April 29th, 2015


Bassnectar @ Bumbershoot 2015HOLY BUMBERSHOOT!

Pacific North West: we are overdue!!! Heading back to Seattle for the Monday of Labor Day Weekend to bring AN EXTREME DOSE OF HOLIDAY RUCKUS!!!

Join us at Bumbershoot on Monday September 7th, 2015! Visit www.bumbershoot.com for more info, or click below for tickets.

Tickets are on sale now!

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20 Responses to “2015.09.07 – BASSNECTAR IN SEATTLE, WA @ BUMBERSHOOT”
  1. Keenan says:

    any other PNW stops? PDX!!!!

  2. Troy Mihalcheon says:

    Frog Song!

  3. shanebasshead says:

    I’m strongly considering flying out for this one as my first out of state Bassnectar show. Seattle Bass Heads: Any recommendations for accommodations near the festival grounds? Places to stay, eat, play?

    • joshua says:

      If you’re going to fly out of state to see him you should either go to something where its his production vs seeing him as part of a lineup. and if that’s not an option you should find something with a sicker lineup than this. He’s playing some amazing festivals this year that might be a way funner experience than this show. Also this event is all ages so theres a bunch of young kids if that bothers you…but if you do end up coming out for the show in Seattle I’d highly recommend trying to get out into nature, it’s beautiful out here in the PNW and all the magic is hiding in the forrest…

      • shanebasshead says:

        🙂 Several excellent points and thanks for replying, I agree, there are some amazing festivals and to me Bassnectar makes the ticket golden no matter who else performs. I lived in Seattle as a child and have been itching to get back. Colorado’s alright tho 😉

        • joshua says:

          For sure Bassnectar makes everything worth it. I grew up here too, but I”m down in the Portland area. If you end up coming through give me a shout out, I’ll be there for the show as well and we can go blaze one by the river before Lorin plays!

        • joshua says:

          oh and also, Im actually going to be heading to CO for my first time ever this summer right before Bumpershoot to see Pretty Lights in Telluride! So stoked to finally experience the scenery!!

          • shanebasshead says:

            Oh my! Excellent choice joshua. I’m from the same town as Derek Vincent Pretty Lights Smith and grew up watching him perform. Very fortunate to have such tunes rolling through here.

      • Troy Mihalcheon says:

        I believe he had his sound/lighting crew there last time. Couldn’t have been bumbershoot’s equipment. I was able to sneak into the arena while they were setting up and was kicked out pretty quick. I travel to washington for any of his shows because most canadian production is the worst. they even had lorin playing at a nightclub a couple years ago in vancouver.

    • Troy Mihalcheon says:

      If you do end up going, make sure you get in the arena line-up early wherever it is. the way they had it set up last year was terrible. Wait in a line for a couple hours to actually get on the floor, then wait though a full set till he came on. all while holding your pee back because there were no portopotties on the floor and you wouldnt be let back in if you left. felt like my bladder was about to rupture

  4. Jack says:

    Your home state misses you:( #comebacktocali

  5. Poly Paradyme says:

    Thank you Lorin. <3

  6. Joshua says:

    One if the coolest events. Worth getting VIP just to get to go into the museums!

  7. joshua says:

    Portland hasn’t had any bass love from the crew since 2012…would be nice to see you back through in the future. Until then, enjoy some time off brother! I’m super stoked to hear the tracks you’ve been working on not via youtube videos! And I’ll be seeing you in Seattle as well! Cheers:)

  8. shanebasshead says:


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