April 29th, 2015


Bassnectar Red Rocks 2015We have a limited number of Red Rocks F.U.N. tickets and F.U.N. upgrades available for GA ticketholders.

This gets you access to the soundboard viewing area, a limited edition Red Rocks 2015 poster and exclusive Bassnectar trinket, early entry and onsite concierge, plus a pre-show party invite at the Red Rocks Grill.

If you fancy living the high-life then we welcome it. If you fancy getting down and dirty with no need for such bells, whistles and whatnots, then we welcome that too!

We called the V.I.P. ticket a F.U.N. ticket because we don’t believe in labelling anyone as being more important than anyone else!!! Just some nice extras for those that want to splash out πŸ™‚


(GA tickets are all SOLD OUT!)


23 Responses to “RED ROCKS F.U.N.”
  1. Enjoyer of Bass says:

    I listen to Bassnectar all the time, and love feeling Lorin’s bass inside of me. I remember my first Bassnectar concert, I felt the bass of Lorin penetrate my body; at times it felt so good, like a bassgasm of bass penetrating my basshole, but at other times, it hurt. The vibration of the bass tore open my body but I continued for Lorin. This was a cycle, until Summer Set.

    I got backstage bass passes to meet Lorin through a fellow bass friend of mine. It was a bassapalooza, and after it all, I finally met Lorin! My body was shaking harder than all the bass penetrating my body at once. He extended his basshand. “Hi, I’m Lorin.” I fall to the ground in a bassheap, giving thanks and bass to the bass Lord, Lorin.

    Suddenly, Lorin is behind me and my pants are off. He whispers gently into my ear, “I just want you to open up.” So I do. I spread my bass cheeks for Lorin. His large bassrod penetrates my tight, pulsing basshole. He starts to blast off his bass into my body, the bass pulsating my entire soul. I feel the bass timestretching my basshole. I was making so much bassnoise during this, as it hurt, but I continued for Lorin, my bass lord and bass savior. He does want he wants to do, and he does what he likes. If the Basslord wants to fill me with bass, who am I to stop him? I wanted it, I needed it, now. I had nothing but love for the bass deep inside of me.

    I continued to go ahead and bounce against Lorin’s mighty bassforce. Finally, he blasted off his bass into my basshole. My basshole was dripping with Lorin’s bass, and I could feel it still. I then turn around to look at the Basslord’s bassrod, when all of a sudden, I get a steaming hot load of bass to the face. Before I could wipe off the bass, I look up, and Lorin is gone.

    I overheard my bass friends talking about how the bass set was the best one so far. They then see me, covered in Lorin’s bass. “What the bass happened to you?” they asked. I tell them, the great Basslord Lorin bathed me and filled me with his warm, loving bass.

    Ever since then, I have not stopped listening, feeling, and missing Lorin’s warm, powerful bass. I will always love Bassnectar, and dream again of the day I get to feel Lorin’s powerful bass and please him again.

  2. Joel Munoz III says:

    I can’t afford the F.U.N package but this will be amazing no matter the seat πŸ™‚ <3 would be nice to be in that drop zone though!!

  3. Stuart Hielscher says:

    Red rocks Colorado! I am looking for a VIP/FUN ticket for Saturday night. I was only able to purchase one upgrade (the last one left) and now need to find one for my girlfriend. Willing to buy your VIP ticket or trade my GA ticket + cash for a Saturday night vip ticket. Please help me out bassheads! My girlfriend and I will be flying in to experience our first ever red rocks show. Thanks!

  4. Joshua says:

    @ Lorin.
    Bro you need to have your own events.
    We bassheads would love to listen to a 3-6 hour set instead of these 45 minuters. πŸ˜€ Because your really are the best.
    I would give anything for that.

    • DWTF says:

      Bro….. do a little research before you post something.

      • Joshua says:

        With 30 people on the line up it is hard to have a 2 hour set.

        Once humans lose the feeling of negativity and apathy in their lives, we can start to have empathy for everything around us. Positive progress can start to happen.

        Why do we only talk about carbon dioxide emissions in the air when methane is 16 times more heat capturing in the ozone?

        What can we do to combat co2 in the air and seas?

