May 14th, 2015


Think for Yourself CampaignAnnouncing our “Think For Yourself” Campaign – with prizes from Electric Forest!

I often get upset when I hear about terrible things happening in the world. For some reason my instinct is to defend the underdog: if something is unjust, I have a reflex to stand up against it. My reflex to get upset isn’t really a negative feeling though. It’s actually more like inspired to solve a problem. However, issues and problems are seldom black & white: things are often not as simple or clear as they appear to be. Often times my initial understanding of an issue is over-simplified, and in some cases after thinking critically about something, I literally change my mind drastically – switching sides against the point I previously believed and siding with the new information which makes the most sense. And I love when this happens! In the pursuit of truth, I would rather follow what makes the most sense, versus what I’m told to believe, or even what I used to believe in the past.

Usually, before I express myself about a divisive issue I try and learn as much as I can, and explore the issue from different view points so I can look at it from all sides. Once this happens expression becomes automatic (I can’t help but be direct) – so for this creative campaign with Electric Forest, Fight for The Future, and The Urgency Network I’m challenging you as festival goers, music fanatics, and people who enjoy extensive freedoms and liberty (in comparison to many many places in this world) to take a critical look at some current issues of our day, and to form our own opinions: to “THINK FOR YOURSELF”. That doesn’t mean to just speak loud and proud about what you believe in! It means to actually think critically about what you believe in (to literally wonder “am i right or wrong? and how so?”) – you may find as you explore the various sides of an issue that you have a lot to learn. I know I do! And as nerdy as it may sound: learning is one of my favorite things in the world.

The following information is philosophical rather than political. In fact, I think that at their core these topics can relate to you as a person, to your family, to your friends, and to your understanding of the meaning of life. My hope is that you will read the following and participate in this project over the next few weeks to spend some time thinking about your assumptions, and how you want our future to unfold. You can discuss it with your friends, or read dissenting viewpoints. If you instantly agree with what you read, maybe try researching some counter-points. If you instantly disagree with what you read, maybe argue with yourself for a little while, and see what happens.

Benjamin Franklin said that “Those who would give up Freedom, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Freedom nor Safety.” This implies both an active sense of thankfulness for our daily rights and freedoms (so easy to take for granted) and also a reminder that these rights are invaluable: they were given to us by countless humans who fought and died so that we could enjoy more freedom in our lives. But beyond that, it implies that you only deserve freedom if you are willing to fight for it. If you don’t value it and give it up easily in exchange for safety, then in the end you truly don’t deserve it.

So when something traumatic happens (like the attacks of 9-11, or ISIS beheadings, or really anything which feels frightening or threatening) it’s easier to prioritize safety over freedom. For example in the aftermath of 9-11, a wave of fear spread over North America. We quickly gave up rights to freedom, privacy, and liberty in exchange for safety. By increasing the powers of Homeland Security with laws like The Patriot Act (funny how they name laws after something nobody wants to argue with, when really this is one of the least Patriotic Acts I can think of), we were decreasing our freedom; handing over our powers to secretive government agencies who have little transparency or accountability. (They can see you but you can’t see them. They hold power over you, but you don’t really hold power over them because they’re invisible.) It’s kind of like martial law during a riot: if your home is being ransacked and looted, and your family is being beaten in the streets by an angry mob, you may welcome the National Guard to protect your home or your family. But once you have armed guards in your house, you aren’t as free as before the rioting started. Obviously that’s a pretty extreme example, so how about something more close to home?

Music Festivals. We all enjoy music, being together with our friends underneath an open sky, and soaking up all the magic which comes from these experiences. But a lot of people don’t understand festivals or why they’re important, and when that knowledge isn’t shared it leads to Fear, and those who are afraid are eager to give up their Freedom for Security, which sadly usually means the people in power taking more Control. Your freedom to attend festivals can be quickly taken away (this really happened – I’VE WRITTEN MORE ABOUT THE RAVE ACT HERE). Being able to speak loudly and gracefully through free and open communications is the key to a strong and supported festival culture.

The Internet. It’s so pervasive that it almost feels unnatural to talk about it like “a thing”. Many of us experience life-on-the-Internet more than life-off-the-internet. And our dependance on it is steadily growing. Yet multi-billion dollar corporations (who are now protected with laws giving them human rights: this is real, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE) are consistently finding ways to sneakily pass legislation (this has happened repeatedly over the past few years) which grants them power over the internet: which web sites get fast service and which websites get blocked or slowed down, which users get fast service, even which links you can see, or what comes up in your searches.

