May 9th, 2015


Red Rocks 2014
A BassNetwork Project

With our 3-day Red Rocks extravaganza right on our heels, it’s time for the fun to begin…

At Bass Network we are kicking off this special event with a campaign that will connect far-away Bass Heads with one another- hopefully helping form special bonds between two soon-to-be life long friends!

All we need from you is your Twitter handle, name, residing city, and willingness to participate in community building. Please fill out the provided Google form below. In about a weeks time we will connect Pen Pals via Twitter.

From there it’s on you! Feel free to get to know each other, swap music, tell each other funny stories, and even plan a meet up at Red Rocks. Pen Pals that send us a picture of your meet up at Red Rocks will be entered into a raffle to win some Red Rocks swag.

Thanks for helping strengthen the bonds that form the Bassnectar community!

– The Bass Network


  • Shawn Haught

    I don’t use social media, I like face to face contact. I don’t like that I’m forced to be on a social media site.

    • Jack

      Dude this still is a great opportunity. You’ll eventually get to meet up with the person face to face anyway!

    • spaceylacey

      come on over to the dark side 🙂 we have basssss and love xoxoxo

    • David Giovannini

      That’s the main objective of this whole idea, to meet up with your cross-country Pen Pal at Red Rocks! I know social media can be limiting sometimes, but is also the easiest route when it comes to gathering people’s personal info, etc.

  • Stuart Hielscher

    Red rocks Colorado! I am looking for a VIP/FUN ticket for Saturday night. I was only able to purchase one upgrade (the last one left) and now need to find one for my girlfriend. Willing to buy your VIP ticket or trade my GA ticket + cash for a Saturday night vip ticket. Please help me out bassheads! My girlfriend and I will be flying in to experience our first ever red rocks show. Thanks! Call or text me @ 9514409631 please!! Thanks again

    • David Giovannini

      Follow @bass_network on Twitter and shoot them a tweet with your proposal. They will RT you and hopefully help out your search!

  • shanebasshead

    “So the best way to be happy…….is to make the other person happy.”

  • spaceylacey

    what a fantabulous idea 🙂

    cant wait to see da bassheads in all their glory <3 <3

  • Michael Holthouser

    Traveling from KY. Ready to rage. Hit me up for tailgating I’d like to meet everybody @MikeHoltzy

  • Taylor

    Man, this is really cool. Except for the fact that twitter is one of those websites that I absolutely do not use or support.

    • Kenny

      my thoughts exactly. only social media social i use (barely) is instagram. if anyone wants to set something up OUTSIDE of twitter DM me at @kkfhld or email:!

  • Brandon

    Haven’t got my match yet. how will you know something?

    • David Giovannini

      Hey Brandon- what is your Twitter handle?

      • Brandon

        Dude I just saw it. I don’t know how to use twitter very well…

  • Meaghan Crowell

    so i want to put in a special request. i know there are these golden tickets hidden around the shows. and i would really like a very special person to get his hands on one. a few months ago I entered a random raffle on facebook to win a red rocks 3-day pass. the person who organized the raffle was a stranger i saw posting in a face-value group. he donated all the money from the raffle to NAMI. he also sent me a bunch of pins with hand-written notes explaining where he got each one and a hat to put them on. this was by far the best thing i have ever gotten in the mail and the best thing i could ever give him in return would be the chance to meet lorin. if someone can make this happen, please do, this kind soul deserves it and I wouldn’t be going to red rocks without him.

  • Clint R Stamp

    Do you have to use twitter

    • well this event (red rocks) just happened ! so photos etc for the raffle have already been submitted. sorry!…but if you want to you can always use twitter to connect with other bassheads, you can follow us @bass_network 🙂

      • Clint R Stamp

        I was at that show for sure you on facebook

        • we’re on Facebook, like us at “Bass Network” ! Or follow the link above ^^