made. But when you played that… every inch of my body exploded into pure orgasm as the sounds rippled through me and I knew they were for me 🙂 Thank you so much for playing that little part for me… really! It meant/means so much to me!!!
    Dia Berry

  • SuperSpiff

    How much more amazing can you get Lorin?!! We facking LOVE YOU. If I could be in a room with a band of Lorins, like in the Bomb the Blocks music video…I would flip! One Love.

  • Angela

    This was such a clarifying read. It is so frustrating hearing the confused discussions of people criticizing what you asked. One of my favorite things about a Bassnectar show is how it is made in the moment for the crowd. I saw you twice this past summer at Summer Camp and North Coast, and even though you used a lot of the same songs, each one was different between the two shows. I would love to have heard how many different ways you would represent Loco Ono for example. I think that is truly amazing and makes the experience 100x better knowing that I may hear the same 10 songs, but they will be completely different each time. I want to thank you for spending the time that you do to make every moment perfect. It is incredible hearing about the different shows around the country and only makes me want to see you more and more. I cannot wait to see what this summer will bring. And hopefully I will get to experience another magical show in Chicago 🙂

  • danicon

    Love you so much Loren! Thank you for being the biggest inspiration in my life! Whenever things get me down I return to bass and it makes everything beautiful again! Can’t wait to see you in 2015!!!

  • Dirty Sancho

    I know I love it.

  • Jack

    Thanks so much for sharing.. Your words are very important to me and I can see that your sets mean a lot to you. I know that I am guilty of posting an occasional tracklist on a short youtube clip, and I wanted to apologize for that even if this post wasn’t meant to draw apologies or “my bads”. Your image and misic have so much influence on me and I completely understand that you put a lot of time into your shows. I have yet to be immersed in that live experience, and I honestly don’t feel like a true fan until I have, so I feel guilty that I have just been sitting behind a computer screen acting like I know your shows. Much apologies.

  • Jack

    Thanks so much for sharing.. Your words are very important to me and I can see that your sets mean a lot to you. I know that I am guilty of posting an occasional tracklist on a short youtube clip, and I wanted to apologize for that even if this post wasn’t meant to draw apologies or “my bads”. Your image and music have so much influence on me and I completely understand that you put a lot of time into your shows. I have yet to be immersed in that live experience, and I honestly don’t feel like a true fan until I have, so I feel guilty that I have just been sitting behind a computer screen acting like I know your shows. Much apologies.

  • Grooviechick

    If your music didn’t exist… If your soul didn’t exist… I wouldn’t be where I am now. You’re a true inspiration. Hopefully someday we’re in front of the stage making noise together. Stay real.

  • Andres Blea

    lorin i spend DAYS looking through and downloading old live setlists they are my shit! bro that trap shit you be on is ON POINT you were playing that trap before we called it trap! bruh you have a big impact on my life cheers! bruh I cant find the clean “freak in the morning freak in the evening aint no other freak like me thats breathing” acapella sample. GENIUS! I was gonna ask if you would be down to float me the blue state ridden acapella sample “before a revolution gets started in the streets it first has to happen in the mind” much love peace LO

  • bobby wheeler

    Lorin everything about your shows is why I go no one plays the music you do or has the energy you do no one has the bass you do or the clarity of bass you do your whole show is why I go but when I hear a song I don’t know I pull my phone out record it! I go to your shows wanting to find new songs and come home & go on song searches that’s the point to me it’s exciting of course all your versions are better & remastered that’s why we come see you live!! But when your over on the west coast or I can’t catch you @ a close show on a weeknight I’m happy I have songs that you play from fellow bassheads making a set list! As for YouTube vids I’ve watched clips of stuff you dropped I’ve never heard or saw even though it was crappy quality it touched me deeply and I could feel what those people were live so it’s not a bad thing to have those as memories or for someone who missed out on a show they wanted to go see!! But thanks for addressing that & I can’t wait for spring tour dates hit dc area hard it’s been since 2013 pleaseeeeee!!!

