May 13th, 2015


Image courtesy of Jake Jarrell via the BASSTUMBLRFirst off I want to say that you cannot believe everything you see, you cannot believe everything you read, and quite frankly I don’t even think you can trust everything you believe. You certainly cannot believe everything you read on the internet.

Anytime I hear anything (from a friend, from a newspaper, online – wherever) it’s always coming from a source which has some level of bias. The words you are reading right now are of course written with a bias. When it comes to current compelling issues, it is very difficult to find “the truth” without wading through a ton of bias from corporate sponsors, pundits, or even just the opinion of the newscaster or the owner of the publication (or some half-wit long-haired DJ who has found the time to type a zillion words and post them online).

I get a lot of my news from – it is unapologetic to Democrats and Republicans alike, it is unapologetic to corporate interests, and it seems to side with the well-being of the general population, as opposed to the best interests of the 1% (government, corporate elite, etc). However, this could quickly be dismissed as a hippy-dippy, liberal, socialist, commie rag. So I did not cite it or reference it for this project. Instead I chose some more mainstream sources which are in the middle of the debate, not too far left or right (CNN, BBC, even Wikipedia – which I always take with a grain of salt).

I just wanted to point that out, in case you want super right-wing propaganda (check out Fox News for a heavy conservative, pro-military, pro-Republican bias) or super liberal, keep in mind this is CNN, and they have their own agendas and corporate sponsors, etc.

So anyhow, further to the launch of our Think For Yourself campaign with Electric Forest, here are a list of comments about various issues I referenced, as well as links to where you can read more about them…

Think for Yourself Campaign1. Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” – he is calling out every one of us, who has lazily handed over our civil rights of privacy to be “protected” by a snooping, spying, lying government. Read more about this amazing man who was an inventor, a thinker, and an activist in The American Revolution and the design of The Constitution –

2. Finding truth, when you’re being lied to:
Closely related to the sentiments of Benjamin Franklin are words from Al Gore in his book/film An Inconvenient Truth (an examination that pushed the envelope on Global Warming at a time when it was being flat-out denied by corporate news and corporate-sponsored government) which claims that our Constitution was designed for “an informed, active citizenry” – not an apathetic, dazed out collection of people who are jacked on pharmaceuticals and too busy updating their Twitter and Snapchat to stand up for their own rights. He basically claims that our government will not work unless the citizens remain informed and active. And in that, he echoes Ben Franklin’s assertion that if you aren’t prepared to defend your rights, you don’t deserve them.

And by the way, if you aren’t sure what I mean by corporate sponsorship (the ways in which money influences politics, health, the economy, and every aspect of your life) take 2 hours and watch this amazing new documentary called “Fed Up” – it’s a jaw dropped. …and an excellent illustration of how trusted government figures and trusted media sources willingly deceive you against your best interest, simply to make money.

3. The Patriot Act: stands for “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001” – it was 342 pages and forcefully signed into law 3 days after it was introduced, at the height of the terror frenzy involving the 911 attacks. It gives the government the authority to monitor the phone calls and emails of US citizens, without permission or a warrant! I believe this violates our 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizures. Read the amendments: If you haven’t read them in the last month or year or decade, you should give yourself a refresher 😉

One of the more contentious parts of The Patriot Act is Section 215, which allows the government to collect metadata on almost every person in the country via their phone records. It gives them the right to collect what they call “tangible things” that include the calls you make, who calls you, who you call, the time of the calls, and how long the calls last – I think this tells the government more about you than you would believe and can influence the way you act/talk/walk/etc. But the fear is that it could go much, much further to breaching your privacy with the NSA reading your texts, collecting your photos & videos, etc. Watch Edward Snowden discuss this NSA surveillance:

And now a word from our sponsor, me:

TAKE ACTION – tell your congressman that you do not want Section 215 renewed. The law will be re-voted on again by congress on June 1st! The time is now!!!!!!

Find out more about what you can do to fight Section 215 and The Patriot Act:

Think for Yourself Campaign4. Another interesting point about the Patriot Act is its name. Not only is it manipulative, it is misleading. It’s suggesting “if you vote against the Patriot Act, then you are not a Patriot”. Yet The Act itself is an assault on every patriot’s constitutional rights, and the most patriotic thing you could do would be to vote against it. It would be like me trying to pass a law which gives anyone with long hair 5 million dollars, and calling it the “Do You Hate Your Mother Act” – suggesting “hey if you don’t hate your mother you better vote the right way on this bill, buddy!” …it may sound outlandish, but it’s PRECISELY what happens.

