May 7th, 2015



It’s time to officially admit he is innocent and should be celebrated as a Hero. Bring him home. and let’s shut down the fucking “Patriot” Act once and for all: or rename it “The Bullshit Anti-Patriot Act”.

Click here to shut it down:

Click here to donate to Free Snowden and find other ways to take action:

  • Kyle McCallum

    The thing that truly pisses me off about this now is how Gen. David Petraeus gets two years probation for leaking sensitive information. Being a war hero is like being a drug lord. You are really good and something truly terrible and unnecessary for humanity.

    Eric Snowden is a true hero who did something for each and everyone of us.

    You’re completely right.

    Thank you Lorin for keeping people aware of this and fresh in their minds.

  • Bear

    The ACLU has a petition up to send to the white house asking for his return to the States. Just a heads up

  • Lines&mesures

    Ok now we need some real accountability if they ignore this.

  • Ni Colette

    I think it’s also important to note how little people actually know who he is and how the various things he exposed affect the general public. I think John broke it down the best.
    Watch “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO)” on YouTube

    • Kyle McCallum

      Frontline also did a really good documentary on the NSA and Eric Snowden
      I think it’s on NETFLIX also

      • Ni Colette

        I’ll have to check this out. Thanks!

    • isn’t he brilliant? every sunday!

      • Ni Colette

        He does some really exceptional work and still manages to keep it lite. I think this segment was particularly good because not only did it break down the issue simplistically, but it also showed how ill informed people are, how oblivious they are, and just priorities. Save the dick pics man

    • SuperSpiff

      I totally agree with the layman break down so people can understand how the government looks at our dick pics and what this actualy means. Good link Ni! 😉

  • Cody Pawlikowski

    Not to hate on what’s happening, just want to take a second and make sure you see the irony here… You send us to a site to end phone surveillance… and it asks for our phone numbers…. I understand that it isn’t a requirement. But the fact that it asks is crazy.

    • Andre Pittrovsky

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s actively thinking. Its not far out of left field to think that the our numbers will be tagged with some sort of “activist” tag or hash code when we call. It’s pretty simple programming, it’s just a matter of how deep the NSA’s phallus is into the legislation regarding itself. Perhaps this is a little bit of a paranoid notion, but I think it’s 100% important to keep all possibilities open, and not to foreclose any judgements.

      • Cody Pawlikowski

        Lol personally I feel that a shutdown of the NSA means nothing at this point. People constantly post every second of their lives to social media all by themselves. Can’t monitor phones? Oh no! Guess we will have to stick with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. And then there are emails, and IM’s lol your phone is just a drop in the bucket.

        • Andre Pittrovsky

          People do post a lot about what they’re doing to social media, but if they can’t monitor phones then we actually have SOME privacy. In terms of knowing that we are being monitored potentially every time we call for no reason, the absence of that would give me and many others at least some peace of mind.

  • Nick Keck

    Unfortunately even if he does come home I wouldn’t be surprised if he “mysteriously” disappears

  • Pete

    At least he went to a reputable country that never spies or does anything shady and is 100% free. He also didn’t bring any classified documents that could’ve disrupted our ability to spy on Russia. Oh wait, niether of those statements are true.

  • SuperSpiff

    I appreciate this post and the links for a call to action! Fuck the Patriot Act; Snowden is a hero.

  • Dylan

    Lorin, I know you get a lot of backlash on social media. To the point where it is off-putting i’m sure, but thank you for still giving a shit after all these years.

    In this modern era, where on person’s message can be so easily drowned out.. the world needs individuals with large spheres of influence to stand up for what they believe in, to make a statement where others won’t. So thank you. ( ( <3 ) )

  • So BERgh

    If I were him, I would not want to return.. This word ‘Patriot’ isn’t relevant anymore.. Who is actually proud of being associated with the conduct of the US government? The people of america deserve better, but rapid change is difficult with this anti-patriotic propaganda and the police state. Nonetheless, baby steps! Thanks for posting this and providing links for us to take action… you look out for the community kind of like how a cool uncle would. Thanks, Uncle Lorin

  • Case_NeCtAr

    I’ve been trying to absorb as much on this topic as I possibly can and Lorin has really put things into perspective and helped reveal the facts that so few realize or can truly comprehend on their own. I must admit that I too had lived inside the bubble of ignorance for far too long and Snowden has popped that bubble–opening my eyes to the facts. If you haven’t already checked it out, In the HBO series Last Week Tonight, John Oliver recently traveled to Russia and interviewed Edward Snowden, it’s worth the watch and the laugh in light of the painful truth. It’s actually absurd how many people either have absolutely no idea who Ed Snowden is or understand him to be a threat to America… This just goes to show how easily the mass media can cover up the tracks of our government, and portray the true heroes as criminals and traitors for exposing the largest global espionage operation in the history of mankind. All of which is protected by the Patriot Act to “ensure national security” since 2001 (which had been created prior to the attacks on 9/11) — its terrifying to think that the vast majority of citizens not only eat up whatever the government and the media serve them, they reject the facts that may be too hard to swallow. We need more brave leaders, like Lorin, to use their influence to educate the population. Thank you kind Sir!