  • Austin

    When you came to the midland in Kansas City you absolutely killed it. I saw carnage and about to see steve aoki since that day and you absolutely blew them out of the water. Turned me into a faithful basshead till death

  • Ayatt Almasi

    Thank you for caring enough to explain this. I was confused at first but after thinking about it, I understood. If it makes ya feel any better, the whackos like us crazy enough to care about putting together setlists know how much work you put into what you do and how much time you spend creating these sets for us. and how off they can be. Sometimes its just nice to have them, to remember how fucking infinite we felt on certain nights…why you’re experience is different than anyone elses…why you keep us coming back. Setlist’s a poor excuse, I know. But it helps me remember…I need to remember….Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in. Lovin you always man, PT

  • 808 Miguel

    I understand compleatly and know where your coming from. Each nectar show I have been to stands out as one of the most interactive, intense, and immersive experiences in my life. Thank you for your dedication in making the most artistic mind-bending and boundry expanding performances. We all appreciate it. Hope to see you around chicago this spring!!! Rock on

  • Andrew Snyder

    I 100% support your desire to maintain the integrity of your sets. After many years of waiting and anticipation, I finally had the opportunity to witness a Bassnectar set in 2014; not once but three times actually. We dodged a barrage of bullets, or raindrops rather, for North Coast in Chicago, we danced in the mystical Chattahoochee Hills for TomorrowWorld, and we pounded the walls of the Civic Center for an epic, freaky Halloween in Peoria. Each set was truly unique; a trio of life experiences that will not only remain etched in my life forever, but that cannot be fully relived through a video clip our downloaded track, let alone a form of media riddled w/ track inaccuracies. In fact, had it not have been for your set at North Coast, I probably would not be as happy as I am today. That weekend, a close (girl) friend of mine drove from our small town of Cedar Falls, Iowa, to Chicago for an epic weekend filled with good times and great music. We were both rapt with anticipation to see you live for the first time, and to do it together. Little did we know the impact it would have on our lives and our relationship. Before you took the stage, we witnessed the love of the Bassnectar family – a guy in the crowd heard it was our “first Nectar,” and was kind enough to let us stand in front of him, as he had already enjoyed his first experience with you. Then the music began – you took us “higher and higher,” and when it hit, we felt no pain. Actually, we felt the opposite of that, because after a few moments of us witnessing our favorite artist, together, we both mustered up the courage to share something with each other – that we had fallen in love with one another. That moment – the happiest moment of my life – is one that I will forever cherish and hold dear, and it was during one of your sets. Because of that night, I now have a partner in this life, someone I love immensely, and someone who loves me in return. So much so that we recently moved across the country to sunny Florida (Tampa area) to be together, and forever. Of course, there are a few videos and such of that night at North Coast around, and I get the chills when I watch/listen to them, but they certainly don’t do justice to the real thing, to a REAL Bassnectar experience. Long story short, I back your thoughts above fully and completely. And, thank you for creating a beautiful experience that has played a role in the happiness I enjoy every single day.

  • Cameron DeBrun

    There are some lucky bassheads out there that get to experience Bassnectar shows on a regular basis. I am not one of them. I have a job. I have school. These are very stressful. Sometimes I want to come home and relax by reliving an amazing experience. This is why I go on youtube and look for recording from Bassnectar shows I have been to. As much as I wish I could see Bassnectar all the time, I can’t. So I go home and google “Bassnectar MSG 2014” or “Basslights” or whatever. I want to put myself back in that great place, because where I am right now sucks.

    For this reason Lorin I am begging you, support the people out there that want to take your live shows and make the available to people like me to watch at home. If you have a problem with people making mistakes with your setlists I understand, but there is a solution. Make a recording of some of your live sets and release them online. I would pay for the privilege to come home and listen to a live show of yours. Or even better, release a dvd! My father owns every single live dvd The Clash have released. He has been to some of those shows. This allows him to get back into that good place when things in the present aren’t so good.

    So basically: Please release a dvd of one of your live shows!

  • Atxbassead

    Yea dude just announce colorado already. Anywhere will be fine 🙂

  • DB Montana

    Ok so Bass Archive? and known user “ubbitz” on soundcloud (known for re-creating mash-ups that Nectar uses in his sets and whatnot) have both been attacked by the Bassnectar crew and had all their material removed from the internet.

    I thought Bassnectar was about anti-censorship? This is ridiculous. I love Nectar for his music and whatnot, but I loved him more for who he was and what he stood for and he seems to be doing the exact opposite of what he claimed to stand for.