For example, there is a national organization called the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) whose primary purpose is to protect the environment. They are responsible for regulating corporate interests and siding with the protection of the natural environment over the potential money to be made by corporations. One act in particular, which was “designed to control air pollution on a national level” was called “The Clean Air Act” ) – in this case it was not a manipulative title. It genuinely existed to protect air quality. However, in typical form certain members of the Bush administration (who largely supported financial elites, as well as military and corporate interests over the interests of the general population – designed a counter-act, which was called “The Clear Skies Initiative”. This absurdly dishonest and misleading act existed TO REPEAL the Clean Air Act, yet they chose a deliberately misleading name so that anyone who wanted clean, clear air in the sky would say “YES! I AM IN FAVOR OF THE CLEAR SKIES INITIATIVE!” and by voting for it, they repealed the Clean Air Act.

Another way this kind of issue can be studied is by taking a critical look at the term “Obamacare.” Originally, this was an amazing idea!!!! It was beautiful, and by no means a negative thing, (and it was not called “Obamacare”…that’s just a derogatory nickname given to it by people who want to trick you into thinking its bad….because they want to go back to making money off you). It was an attempt to overturn privatized health care and join the 21st Century by providing universal health care to all tax-paying citizens. This had never been accomplished in America due to manipulations by the Pharmaceutical & Insurance industries – These massive corporations were preventing honest citizens from affording health care (like your gramma, your mamma, and eventually your kids). Most modern, progressive countries (including Canada and much of Europe) already provide this, but there was a direct and aggressive attack on this in America – sponsored by the large corporations who stood to lose money. They funneled their propaganda through the Republican government whom they had financially bought off, and through the news which they controlled (and those members of the government worked hard to serve their masters, and protect profits over people). The result was unsuspecting citizens in the Heartland, hearing about “how terrible that Obamacare is!” when in actuality it was there to give healthcare to them and their loved ones. Read more about universal health care here –

5. The Rave Act. In some cases this law had very understandable intentions. By the late 1990s “the rave scene” in North America was largely comprised of illegal gatherings in unpermitted warehouses across the country (I personally attended many of them, and had a great time!). Many of these were the result of breaking into an abandoned warehouse, which was understandably deemed unsafe. They were criticized as unmonitored places where injury, violence, and other crime could easily occur. Additionally drug use and the sale of illegal street drugs could happen there. So in a sweeping effort, The Rave Act was created which not only made raves (and rave music) illegal in a public broadcast, but it actually associated attending or throwing a rave with the sale of Ecstasy, which was and still is a felony. One particular rave in Utah was busted by a SWAT team descending from the sky (watch it here: and in an ironic twist of fate, I was actually booked to be playing at that time slot, but made a last minute switch in bookings. One mainstay of the rave scene known as Disco Donnie was actually arrested and put in jail. The problem with The Rave Act is that it was sweeping and inaccurate, and forged in fear instead of educated common sense. Instead of making public events safer, it criminalized something which isn’t criminal: music and dancing. And it could happen again.

Think for Yourself Campaign6. Corporate Personhood – This issue goes all the way back to 1819 when Dartmouth College ( was allowed to use a charter given to them by King George III of Great Britain as a contract to keep their institution private, citing that the contract is protected by an individual’s property rights (similar to the ones you have as a citizen). Its most aggressive form came in 2010 when the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling gave corporations the same rights as humans, thus protecting them from legislation which might curtail their endeavors (their ‘endeavors’ were, of course, solely to make money). Some of the more frightening results of this are large super-corporations like Monsanto, who have in many cases purchased patents on seeds in an effort to not only own the farming industry but to actually attempt to own the genetic principles of nature: seeds.

Check out more information on Corporate Personhood here:

Read more about Monsanto here:

Think for Yourself Campaign

7. Legislation amendments and sneaky bills: ever wonder how some seemingly preposterous laws are passed? In many cases they are literally snuck into other unrelated legislation, often written into a massive bill which is being rushed through congress and which has an urgent need to pass. In these cases many senators may not be aware of its inclusion, or they are afraid to vote against the larger bill because of public outcry – it happened with The Patriot Act, Net Neutrality, and numerous spending budgets.

Net Neutrality was created to protect everyone’s rights and access to a free and open internet. Yet time and time again, unconstitutional legislation is presented (often snuck into other legislation) and the onus is on US to assemble and rally against it. Learn more about Net Neutrality here:

To me this is preposterous. I think it should become illegal to attempt to pass unconstitutional legislation, and the onus for clearing the constitutionality should be on the presenter of legislation not the general public. If we say no a certain amount of times and it keeps being brought back by mega corporations like Comcast or Verizon (, then some sort of accountability is in order. What do you think?