Privacy. This word has become loaded, and often implies you have something to hide. But don’t believe the hype. Every human deserves private space and sanctuary to share the thoughts and information they want, and to keep other thoughts and information to themselves. Nobody deserves to spy on you. No government agency deserves to snoop on your phone calls or email (even if they make you think they are only spying on you for your own good – “To fight Terrorism”. And even if you don’t care about this kind of stuff, should you choose to take a naked picture of yourself, that should be your own private property, not something the government can see or distribute. Over the past decade it has become normal to broadcast nearly everything we think and do online: and we assume there is no danger in doing this. Not only does our appreciation of privacy erode slowly over time, but once it’s gone it may not be possible to get it back.

Over the next four weeks The Urgency Network will be sharing information and ideas about our freedom of expression online, and why it’s important. Engage with an open mind, and to draw your own conclusions on what you think the internet should become.

Tune in, sign up, spread the word – every time you get involved you’ll be entered to win a trip to Electric Forest, including a spot onstage for the Electric Forest Family Photo, and a Golf Cart adventure with me, zig zagging you wildly around backstage and talking more about life philosophy! 😉


And here’s some more info and links I put together about these issues.

  • This is fantastic and you are fantastic for doing it. Thank you as always for using your platform to create relevant energy and, eventually, help change the world.

  • J. Bourassa

    The power of thought and unity, undeniably a force to be reconed with. Thank you Lorin for utelizing your presence to help provide thought and unity. I’m In.

  • Clayton Whitcraft

    I’m so glad an artist of such outreach as yourself uses it to promote liberty and the greater good. I always find myself sharing things and emails from fight for the future and every time I see you share something referring to them, it warms my heart a little to see there’s still people who are willing to do what they can to insure a better future for us and those to come. I’ve been a huge fan of your work since 2011. I’ve seen you around 8 times, I’m not sure exactly, I lost count. But every time you set yourself apart from other artists In my mind. Thank you again for doing this and I’m going to gladly participate!

    • thanks man

      im not coming from a preachy place, I just wanna reflect my thoughts back at you & the world. glad you found some of it to be useful 🙂

      • Clayton Whitcraft

        Yea of course! Although its a shame that theres not more people that take the time out of their days to read up on current events and issues that indirectly effect them. I wish there was a way to magically make everyome care aboout the world around them and to make them critically think about what they see and hear from the media, etc.
        I had a question though. I donated to the think for yourself contest but for some reason I can’t sign in to the account that I donated on. I want to keep spreading the word (since for once i have the opportunity to get rewarded for it) and it’s not giving me any more entrees. I called the foundation but got no response, any ideas on how you can see what I’m doing?

        • Chris Basscrew

          Clayton have you had any luck signing on?

          • Clayton Whitcraft

            I called the guys at the website and they fixed everything except I can’t share anything via Facebook and get credit for it. Even before the contest and still now I always share anti Monsanto and fight for the future stuff so it’d be cool to actually get some recognition for it. I donated some cash to the website but Im not exactly rolling in the Benjamins cause of tuition, so I feel like I don’t have a chance compared to those who donated more and got more entrees.

          • hmmm, can you try disconnecting the account from your facebook and then reconnecting to see if it lets you share then?

          • Clayton Whitcraft

            It didnt work/: no big deal though

  • Robert C.

    I always enjoy these long articles, you are one of the only artists that can truly express his passion and ideals with as much clarity and accuracy as the music you create.

  • Humby

    @Bassnectar:disqus It’s so refreshing to see you share your viewpoints on such critical issues again, especially in this day and age. I love all the political and social context and sound bites you feature in your earlier work such as Dr. Martin Luther King or Mr. George Carlin, combining those into a form of entertainment where the mind is vulnerable to new ideas. I try bringing up these some of these issues to friends and family and ears and minds are closed, its great to have someone with influence like yourself shed light on these ideas and philosophies. You are greatly appreciated homie, just donated. Bless.