    The one electronic artist that I really could put my stamp on no matter what, seems more interested in pimping out the industry than he does with satisfying and interacting with his fans. Instead of taking time off to create more unique sets and music, he just plays the same on-the-fly repetitive sets back to back slightly tweaked and re-arranged (we know your potential Lorin, you either don’t have the time, or are being lazy.) and throws his music in commercials and TV shows.

    If the MUSIC is so important, than why don’t you (Bassnectar) quit worrying about OLD sets and OLD remixes and put out some new SETS and new MUSIC. It feels like you’re trying to preserve something because it’s about to die.

    I just wish you would focus on your fans. All you’ve done is berate and TAKE from us lately. Don’t even get me started on the goldmine you have which is merchandise, but for one reason or another you won’t get involved and actually produce any of the incredibly awesome work created by some very talented fans of yours.

    Blah, I’m rambling. I’m frustrated. I just feel like instead of taking from us and talking down on us, that if you worked with us, this whole Bassnectar experience would be much more pleasant.

    We won’t be censored. Everything you try to take down from the internet will be put right back up…with a vengeance! Focus on what you CAN control. Not what you can’t..

    Excited to hear your music in the next Tyler Perry TBS commercial!!!!

    – Frustrated follower who does a lot for the Bassnectar community

    • DB Montana

      ..and if you think taking sets down preserves the “magic”. You’re wrong. You’re the magic. It’s your responsibility to keep things fresh and new and….magical. Seems like you want the sets taken down so you can be lazy and not be called out on it.

      • spaceylacey

        the quality of being new, original, or unusual.
        “the novelty of being a married woman wore off”
        synonyms:originality, newness, freshness, unconventionality, unfamiliarity;

        • DB Montana

          So Bassnectar is a novelty item now?? lol.

          This whole thread will be deleted in 30 minutes. I wrote it out of frustration and went to delete it that morning, but my comments were sorted by “Best” instead of “Newest” , so I thought a mod had already deleted it.

          It’s just something I needed to let out. Don’t really care about others responses or opinions so don’t mind me for not answering.

          • spaceylacey

            i guess you did not read my original response, the experience can be new for some listeners. ..
            maybe next time take some time to think about what you are saying before responding out of anger.
            words can be damaging intentional or not
            and its odd how you dont care once we ask you to support your points made. but i guess that shows the validity of your statements.
            keep negativity out of here we dont need childish responses fueled by emotions.
            we’re about love and bass here 🙂 that hatorade is expired toss that shit!

          • DB Montana

            I find it funny that you preach you’re all about love, but took many subtle disrespectful jabs at me during your diatribe above. Just because someone has criticism to share, doesn’t mean they aren’t loving or “all about love” and it also doesn’t mean they are a hater.

            Also, your little rant about the media was cute and I would hope anyone over the age of 10 knows the information you decided to school me with, but had you paid any attention to what I wrote in the first place, you wouldn’t have to ask me what commercial I was referring to, because I specifically pointed it out in my original post.

            Is it plagiarism when Nectar uses Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes & more during his live mixes?

            As far as Ed is concerned, I do understand and respect copyright and intellectual property. I just never pegged Lorin to be such a stickler about it. I’ve never seen such a controlling attitude about something so minute. It just throws me off.

          • spaceylacey

            all about love and AWARENESS, some of your comments were disrespectful and wrong and so i thought you should become aware since you were mistaken.
            rant about the media?? i wasnt schooling anyone about media. i saw that you wrote about watching TBS. if anyone over the age of 10 is aware of the trash they put on television then i would imagine they would not watch TBS……….
            but you know IGNORance prevails.

            I was asking for the actual Bassnectar song, you saw on the ONE commercial
            still waiting……… ????

            As I mentioned it before he does have to get permission from said artists to use material. why would it be any different?? maybe youre the one thats not reading..

            just had to say something because youre just blatantly wrong and rude

            there are more respectful ways to go about things. ask questions opposed to make accusations and your input would possibly hold more value.

          • DB Montana

            I didn’t make any accusations. Everything I said was true, or I wouldn’t have said it. You’re not making any sense and talking in circles. Anywho, the song is Bassnectar’s remix of Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good” and that’s not the only one, but it will be the only one I mention.

            Love and light! Namaste! lol.

          • DB Montana

            Also, a mod must have changed this from my name to “Guest” (or else I’m not sure what happened), for whatever reasons. I was going to delete this post, but no longer have the power to do so.

