February 11th, 2015


Jon StewartJon Stewart has been an enormous influence on me, my art, my work, and my entire perspective on life.

Far beyond being an entertainer, he is a teacher and a philosopher. He inspired me beyond words as I was waking up to the world around me, and he opened my eyes to news, information, ideas & perspectives which nobody else was brave enough or smart enough (or visible enough) to say: truly one of the most important educators of our time.

I am excited to see where he goes in the future, and I am also excited for a new wave of talent to be bold enough and brave enough to continue in his footsteps.

Click here for more choice Jon Stewart / Daily Show moments via The New York Times

  • CJ

    I am sure his future endeavors will be aimed towards his ideals. He is not dead, just ending another project. 🙂 Keep in touch with him, I am sure he isn’t to hard of a guy to talk too.

  • Christian Frank

    Thanks so much for posting this collection, Lorin. Since I was 14, Jon has been my first and longest standing role model and I’ve always admired his critical yet respectful approach to issues and people which always seemed centered on truly understanding first and seeking out the opportunity to share common ground despite the issue and make this world a better place.

  • Dy Lon

    I have heard Stewart praise Ron Paul on occasions. I’d really love to
    hear your take on Ron Paul. Things you say lead me to believe that you
    are pretty left leaning but lots of liberals tend to like or respect Ron

  • Josh Nelson

    He’s a great comedian and great at pointing out quirky shit on the news (which he has a slew of writers on staff doing for him most of the time) …educator? Lets not get ahead of our selves…

    • spaceylacey

      Carried away? Educator is a reasonable description. If we can consider sesame street educational programming why not the daily show? John spits more truth than the majority of news sources on cable.
      He’s constantly bringing light to something overlooked by others simply not paying attention.
      John taught me a bit n helped me find the humor in it. 🙂

    • Did you watch the videos, Josh? 🙂

      • Josh Nelson

        Well my main motiv was to catch your attention (which seems like I did) so I could in return ask you personally, what the fuck is it gonna take to get you to come back to Maui?!?!?
        Who do I have to get in contact with?

        • Yancy

          Ah yes, the 3st is real

          Come to the forest my friend

      • Joel Munoz III

        Thank you for taking time out of your day(s) to compile this video collection. I can’t believe the hate spewing on your FB post, can’t blame you for taking a break from social media with all the negativity. I truly envy your patience.

  • spaceylacey

    Oh John! The daily show utilized its audiences craving for laughter to deliver the days current events that really mattered or needed John’s witty criticism of. I think that’s something to be recognized. Kids that usually wouldn’t search out the news of politics and current events were getting it from a progressive source. And as an adult that had already heard about the stories it was a chance to laugh out loud at the madness of it all.
    Uhhh I’ll especially miss his interviews he always asks the right questions!

    Those very silly shoes to fill tho 🙂
    But I’m excited to see what’s in the future for John n comedy central

  • On weed

    “You ever see the back of a twenty dollar bill… on weed? Oh, there’s some weird shit in there man. There’s a dude in the bushes man. Has he got a gun? I dunno! RED TEAM GO, RED TEAM GO.”

  • DWTF

    Thank you John

  • Thank you for the mini-marathon of Jon Stewart clips. I loved it. Here’s one of my favorite videos of him outside of his own show. I thought y’all might like it! http://bit.ly/1zxPRZu

    • Chris Basscrew

      The link is dead Becca! Can you resend?

  • Kevin DasKeebz

    Lorin, how about a tour to restore sanity &or fear?

  • Vitalsine

    Great post. Jon is the only guy I get my news from these days, at least on TV. Great videos as well. Really a great highlight reel. Cheers!

  • jesse edelman

    hey lorin you planning on holding an international freedumb rave any time soon?…. iv always been a huge fan of jon stewart as well great minds think alike

  • Joel Munoz III

    LORIN, hey brother, thanks for the compilation of videos! See you on spring tour 😀

  • LA Basshead

    Check out John Oliver… Trust me

  • Kelby

    Thanks Lorin for all the great videos. Jon’s meant so much to me as well and really shaped my views for the better in my belief. I would say he ranks up there with the likes of the late and great George Carlin and Bill Hicks. Sad that great things must eventually come to an end. As always, thank you for being an inspiration to me and educator as well, albeit in a different light. In a harmonious note I’d like you to know that my journey with you will be coming to a close soon as well. The next time that I see you will be my sixth and my last. My story is hidden in the archives.

    • Thanks Kelby! Curious why you plan to have your sixth show be your last: please share 🙂

  • Stewart. Goodman. Chomsky. Webb. Swartz. Brand. <— These people inspire me. Thank you for sharing. #MSR