8. Edward Snowden, whistleblowing and defamation: many times when someone has the courage to speak out publicly against the government, that person’s public life is destroyed in an effort to discredit them. Names like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Aaron Swartz should ring a bell here! When Snowden attempted to show how dangerous and dishonest the NSA was, he was basically forced to go into hiding in Russia. Should he be allowed to return to the US? Do you think he will be safe from the government?

Watch Edward Snowden’s TED Talk:

9. Click here to read more about the NSA, wiretapping, government spying, and why you should be aware:

10. Click here if you want to speak out against The Patriot Act, and prevent it from being renewed:



  1. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Wow Democracy Now? COMMERCIAL CORPORATE ENTITY. You should take what you hear on there with a grain of salt. Not the worst program in the world but certainly not without extreme bias towards huge corporate lobbies including mil/ind complex. Please check out 100% listener supported.

    • LORIN says:

      Thanks Jeff! I’ll def check that out! What do you know about various corporate affiliations with Dem-Now? I’m curious! 🙂 thanks again

      • Jeff Wheeler says:

        So the way NPR and PBS work is they accept money from 3 avenues, listener support, government funding and commercial underwriting, sponsorship, advertising whatever you want to call it. Their individual pieces like APM, and Democracy now don’t directly take money from these areas they get their money from NPR. Is it’s a bit of a black box and it’s designed that way to confuse the listener. But you will hear ads on NPR for commercial organizations such as BoA, Archer Daniels Midland, etc. Those are just some I’ve heard there’s plenty more. So “technically” they aren’t DIRECTLY supported by corporate entities but you won’t hear any promotion of the benefits of local banks, etc. They will also say things like “that’s ridiculous, we have never been asked by BofA to not report on the benefits of local banks over national ones.” well of course not it’s just an unwritten rule. ALL that being said, I find that democracy now is occasional on the right side of the story. They just never seem to fully report things. Check out the podcast I mentioned. They were just talking about how people should create kickstarters for political causes/politicians they support!!! It was too much of a coincidence with what you were doing I thought you might have talked to them haha. ITM

  2. Monica says:


  3. Nectar24 says:

    Lorin, I started following you back in 2010, and a lot has changed since then. I am so happy I found your music, the community surrounding it, and most of all your message. You turned me on to great minds such as Chomsky and Zinn, and motivated me to try and make a difference. I will be graduating from college on Sunday, and have started a job that I love in the renewable energy industry. Please stay vocal about important causes such as this. I love seeing someone with your fame go out of their way to have a positive impact on peoples’ minds. See you at Red Rocks!!!!!!

    • LORIN says:

      congrats Zack! 🙂

      That’s beautiful news! Im proud you got a job right out of school – i think a lot of people hope to find a way to avoid doing that, and in the end I’ve found that as adults, we ALL need to give up 30-40 hours a week of our lives each week. EVERY WEEK. In exchange for that, we can afford to survive. What we do in our free time is how we thrive! keep in touch! 🙂

  4. Jackson Gibson says:

    This is so important. I am extremely grateful I was able to go through high school and college in this movement. I look back on my education now and see that I learned more about myself and the way to process the world around me from being involved in this beautiful culture. I owe a lot to Lorin and the Bassnectar crew. Thank you for using your platform to inform others and be yourself. I will continue to share with others and look for any ways to become more involved.

    See y’all at Red Rocks!! 🙂

  5. Ayatt Almasi says:

    Thank you for posting this Lorin. Its awesome to see you doing stuff like this, I know how much you genuinely care about it. It upsets me that there are only 4 comments but I plan to share this with everyone I know. So many people care about what you have to say and its so important. Its scary to know that the government is waging war against its citizens and even scarier to know how many people have no idea what’s going on and don’t care to inform themselves. Its tough sometimes because like you said, you never really know what sources you can trust. We have so much potential in this country but there is just too much greed. Its funny, my Mom moved here from Iran during the Revolution when she was about 15. She came here with this image of the United States and for a while, it lived up to her expectations. But she soon came to realize that this place wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. To come from one country with a corrupt government (post revolution) to another made her realize how much work we have to do not just as a country but as a planet. You can look it one of two ways, one way is that we are absolutely doomed, our voices wont be heard, and this shit will never change. Another way is that there is SO much room for progression, and if enough of us speak up, they’re gonna have to fucking listen. Although many people didn’t agree with the Baltimore riots, look what came of it, the officers were charged. I saw a glimmer of hope when I read about that. We have to fight for our rights no matter what. Maybe next all this talk of body cameras on every cop will become a reality. There is room for change if enough people make noise. I think people just feel helpless. All the bullshit spewed by media is totally and completely fear mongering and it works. We see how corrupt this government is and how poorly things like the Baltimore & Ferguson Riots are handled, so we just keep to ourselves in our little bubbles and don’t take action. But its as simple as reading up, informing yourself, and finding out how you can make a difference and have your voice heard. Some people are so “blissfully” ignorant that they truly believe America is the land of the free and all the government’s decisions are in the best interest of it’s citizens. There is so much work to be done but it is possible if we start truly giving a shit. I’m so grateful for all the information you provided here. I had no idea about a lot of these issues, like the Rave Act and the Clean Air Act. For every corrupt politician there is one who has the genuine best interest of the people and they are the ones we need to pay attention to and support. THANK YOU LORIN. Seriously, this was awesome and informative.