            It’s not really THAT serious and Nectar has the right to do whatever the hell he wants. I just had something to get off my chest. That’s all.

            Onward and forward..

    • spaceylacey

      I really should keep scrolling but the majority of your comments are fallacies…

      “I thought Bassnectar was about anti-censorship?”

      – last I checked censorship and plagiarism were two different things.
      when bassnectar wants to use a sample he has to get clearance from the original artist. ive never heard of lorin attacking the people that upload his music the past 7 years ive been listening. it seems that people, more recently, EXCESSIVELY upload his music following his success these past few years. and i cant blame him for feeling this way.

      imagine if you created a painting and everyone across the country attempted to replicate your painting of course never truly capturing your detail. this would result in the image losing its NOVELTY and in sense losing the emotions triggered when setting your eyes on the REAL thing.

      this is the same as fans listening to botched mashes on soundcloud and going to their first or second bassnectar show and hearing those samples hes been dropping that tour. it really steals that persons experience or at least deflates it from reaching its TRUE POTENTIAL

      I feel that this loss is the driving motive to this. Lorin has always spoke out about this and always has been respectful about it. why cant the community respond back with just as much respect and leave their subjective viewpoints at home??

      and lets not forget this “throws his music in commercials and TV shows.”

      first off im sorry for you but mass media is filled with lies and is really a weapon of MASS DISTRACTION but i wont get into that on here.

      what commercial or shows are you referring to? did you hear a song that Bassnectar samples or did you hear an actual bassnectar produced song on a commercial?

      there is a difference….

      and for a moment may I share my subjective viewpoint… the majority of these mash ups people post on soundcloud are a weak comparison to the way bassnectar layers the songs and i personally feel thats a HUGE part of bassnectars music. that perfect sync up to very different songs. its flawless and when i witness it i cant help but smile. 🙂

      please dont steal our bassheads’ smiles!!!

      be respectful to the ART even if you cant show some respect to the ARTIST!

      “seems more interested in pimping out the industry than he does with satisfying and interacting with his fans”

      -you really should not speak about that which you do not know.
      better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot, rather than open it and and prove us right.

      I know FEW artists that are as connected and concerned as lorin when it comes to their community/fanbase/listeners

      well remember to be light and love!
      other than that
      have fun watching television. dont sit too closely it’ll make you go blind .. or better yet stupid.

    • No one is being attacked. If you think that removing copyrighted material from promotional platforms is an “attack” or “censorship” then you can’t see the wood from the trees. If you honestly do not believe in copyright or intellectual property that’s one thing, but I don’t see a reasoned anarchist philosophy behind your statement.

      We put out a 15-track album and 22-track compilation in 2014 so all this talk about being obsessed with the old and not doing anything new seems strangely misdirected.

      What exactly do you do for the Bassnectar community? Don’t be shy!

    • So BERgh

      Please everyone disregard this ill-informed comment.

  • 937BassHead

    So…where’s the set list?? LOLOL Just kidding. L, we all love what you do and what you stand for. Speaking from personal experience, I think most just want to relive these moments and remember them forever. As a design engineer I can see how people making these set list, which lead to knock off sets, gets annoying. Imitation is the biggest flattery brother, but none can touch what the king dreamed up. I talk with my closest friends everyday about your music. We randomly text each other lyrics or phrases like “take me back”, “313131313131313”, and “I can haz Bassnectar now”.

    We often talk about what we will do when you stop doing what you do. We wonder who will you pass the torch to. We speculate that there is a prodigy tucked away on your tour bus that you are systematically feeding knowledge too and training like an apprentice. Do us all a favor though, please. WHEN you do decide to go, let us have the actual recordings from some of our favorite shows. Or sell them. We just want to hold on to those times. Maybe share them with our future families much like our parents did with their live recordings from their favorite artists.

  • SuperSpiff

    I’m surprised your people made ubbitz take down his list of mixes from soundcloud; it goes against what you are saying above…makes me a little disappointed…

  • Matt B.

    I agree.

  • Carter

    I completely understand where you are coming from Lauren. My very first experience with an EDM show was the inaugural Basslights at Hampton Colliseum. Up until that point my entire concert experience had been hard rock and metal. What I discovered was like nothing I had ever known. It was the combination of the lights, graphics, music that engulfed and filled my body, the energy of the crowd and overall the love that everyone there freely gave.