  • Ayatt Almasi

    Thank you for posting this Lorin. Its awesome to see you doing stuff like this, I know how much you genuinely care about it. It upsets me that there are only 4 comments but I plan to share this with everyone I know. So many people care about what you have to say and its so important. Its scary to know that the government is waging war against its citizens and even scarier to know how many people have no idea what’s going on and don’t care to inform themselves. Its tough sometimes because like you said, you never really know what sources you can trust. We have so much potential in this country but there is just too much greed. Its funny, my Mom moved here from Iran during the Revolution when she was about 15. She came here with this image of the United States and for a while, it lived up to her expectations. But she soon came to realize that this place wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. To come from one country with a corrupt government (post revolution) to another made her realize how much work we have to do not just as a country but as a planet. You can look it one of two ways, one way is that we are absolutely doomed, our voices wont be heard, and this shit will never change. Another way is that there is SO much room for progression, and if enough of us speak up, they’re gonna have to fucking listen. Although many people didn’t agree with the Baltimore riots, look what came of it, the officers were charged. I saw a glimmer of hope when I read about that. We have to fight for our rights no matter what. Maybe next all this talk of body cameras on every cop will become a reality. There is room for change if enough people make noise. I think people just feel helpless. All the bullshit spewed by media is totally and completely fear mongering and it works. We see how corrupt this government is and how poorly things like the Baltimore & Ferguson Riots are handled, so we just keep to ourselves in our little bubbles and don’t take action. But its as simple as reading up, informing yourself, and finding out how you can make a difference and have your voice heard. Some people are so “blissfully” ignorant that they truly believe America is the land of the free and all the government’s decisions are in the best interest of it’s citizens. There is so much work to be done but it is possible if we start truly giving a shit. I’m so grateful for all the information you provided here. I had no idea about a lot of these issues, like the Rave Act and the Clean Air Act. For every corrupt politician there is one who has the genuine best interest of the people and they are the ones we need to pay attention to and support. THANK YOU LORIN. Seriously, this was awesome and informative.

    The song “Prison Song” by Graham Nash of Crosby Stills Nash & Young has been favorite of mine since I was a little kid, but as I’ve grown older the content means so much more, and makes so much more sense…”theres not a rich man here who couldn’t pay his way to buy a freedom thats a high price for the poor”…….I hope for this all to change and with people like you speaking up and giving a fuck, I think it will I love you man, see you on the Rocks!

    • Wussup Persian T! 🙂 I love what you’re saying here, and I think it’s so important to remember situations like this (RECENT SITUATIONS, SOME OF THEM HAPPENING RIGHT NOW) which are so traumatic and volatile, as people fight desperately for freedom: basic freedoms we have day in and day out…. I doubt a lot of people who were in the Persian Revolution had time to sit around being bored, arguing about trivial matters: a really good reminder how lucky we are in the states. As corrupt as it is, and as much room for improvement as there is: we are so lucky.

  • Laura Campion

    i love you, and this !! Awesome (:

  • You’re a damn mindful genius L-rin!

  • Bass Head Ty

    I’m back home from Vancouver today. I went to a U2 “music festival”. It was so good to reconnect with the band and fans again. The last time I saw U2 was before EDM. It all came back to me. My memory was still there. Last night’s show was even better than the first. U2 had a show behind them. The tires are warmed up now. The race is off to a quick start. As usual I wish I could keep going with the tour. Part of me will. Part of me always does. I’ll keep up with the tour online. I will follow. I’m so glad I went. It was a beautiful thing. A perfect moment. I’m happy others will get the chance to share the moment with me. Brings me happiness. It wasn’t a rave. But I have much to rave about. It was such an impressive display. But even more than that. I’m a better person from it. For it. As festival season heats up this year I am appreciative of live music and have already begun blending my musical loves. I wore my NVSB shirt to the first show of the U2 world tour on Thursday. I also wore the “U2” kandi bracelet I made too. At EDM festivals this summer I will wear my #U2ieTour shirt. I’m having a wonderful time sharing my love for life and music at our shows. PLUR.

  • Humby

    @Bassnectar:disqus FREEDOM: We have enormous freedom, that’s not a gift that was given to us. It’s a legacy that was left to us by centuries of struggle. By centuries of people most of whose names are completely forgotten, the once who created the freedom and the rights that we now have and that will be taken away, unless you constantly defend them.

  • Jake Friedler

    hey Lorin, following up on an earlier comment, I would like to formally invite you to Bacchae, an audience-immersive rave experience which opens at Stanford tomorrow night! this project animates the parallels between ancient dionysian religion & 21st century rave culture. it was massively inspired by your music. learn more here:!bacchae/c79o

    begins at the front steps of Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center
    May 20 @ 8pm | May 21 @ 9pm | May 22-23 @ 7+9pm

  • Ronni Souers

    This is awesome, thank you thank you thank you.