    The song “Prison Song” by Graham Nash of Crosby Stills Nash & Young has been favorite of mine since I was a little kid, but as I’ve grown older the content means so much more, and makes so much more sense…”theres not a rich man here who couldn’t pay his way to buy a freedom thats a high price for the poor”…….I hope for this all to change and with people like you speaking up and giving a fuck, I think it will 🙂 I love you man, see you on the Rocks!

  6. Cristina Eckhardt says:

    Thank you so much for supporting and publicizing such critical issues. It’s saddening that a large majority of our generation simply floats through life being completely ignorant about the stunts the government tries (and sometimes successfully) pulls. Unfourtunately, the programming is so thick that they undoubtedly believe that the government always has the best intentions for their people when it doesn’t even take an hour of research to see that the true motive driving them is money. Despite all of this, I truly believe that our generation is slowly waking up to these issues as public figures (such as yourself) present issues that haven’t been brought to their attention before. I live in Florida and medical cannabis was considered by so many to be an absurd idea and simply a means for recreational cannabis smokers to find it easier. Recently, one of the largest and well known lawyers in Florida, John Morgan, supported the movement for legalizing medical cannabis. Thankfully he put out a lot of truth and dismissed some of the negative stigma associated with cannabis. He definitely helped enlighten Floridians and thanks to him, medical cannabis should (hopefully) soon be legalized here!
    Keep doing what you’re doing, Lo! You really are making a difference in the world by making sure people inform themselves on critical issues. I’m beyond grateful to be in a community that finds importance in these issues and making a large-scale change 🙂 See you all in 14 days, you beautiful people!!

    • LORIN says:

      Cristina, i was actually gonna make the legalization of marijuana a huge feature of this campaign, but Electric Forest wanted to stay more general. Although I don’t personally enjoy smoking pot, the fact that it is criminalized is SO DEEPLY wrong. So many people are locked inside a jail (and let’s not even get started on the Prison Industry – talk about corruption!!!) because they had or sold marijuana. Yet “doctors” are prescribing drugs like Xanax or Vicodin left and right. They prescribe Adderall (basically ‘speed’) or Oxycontin (basically ‘heroin’) and then criminalize marijuana??? Thats absolute insanity.

      • Humby says:

        @Bassnectar:disqus Thank you for your support of this particular issue. I currently live in a state that has legislation of legalization as well in its bodies of government. There has been so much progress in the more recently years, even to this day and I hate to put myself out there like this but this topic affects me in the aspects you cover about the criminalization side of it. I have been a supporter and advocate for this movement since I was young, and that means having the possibility of criminal penalties. I would learn about the plant and its possibilities from textiles, nutrition, and medical values etc. Jack Herer is one person I like to call my hero for his work in the industry it has turned into this time and space, (another hero is BOM Marley, how ironic but for his music lol). My criminal history has been demolished terribly for being a proponent of this particular issue. It has affected my life in deeper ways than most people making it difficult to find any sort of jobs in any field, whether I like the field of work or not. Sheet metal factories are the worst! & I actually went to an advocational school called Acoustic Edge Institute (Car audio. Custom Car Interiors. Fabrication courses) to pursue a career for my love of cars and sounds! (I installed my first car audio system in my mother’s car when I was 15 lol) Sorry for the tangent but the job industries that people want to pursue are then diminished when an advocate get arrested. I spent 15k on education but no one will hire a person of my background, all because of a plant that is medically legal just two states over (MI). It is very absurd politics is affecting peoples life as much as it is. I could go on for days and disqus all sorts of topics connected to this, especially now being unemployed mainly for the fact of this issue. I may have shared more than i should have but, these things are what I dedicated myself to since I was young and I feel the need to shed light on these topics as I’ve put all of my energy into them. You are very appreciated for all your viewpoints on freedom Lorin, thank you. We are blessed here in America. See you next week in the state i wish i resided at Colorado and also at Electric Forest homie! Thank you for the forum to be able to connect with you as well!