        Trees and kelp forests. They are the life support and backbone of human / fauna civilization. We keep cutting and burning them to no end.
        We are losing extreme amounts of bio diversity the past 100 years with scientists predicting any where from 10-100 species a day. 365,000 species minimum the past 100 years? Through exploitation of humans “progress”. California only has 10 percent of its original coast line, old growth forests, wetlands and vernal pools. We were one of the last places to be colonized by European expansion and frontier ethics.
        Imagine if John Muir never got Yellowstone preserved? It would have been mined to extreme measures like everywhere else in the United States for a fifty plus years before 1900.

        Why have we not given back as to buying the land to protect what little intact wildlife we have left before these monopolized companies wreck it?

        We need to teach our youth that outdoor life is the only life. You cannot be indoors all of your life in front of a screen and be a normal part of the ecosystem around you.

        We need a larger music movement worldwide into explaining to the youth how fragile our planet has become with our ever expanding populations.

        I am here to shed some light and warmth.

    • Brian David Gilbert says:

      wouldnt it?? i wish he would play for like 7 days at red rocks for like…12 hours each day! I WOULD NEVER GET BORED! Lorin is KING but ofcourse we all know this. im sure all the true bassheads would agree with all of this hehe YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!

  5. Kyle Brenneman says:

    Does anyone know if you get to meet Lorin at the pre party if you do the F.U.N. Package?

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Hey Kyle – there is no meet and greet is scheduled with the pre party. Have an amazing time πŸ™‚

  6. Brian David Gilbert says:

    One of the best things about Lorin, is HES OUR FRIEND!! How many people can honestly say that their favorite musician is their friend? Even though alot of us havent met him and he hasnt met alot of us…HE KNOWS US and WE KNOW HIM and WE KNOW HE KNOWS WE LOVE IT! He really does love the fuck out of us! and its such a good full LOVE that i surely feel! Last year at RR i pissed my pants over the noise and cried for the beauty! i cant wait to do it all again! LOL ill probably shit my pants when the first drop comes! hehe I more than LOVE YOU LORIN, and I love you bassheads! your all my brothers and sisters!

  7. Brian says:

    when trying to get the ticket and fun upgrade for Friday it has options for available and sold out…when i picked available for Friday night F.U.N ticket it took my info and said contact seller…what is going on am i out of luck? i am helping Saturday and this is ridiculous Please help i don’t want to think i got ripped off by the tune of 150 and change…i just want to have fun Friday and do my project Sat…p.s. Lorin I have a card for ya! Been an ambassador for a while and made something special for this year

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Hey Brian! The upgrades appear to be all sold out – this is probably why you were having the issue. Looking forward to seeing your project Saturday night πŸ™‚

      • Brian says:

        absolutely!!! I just don’t know why it was showing available for some sold out for others yet ….all sold out no biggie gonna chill Friday and yes SATURDAY is ON. see ya there!!! looking forward to it to. if only it was 3 days after event all sun and no rain lol rough year for red rocks sat looks clean though with just am thunderstorms and a nice evening. (so rock on to that)
        Subject: Re: Comment on RED ROCKS F.U.N.

      • Brian says:

        cant wait!

  8. Brian says:

    I need a Friday Ticket good ol ed@basscrew is not around to help … any advice other than stubhub or scamslist- i.e. (craigslist) ? working sat come see me for some stellar led balloons cards and candy …help me get into Friday and ill make ya day!!! =D have to leave sunday or I would be working night 3 as well. ISO all day ery day =D till this happens 3 days people!!! ready set bass!!!

  9. Jordan Skinner says:

    So due to unforeseen circumstances I can’t make it out to the show from Michigan…so I sold my tickets (which ONLY gave me Will Call option when I bought them) and called to change the name on Will Call….only to find out that Will Call WON’T LET ME DO THIS! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! What can I do to get these tickets to the person who paid me for them?!

    • Jordan Skinner says:

      Not finding a solution to this anywhere…Front Gate refuses to help me, Red Rocks refuses to help me, waiting on ticketmaster but not expecting much at this point…someone please help πŸ™

  10. Joel Munoz III says:

    oh so close πŸ™‚

  11. shanebasshead says:

    Supreme performance tonight and looking forward to night 2 πŸ™‚

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