    That two day experience changed my life, gave it new meaning. I started to question my job at the time and decided that I could no longer in good concience continue what I was doing, so I retired from the military. It was through the power of the music that my eyes became opened and started me on a spiritual journey. Since that time I have caught every Bassnector tour that comes near me. I will admit I look at youtube videos showing the shows before the one I am going to, not to figure out any setlists, but to get a rough idea of the new lighting, graphics, etc. With each new clip I get more and more excited, knowing that no video can ever capture the true encompassing experience that your shows bring. Its a combination of the music, hearing the new twists that have been added, the sound system that makes by body shake, the lights and graphics that create such amazing visuals, the energy and love of the crowd, and finally you Bassnectar, pouring your heart and love out to the crowd and always leaving my mind blown.

    I am thankful to those that record video for me to go back and remember the experience that I shared with the love of my life beside me, and my Basshead family surrounding me. I thank you for the true genuineness that you bring with your music. For me it was a life changing experience for which I am eternally grateful, and I know that I am not the only one that this has happened to.


  • Ready2rage to these mash ups


    Those bassnectar mash ups are some of Bassnectars best work and Lorin, obviously you know that. Why not put out an album or mixtape such as smashers and mashers or idj or immersive were like but with all these rap songs and 5-10 song conglomerates we all so desperately need. I brush my teeth and drive to work to this man. It’s more than just seeing you live. My room is full of your gear and the bassdrop is plastered on everything I own. I see you 10 times a year and that’s on the high end for most “average” fans yet I can’t listen to my favorite works by you while in the shower because it’s only “special” live? It’s special to me everywhere! I walk on the beach to this, make love to this, explore mountain sides. Yeah seeing you in a club or muddy field or coliseum is sweet but it’s more to it than just those 10 nights a year. 354 days I’m somewhere you aren’t still repping bassnectar HARD. Regardless of who “made” the version I’m listening to it with a big ole smile on my face, blasting it at parties and red lights getting you new fans…..converting new people to your music who wouldn’t have known to see you live if I hadn’t played some random dudes interpretation of your work. Just my 2 pennies. Ready2rage

    But also ready2rage to my favorite mash ups in my house too without jumping through hoops.

    • DB Montana

      Best response ever.

  • Ready2rage

    This is so contradictory. I’m pretty annoyed that I just got a taste of my favorite songs I’ve ever heard in my life then someone from Bassnectar censored it. I understand copyright infringements can occur and obviously sample clearing is a huge problem in the music industry but man…..Lorin, this is art!! I’ll pay money for it, I’ll do whatever to have a high quality version of your live shows. Smashers and mashers is my favorite mix of all time and if you made another one with some of your classic hip hop mash ups and 5-10 song EPIC pile ups, I’d pay heavy heavy heavy amounts of money. I’d pay more for a disc with those than to see you live right now. Is it weird of me to admit I would rather have those 24 ubbitz mash ups available all the time over seeing you once and trying to find “that moment around half way in that was really cool sounding” on some YouTube video filmed with the same resolution of a toaster.. I just hate that I got a taste of beautiful art with the freedom of seeing it, hearing it anywhere in the world, then someone from my favorite legion of bass took it away from me. ????????????????

    I know their is plenty of bassheads who either downloaded them somehow or are all just as ticked off about this as me. Especially after this long essay you wrote to all of us. Then you don’t let us enjoy ourselves and do whatever we want. Kind of hypocritical, even if it is you saving moments to make it more special or making sure your name/reputation isn’t tarnished in anyway(impossible to do besides taking music away)

    • DB Montana

      Yes! This goes deeper than the answer we were given. We aren’t stupid.

  • Jeff

    Bassnectar you are my hero!

  • Kaloude

    Can I just say I would love to see Lorin pair up with something like this::

    I don’t even know if it is possible but talk about making love with music 🙂

  • Brian David Gilbert

    I watch YouTube videos of Lorins red rocks set but only because It helps bring that amazing feeling back from when I was there and because I am SO PUMPED for this year…I know it’s only like 2% of the actual intensity of EVERYTHING but I still love it! Before I die I WILL tell LORIN ASHTON in person how thankful I am for not only his shows and music but for his PERSONALITY HUMBLENESS and KNOWLEDGE (also ALEX GREY:) Its literally like I have finally found the perfect musical artist! I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE IN HIS PRESENCE! My true love in this life: LORIN ASHTON, Alex Grey & GOD

  • Joshua

    We forget that we are part of the Earths family tree, thus we have become disconnected from it altogether. We forget that we evolved from animals and because of humans over exploitations we are NOW living through the 6th largest extinction. What shame I feel from my Mother Earth. How I wish I could turn back the clock and heal her wounds when they were merely on the surface. How I wish I could show the world that through living solely for ourselves we miss the bigger CONNECTION.