        • shanebasshead says:

          “Herb is a plant; I mean Herb is so good for everything. Why? Why do these people who profess they want to do so much good for everyone and call themselves governments and this and that, say you must not use the herb? Their motivation appears to be that its use makes us rebel. Against what? Against those who crave material possessions and wish to influence our subconscious behaviour by making us work for their benefit and keep it all.

          Herb allows you to reflect upon this and question why you should submit to their will, and helps you to understand that you are their equal, not in the sense of owning material things, but in the sense of why should you agree to their doctrine? This means that you are your own person, you own yourself; you are not enslaved; you do what you want to do; you are responsible for yourself and become free of their ways without caring what others think.”-Bob Marley

  7. Ni Colette says:

    Going the short and sweet route and just say thanks. These are the posts/blogs I miss. Whether you agree with all of this, some of it or not of it, anyone reading this can get a rough idea of each topic and a link toward more information to help them form their own opinion. And even if these aren’t new topics to you, you may still have learned a new fact here and there.
    Lorin you’ve got a HUGE audience that is active is spreading the culture that is Bassnectar. With that comes a huge responsibility, and its refreshing to see someone with influence use it towards something outside of selfish gain. Especially considering how our intake of information is shifting toward social media and celebrities that didn’t do their homework. Keep em coming.

  8. Nathan J Rodke says:

    I think about ways to change the world every day. Ideas like viral political campaigns that are independent of money. Starting a world wide campaign for Universal Clean Drinking Water, zero starvation, and Universal Literacy. Cutting the U.S. Military Budget greatly and using the savings on the Peace Corps, Free College Education, and Universal Health Care. I think of ways to put solar panels on every roof top and empowering people to be individually energy independent, through clean energy sources. I think of how to help people become better informed, so that we can stop supporting entities that actively spread misinformation that subverts our own interests. The vision is there, but I often never know where to begin.

    I work in Seattle for a non profit that fights for Universal Health Care and many other Social Justice issues. My job is the best vehicle I’ve found that helps me support myself and my family, while also being a part of something that creates positive change. But I’m always hoping that a large scale peaceful revolution is right around the corner.

    I saw it mentioned in another comment but it’s so true that in this time we live we have a great opportunity to solve so many problems, but it will require more collective action from people who currently are not engaged nearly enough. At this moment, I think the collective understanding and appreciation of our rights as Americans is drastically undervalued. It’s evident in the lack of political participation, the amount of low information voters who do participate, and the fact that we collectively uphold a corporate oligarchy through so many actions/inactions in our daily lives. But the first step in solving a problem is getting people to acknowledge it so encouraging and participating in critical thinking is vital.

    There are so many people out there who have strongly held beliefs that choose to put themselves into feedback loops of information that only support those beliefs. A lot of people resist critical thinking because the alternative to their belief is too frightening, or too difficult to understand because their beliefs are so firm. It would dig too deep into their personal identity. And then there’s the people who just don’t care enough to pay attention. How do/we you get past that?

    • Joshua says:

      People have it on easy street. With our food and technology boom humans have created utopia, even though we are living through some of the wildest weather we have encountered (and most ozones and water is polluted)(and our populations keep climbing)(and we are living through one of the largest extinctions of Earths time)!

      We must work together to replant the Earth with trees before we turn Earth into a desert. How have humans not figured out that trees hold Earth together? They hold all life in their branches and roots. And we keep harvesting everyday. Without putting back what we took out. Who can confront themselves and accept they lives they have taken for their own wellbeing? Even though plants do not have emotions they do live and die just like we do. They are the ultimate givers of life. Who can really afford to put back what they originally took? What if people were taxed because of their degradation footprint to the Earth? We do already but they haven’t gotten extreme yet, as they should with the levels of intensity of resource consumption increasing daily.
      Everyone is subsidized it seems and for what? To keep money and a vote a float? Social injustice happens because of exploitation of ignorance.

      Empathy destroys apathy.
      (My teacher made us take a survey. The whole thing was about how many planets it would take to sustain your life style if everyone in the world did what you do everyday. I was in the middle of the class with 4.6 planets! One student needing 15 planets to sustain her lifestyle.)

      We seem to forget that we are a detention of the great Tree of life. Once we can realize that our every action has a +/- reaction then we can understand our change to the world. Once people become educated then they can start critically thinking and self evaluate themselves and their peers to better the community, hopefully.

      Love and compassion are the greatest powers.

      You seem to be doing some great things Nathan. Thank you for your post.

