February 24th, 2015


The Glitch Mob - Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart (Bassnectar Remix)Proudly presenting my new remix for my dear homies The Glitch Mob: “Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart” – from their epic album Love Death Immortality.

Hearts are just more beautiful when they are unhidden 🙂

Available on The Glitch Mob’s new Love Death Immortality Remixes compilation.

Check it out below and click here to get the remix!

  • Joshua

    Know it true
    I follow you
    to the stars
    the sun
    Through space
    a bass cannon
    And my honey bun
    What has been said has been said
    What has been done
    Cannot be un
    What we must do
    what we falsely perceive as fun
    Notice that fun Does nothun, for the world only ourselves
    Re evaluate Through meditation
    Return Earths’ ecology
    land air and ocean
    Back to basic, no more acid
    Nuclear waste Rubber or plastic
    Be ashamed for once
    dissipate illusion
    Open your eyes
    the surmounting pollution
    And over exploitation
    I weep from these phenomenon
    Plaguing me
    before my days are done
    Even before my life begun
    Silly humans
    the only problem
    the only solution
    Seek motivation
    For conservation
    Accept the invitation
    a transfusion
    The last evolution
    Before we desist
    Destroying Earth
    Our only home
    Reaching furthermore
    Beyond the moon
    Become still
    Seek refuge
    A translucent monsoon
    Through minds
    know it true
    I wrote it for you
    My admiration
    9:47 2.25.2015

  • Joshua

    joshua gets it

  • Gregory Brian-Warren Leiter

    There n back