    The way that the panopticon is evolving in the digital era is fucking frightening, whether it’s the government or some other entity tracking our moves and our data. I shared some pretty private thoughts in an email recently and discovered an advertisement for a Facebook group on my page, and the only way Facebook would have known that particular group would appeal to me is because of the private content of that message. I’m not one to read the small print on privacy shit for the technology and social media platforms that I use, but I feel so invaded right now and prompted to change my ways.

    What is even more frightening is how this shit literally changes us and the way we act. As a writer who researches a lot of weird shit, I can feel the microeconomics of power at play when I question whether or not I want to research something because I’m thinking of who might be looking. We should be able to dance knowing that no one’s watching, and we shouldn’t feel we need to change our moves just because someone might be.

    And I appreciated all you had to say about your thought processes in your search for knowledge. I hate our western notions to simplify everything, to always pick a side. I hate how feeling conflicted is viewed as being a “feminine” thing and that it’s looked down on for that reason. I hate that in so much of our education we are taught to draw a conclusion first (come up with your thesis!) and research later, so that our research is always geared to confirm our preformed conclusion. I wish public education would emphasize that immersing ourselves in complexity in the pursuit of truth is a good thing, even though it might not always feel very good. And changing our minds on issues isn’t evidence of our hypocrisy or of our lack of intelligence, it’s evidence of our evolved thinking, so why do we view it so negatively?

    And I’m hopeful that the Internet can continue to bring people together and we can educate each other in ways that other entities can’t. Keep the Internet free! Thanks again!

  • Dan

    this is why i love bassnectar. thank you lorin, beyond words.

  • bassRAR

    I love this post! And gah! Yes we are so, so, so fortunate here in the US! I think many Americans struggle to find or make the connection with others to have our voices heard. And around the world – we are separated by governments that often pit people of different cultures against one another, when really we are the same. We need a conduit, a network, to connect our voices and continue to fight for our freedoms. We will always have to fight, it’s not a win and done, but a constant effort on the people’s part.
    @Ayatt is right – no one knows where to go for trusted information and to be a part of the conversation, but maybe because there’s not too many going on.

    “If I have one message to give to the secular American people, it’s that the world is not divided into countries. The world is not divided between East and West. You are American, I am Iranian, we don’t know each other, but we talk together and we understand each other perfectly. The difference between you and your government is much bigger than the difference between you and me. And the difference between me and my government is much bigger than the difference between me and you. And our governments are very much the same.”
    – Marjans Satrapi

  • justin


    First off, thank you so much for your Red Rocks performance this last weekend. I was there for Friday and Saturday night and had just an epic time. You helped me have a weekend I will surely never forget.

    Now down to the business at hand. And let me begin by saying, I, like you, are on a constant pursuit for truth. My first step in that process is to admit, in the grand scheme of things, I know basically nothing. So please don’t take anything I say as judgement, but rather as a presentation of data I have collected.

    First off, the Ben Franklin quote is very often misquoted. NPR did a piece on it:

    I am far from decreeing your post as false, just because of the opening quote, though. Like you said, nothing is ever really black and white (at least not as much as we think/hope it to be). Critical thinking is necessary and powerful!

    My thoughts on data collection and big brother/data collection are probably too optimistic and not critical enough:

    -I think sharing information makes the world more efficient, it drives down the amount of unknowns in the world thereby reducing unnecessary fear.

    -“Spying” by NSA needs to be WAY more transparent. It’s not even just the Patriot Act, it’s a bunch of other things we almost never talk about ( ) that are allowing for this data collection. We the people deserve to understand what is going on. Transparency will save more lives than spying.

    -What about data collection by companies, like Facebook and Uber? -I like to think about content creators vs. content hosts vs. content consumers. Obviously the creator and user are the most important. So, why are we letting the like of Facebook collect all of the data we create and data on how we consume it? Why are we paying Uber 30% of our ride fee just to hook up a willing driver with a willing rider? Of course there are overhead costs and what-not, but why are we paying so much damn money to content hosts?

    I’ll keep it at that for now, being that I am a first time poster. Thanks for the chance to think out loud! Can’t wait to see you again soon, hopefully Dancefestopia in KC (where I live), if my schedule allows.