      • Nathan J Rodke says:

        Thank you, Joshua. I think in some ways we’re on the right track. At some point (in some places the time is now), clean and renewable energy will be more financially viable than fossil fuels. Big Oil is spending massive amounts of money spreading misinformation because the truth is that there is better technology out there that threatens their bottom line. Raising consciousness of that fact is vital, especially knowing our ecosystem, and the future of the world as we know it, is what’s at stake. I kid you not when I say I can see the Shell Artic Drilling Rig from my house right now. It, and people’s opposition to it, is making news because the grassroots movement against Big Oil is getting stronger.

        I liked what you said about Empathy destroying Apathy. Raising awareness to problems like Climate Change, Child Starvation, Abject Poverty in the face of Massive Wealth, are all vitally important. I could go on forever. But when I really think for myself, I think that we need to get serious about a Peaceful Revolution centered around re-prioritizing what we live for and how we go about being a productive society. With current technology, at this very moment, we’re capable of providing the following for everyone on the planet…

        Healthy Food and clean drinking water.
        A safe place to call home, with a warm and quiet place to sleep at night.
        A good education.

        A job that they can feel good about doing, and serves a greater purpose than their own interests.
        Sufficient time for rest and relaxation.
        Time and resources for travelling and experiencing the world.
        Free, clean, and renewable energy sources that power this entire system without creating subservient wage slaves.

        I know I’m not on an island. There are a lot of people out there with similar ideas. But we all need to be more vocal about it. I don’t have the concrete answers but it’s clear that our current system doesn’t work for everyone. There are enough brilliant minds out there to collectively design a better system, and more then enough marginalized people willing to try something different.

        I’m not pretending it is easy or can happen overnight. To paraphrase Shane Smith from Vice, the Modern Condition is absurd. But we have the freedom to work for something better. Why not use that freedom to create something better than a system that favors the few at the expense of the many? If we stick with the status quo, our freedom will continue to wither away.

        Just look at ALL of the serious candidates in the upcoming Presidential Election. The only choice that is in our interest is to peacefully revolt.

        • Joshua says:

          If everyone voted (and were actually educated on the bills and their actions of passing or denying them) there would be more getting done and more funding for the rights that everyone deserves to enjoy.

          We still do not have equality among people, how can there be equality given to any other organism on Earth? We cannot even live together respectfully in totality on Earth, how do we have a right to even be here?

          • Nathan J Rodke says:

            Yeah if voters participated more often and were informed, it would make a huge difference. But while people aren’t as engaged as they could be, I feel lucky to live in a free society which at least has the potential to function properly. Lorin talked about it, but it’s the freedom we have with the Internet is extremely valuable. The unfiltered access we have to of information is incredibly valuable.

            Equality is something worth striving for. I think the best way to achieve that is to have an educated population and address poverty much more seriously than we do now.

            As far as our right to be here goes, we are the only living organism that we know of that is remotely aware of our universe in current scientific context. While we are inadvertently killing off species, which is sad, we are the only species that we know of that currently has the potential to stop various global killing natural disasters, and with that comes not only a right to be here but great responsibility.

          • Joshua says:

            …That hardly any Human upholds with Diligence… Only then when we reach that level of Integrity and Honesty can there be true Equality amongst us.

            Yes. You are right by saying that we all have it the best as of living conditions, education availability and “media” here in the States and potentially everywhere else in the world, only if we all could get it together.

            Humans have stretched this Earth that was not supposed to be moved across in the intensities that humans travel them now. Speaking of oil tankers… San Diego… One of the most beautiful places on the Southern coast of California. I bet not many people are too effected by this compared to the mass populations of the marine ecosystems like kelp, turtles, fish, etc. Who is fighting for them?

            We all have the potential to understand science, (Which again plays with apathy or empathy of society.) but most do not want a challenge as daunting as memorizing the dying and ever changing Botanical Names, surveying and mapping of land for historical reference points (before it is bulldozed and/or burned down for cows), and finally living in the elements. The wild eats everything up. Not many are willing to accept that fate.Too few are the science community against the giant polluting corporations and the mass people that support them.

          • Joshua says:

            And no one wants to talk about our expansion unless it is in good light. Pish posh. Good thing I can laugh at humans ignorance through my understanding that the only control that I have is that of my own universe. And by making those around me better, I can make myself better as well.
            Light, paper, food, each other… the list is infinite. Unlike our resources.
            We are too engrossed into ourselves as a society to understand the complexities of our foundations as to what got us here of our natural world. Gross domestic product

          • Joshua says:

            Didn’t you say that there are 3 things missing from society?
            Lack of Corporate Interference
            And that if we loose the lack of corporate interference then there can be a sense of community and an increase of authenticity?