    Love sincerely,
    Joshua (The guy with the golden goose.)

  • Ora

    I have been to 7 of your shows in the past year, and I have yet to hear 2 of my favorite songs, maximum and human, why is that?

    • so many songs, so little time!

  • Chels

    I can’t wait to FINALLY see you live at Red Rocks next month. You are a beautiful soul <3 My heart beats faster in anticipation of being surrounded by lovely bass heads and experiencing your love live.

    • Chris Basscrew


  • Joshua

    Have you seen the 11th hour?

  • Brett McClelland


  • Wes Barichak

    Great post. I only came across this cause I happened to be doing a google search for your setlist at WayHome this past weekend… there’s a track that you sampled and it’s driving me mental that I can’t figure out what it’s called! So, if you could be a dear and post it, that would be swell 😀

    Awesome set by the way. I also saw you at Electric Forest this summer, and I couldn’t believe how unique the two sets were. At first, I was a bit disappointed that you weren’t playing the main stage at WayHome, but I think the smaller stage made for a more intimate experience. Totally blown away… never thought I’d get that close to the stage! Your sets are truly a journey through space and time. Cheers.

  • Drew Schmitz

    Hey Lorin @bassnectar…

    Let me start off not as a bitch… I’m a lover of Bassnectar. I’m an EDM and dubstep nut and you are at the top (although you sort of deserve your own category). The first time I saw you was this summer at Electric Forest and leaning against a tree, I fell asleep happily to your set. I’m a HUGE fan of you personally beyond the music and appreciate in interviews or articles I’ve seen your view on life and the way you articulate your views on the human existence.

    That said… no idea if you’ll read this but here’s my bitch – I saw you at the Summer Set Music Festival in August. Your set despite I’m sure all your preparation had me wanting more. I understand you don’t want to play some of the fan favorites over and over and over again, but… couldn’t we have gotten at least a couple of hits off the new album? I’d give half the album a 9-10 grade and I didn’t hear any of them. Or maybe throw in Science Fiction or Chasing Heaven to get everyone going? Sorry for critique… hope this gets to you. You rock, Drew

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey Drew! Summer Set was one of the festival sets of the summer in my opinion. He played a bunch of tracks off Unlimited! Shampion Chip, Dream Catcher, Zodgilla, TKO, and Level Up – from my recollection, might’ve been more. Maybe he played Reaching Out too?

      I think if you’re wanting more you should join us for one of our upcoming special events! Grand Rapids (2 nights), Halloween, or NYE360 – those sets will not disappoint 🙂

      • Drew Schmitz

        First off, wish I could be there Chris later this month… jealous! He didn’t play Reaching Out and I was also hoping for Unlimited Combinations (his best in my opinion), Mind Tricks and… Music is the Drug. I guess I have to see him 10 more times with a less critical eye and then I’ll finally get my perfect concert! 😛

        • Chris Basscrew

          You will be with us in spirit Drew!

          And you’ll here those songs! Just come into sets with no expectations 🙂

          • Erik Chard

            I’m so glad I’ll be going to both nights of GR. Twice the amount of beautiful music 😀

          • Chris Basscrew


    • Honestly fam I think most of the fan base can do without hearing that album. I find myself getting more and more disappointed by the albums Lorin has been releasing lately.

      • Drew Schmitz

        No!! His last two albums are my favorite. Give Unlimited Combinations a listen on your headphones. What’s not to love about Chasing Heaven and Science Fiction on the album previous (Into the Sun)??

        • I have really high expectations when it comes to the music Lorin produces I guess. That and the early nectar stuff is really hype, he was dropping steady heat 6+ albums in a row.

        • Erik Chard

          Just want to say that I fully agree with you. I love Unlimited and Into The Sun, and Science Fiction is one of my favorite songs!