            I feel that I am trying to help others see how humans have changed this world in the past 150 years (by clear cutting our forests without replanting and thinking that there is an infinite supply of resources on Earth (frontier ethics)) and how it is getting to be exponential how fast we are changing the surface and ozone (7 billion people using resources everyday, and our parts per million of carbon dioxide being over 400 now)…. But I cannot seem to get a real sense of community or authenticity. Why? The natural disasters haven’t been felt hard enough yet? Only a few handfuls here and there have actually given a thought to the 6th largest extinction that we are living through.

            Humans are the only species that pays to live. What a concept.

            Shouldn’t we all be trying to work together here (@bassnectar.NET (and not .COM)) to better everyones’ lives?
            I understand that you have a thousand plus things that you have to do to keep your business going. I don’t have any hard feelings. There is too much to do in life and not enough time to do it all. That is why you have this wonderful Family to help reach your goals…

            Lorin do you have brothers and sisters?
            I do. They are 13, 12, 8, and 5. (3 girls 1 boy (he has ADHD).) I sit back, unable to stop my parents from feeding him prescription pills, breaking my heart that he even needs to take them. That my parents cannot get him to stop, take a few deep breaths and meditate on himself and others. I am appalled that parents aren’t taught to teach their children these actions at early ages. As well as teaching them (children of today) the importance of ecosystems and their functions and services they provide, instead of economics and business.

            Crazy how fast life goes by when you take a second to see what is happening around yourself.

            I appreciate you making the Diverse System of Throbs available for purchase. Took full advantage. THANK YOU LORIN.

            Ps. Are you going to be playing both Saturdays in Austin?

  9. Humby says:

    @Bassnectar:disqus actually I read this already and have signed up! Now where is that blog about sounds, energies, frequencies, and vibrations?! 😛

  10. Johnathan Mizell says:

    If i can do anything to help let me!know!please

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      There are some things above that you can do and get involved in! Other than that we recommend to stand up and get vocal. Contact your congressmen and let them know your feelings on these matters. Talk to others about these subjects and work together to be the change you seek!!!!! 🙂

  11. Honest Abe says:

    Lorin you are the man, but before promoting “The Inconvenient Truth” as a means to think for yourself consider the following: Increased global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 is great for biodiversity and plant life (which may or may not be good for humans?, but our fear of this issue is largely human centered and not earth centered), Also by lobbying governments and citizens through his book and film, Gore is trying to create a government mandated carbon cap and trade market which his firm (that will broker these trades) will make billions from; The UN and other governments have a huge incentive to market global warming as catastrophic because the only solution would be global government intervention, i.e. more power transferred to governments and the UN and more global governance in general (which explains why the UN panel on climate change was found to have changed and hidden data after having their email servers hacked). So while I remain neutral on this issue and will live my life in a sustainable way, I do not let “feel good environmentalism” cloud that FACT that major corporate and government interest are religiously pushing this issue for their own gain. Example: Reporting that 97% of climate scientist believe that man made global warming will have catastrophic consequences. Only 5% of people surveyed to achieve this statistic have published climate or weather related articles in scientific or academic journals. Truth: the American Meteorology Society conducted a research poll of its own members (who publish on these topics for a living) and found that barely over 50% of AMS members believe all three conditions to be true: 1. The earth is warming 2. Man is a major cause of such warming. 3. The warming will have negative or catastrophic consequences. This changes the narrative greatly because just over 50% seems extremely low considering the bias that will arrive from competing for federal research funding, most of which rewards those who champion these three conditions.

  12. Honest Abe says:

    If business entities were not protected by the bill of rights and if the government came in a seized all of Bassnectar’s touring equipment, bank accounts, etc… i would bet that you would wish that your business had the same 4th amendment search and seizure protections as people. If we want to stop giving power to Monsanto, then stop giving power to the government (and stop voting for the Clintons as they are the machine that put monsanto in power by appointing Monsanto executives to lead regulatory roles).

    See you at Bisco!

  13. Bert says:

    Yep this is why I love you! Talk about consistently on the ball here, nailed everything that has basically gone wrong in our country since 2010 and really even before then. Truly the one thing that pisses me off the most that you really touched on is how the unconstitutional laws continually try to get slipped under our nose(and sometimes do) that should 100% be illegal and you bring a fair point that after a finite number of times not passed should be eradicated

    Keep up the good fight brother, we will get this shit figured out because the age of information is upon us

  14. node808 says:

    Obama’s Deal is an excellent Frontline documentary on how big pharma and the healthcare lobby lampooned the Affordable Care Act. It clearly shows the power that corporate interests have over government.

  15. Katlyn Clark says:

    Lorin, I really love the fact that you are raising awareness about all of these issues that so desperately need to be addressed. I just graduated law school and am hoping to go into environmental law (taking the bar at the end of July!). After diving into laws like the National Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, etc. I soon learned that the EPA has its hands tied. These laws are great in title, but give the EPA relatively little authority to implement the broad ideas that are much needed to protect our environment. Making matters worse, the Supreme Court has interpreted these laws as to give the EPA even less authority, and corporations more authority to pollute and destroy the environment (without having to pay the costs of polluting, i.e. externalities, and the cost of cleanup). As you pointed out, these issues can be found across the board – with civil liberties, public safety & health, education, etc. It is incredibly disheartening to learn about these issues, but I truly believe people need to wake up and realize that so much more is at stake than we are led to think. These issues are not something that we should passively let happen, and it’s scary to think so many people would be okay with doing just that (perhaps out of laziness?). Anyways, thank you again for shedding light on some major issues that we face today. Much love <3 will see you for a "study break" at the Forest 🙂

  16. Andre Pittrovsky says:

    “Our Constitution was designed for “an informed, active citizenry” – not an apathetic, dazed out collection of people who are jacked on pharmaceuticals and too busy updating their Twitter and Snapchat to stand up for their own rights.”

    YES YES and more YES. But “how?” is always the question. I’ve found that in my day-to-day life, opportunities arise and fall to spread information (also to equip myself with new information). I live by the notion that happiness is only real when shared (thanks, Alexander Supertramp), and I too have a genuine interest in learning (the end product, as well as the process– the sensations are delightful), and so it gives me pleasure to share information I’ve learned with others. Empathy creates these opportunities– I see the ideal time to equip someone with another tool, or link between neurons, and they can take it or leave it to the degree that they’re open to having their ideas changed.

    One thing I encounter is that often times people aren’t open to changing their preconceptions of the world. It takes effort, and the brain has the tendency to take the shortest path available. Often times it takes a force much larger than the day-to-day interaction to change someone’s ideas, like a traumatic event, or stumbling across a spiritual path. Nonetheless, staying informed and ever-expanding and ever-diffusing of that information has made a significant impact on my life, and observably on peoples’ lives around me. In the event of trauma or fear, knowledge is always power and I wish more were in tune to that.

  17. Michelle McClanahan says:

    Think for yourself has become a distant reality in our society. We align ourselves with special interests from liberal vs conservative, gay vs straight, black vs white, poor vs 1%… You get the picture. Society has been caught up with unimportant rhetoric while our constitutional rights are quickly eroding away from all realms of the political, social, economic deities. The purpose is to keep our focus off of the big picture… Freedom. Remember if you keep the people divided it is easier to take them over. We are being attacked on all fronts from the poisons put in our food with corps like Monsanto (a lot of IBS is misdiagnosed it’s pesticides in food-), to mandatory vaccines to go to school just passed in CA (Hitler experimented on German citizens with vaccines making them mandatory) there are high levels of mercury added to vaccines- Video says enough despite what they say is a rarity. The hard drug infestation in our country is not a coincidence. Heroin has been hitting our country hard and if you think the government is turning a blind eye to it well your right.Don’t you find it odd that Afghanistan, the poppy growers of the world was invaded then all of a sudden heroin is everywhere in the US? If a group says there are for human and equal rights yet are deafening silent on women and girls CURRENTLY being sold as slaves what is there real motive? Human rights or division? I cannot stress enough how important it is to actually listen to what people in power are saying, stop agreeing with them because you are on the same political side… listen carefully and watch their actions, read what you are eating, look at what you are buying, pay attention to laws being pushed, actually see what political and corporate groups are voting for and doing, use your brain! Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, if you don’t understand it ask someone to explain or google it for crying out loud! Stop being lazy and educate yourself concerning your rights! Life is not all fun and games, someone has to grow up to lead the next generation with dignity and strength. Just saying… I personally like to think for myself.

    • Nikki Breslauer says:

      As a medical professional I just want to say that we are seeing the resurfacing of viruses that have been eradicated for years because people are refusing to vaccine based on false information. Kids are getting sick when its not necessary, and spreading it around their school. Vaccines are definitely more helpful. Remember, the “famous” anti-vaccine study that started that movement? The researcher was completely discredited, he forged the signatures of other co-researchers he claimed did the study with him and agreed with the results, and he chose mentally ill participants but claimed it was a random sample… the article was completely ripped to shreds as one of the biggest falsehoods in journal history… unfortunately it wasnt discredited early enough and some people thought it was true. I do agree the government shouldnt in general tell us what to do to our bodies, but when you are going to school without being vaccinated you are putting other children at risk, and thats the issue.

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