    Peace and Love,


  • Jack

    DUDE So rad that you referenced Bill Hicks during your Red Rocks set… I know your busy, but I was wondering have you read his book Love All the People? It’s truly a great read; I highly recommend it… You two are so similar in that you use your fame and position as a platform to voice your views on society and culture: SO RAD. There’s only a handful of people like him and yourself.

    ALSO, although I was not there, I watched–teary-eyed–on YouTube that whole clip you played with Ghandi and MLK and Bill Hicks, of course, just amazed at the impact one man (you, Lorin) can have on soooo many fucking people. So incredible that by broadcasting the views and ideas of someone that has inspired you through your fucking insane Red Rocks sound system/rig, people’s lives are changing.

    I think the clip’s still up on YouTube, and I don’t know if you remember it or not, but you did a metaphor on the anniversary of MLK’s assassination, showing all the progress he made as one guy before he was shot. I think about that clip all the time to be honest. Of course, since his goal was PERFECT racial equality, he did not reach his entire goal, but his progress alone was immense. Through some kooky, psychedelic video effects, you proceeded to say that you wanted to change the world. That…. ugh wtf. It gives me chills just typing that because you ARE. Your progress you’re making is so huge and we all as fans and followers feel it as audience, exemplified when you broadcast stuff like that Bill Hicks shit about the choice between fear and love.

    Honestly, you remind me of myself. All I wanna do is be listen to music and be inspired. Im in the 10th grade; I’m not even out of high school yet, and I feel empowered with knowledge and a responsibility to stay educated and to be a better human because of you. You. YOU!!

    Congrats on changing the world Lorin. If you have time, which I know you won’t, I’d love to hear what you have to say:)
    much love

  • Garret

    I’m sorry, but the company’s goals seem so disingenuous. Have you personally worked with these people Lorin? Because The Ugency Network company design is a replica of every other reverse pyramid scheme on the market. They offer huge reward (commission) for those who spend time on the site, watch videos which I’m sure generate ad revenue, or donate. This gathers thousands of users who are constantly trying to be the one who wins the prize, thus garnering them mass profit. It also leads to a diluted sense of helping spread awareness, as I’m sure their system is easily manipulated and most users are not there to be educated but rather to win the prize. They explicitly say they are a for-profit company built to help non-profits. Not to be paranoid but you are aware of the amount of for-profit non-profits there are, right?

    My family and I work hard everyday to educate people about the corruption, and collusion that exists in every branch of government or corporation. Are you aware of the fight against education reform? If you think the government controlling the Internet is bad, you should consider the effects of our government controlling every aspect of ours and our children’s education. Let’s start with Louisiana, it’s the best example. After Katrina gutted that state, deep pocketed investors moved in to change every aspect they could about how education functioned in the state. Public schools? Forget em, they were to poor to rebuild. The citizens passed the Charter Bill allowing Chater Schools to be built in addition to the overwhelming number of private schools that already existed. Charter schools are like public schools in the sense that you don’t necessarily have to pay a tuition to attend. The difference between charter schools is that they can pick and choose who can attend the school based on past performance. This allows them to “skim” the high achievers off the top, while leaving the other children with no place to attend school. Charter schools can also discriminate based on race. This may not be legal, but it’s a loop hole that is exactly like Washington states work laws, where you can be fired at any reason for any time. They don’t say “your’re fired because you’re gay” or “you can’t attend scool because you are Native American” you just get fired or denied with no questions asked. Chater schools can be opened by anyone, in fact many celebrities have their own charter. Pitbull owns an all sports school in Florida… Charters decide curriculum, and aren’t restricef by state requirements. The charter bill passed in WA too, but it was ruled unconstitutional.

    The other issue is that damned No Child Left Behind, which requires all schools to meet certain standards or face closure. This puts the pressure on teachers, who already deal with large class sizes and lack of funding. The problem with getting all kids to meet a certain standard, is that it’s impossile. You can’t have a kid move here from Cambodia and expect him to learn to read as quickly as his American born peers. Why would they lump in kids with special needs or IEP’s? Doesn’t matter, they expect it and if you fail you lose your job.

    Then the high stakes standardized tests are given, which literally have first graders pulling out their hair or vomiting from stress. Couple this with the new common core curriculum which is required and developmentally inappropriate and you have the recipie to shut down public education or cripple it with austerity and rigor. This model is based on the idea of “college, and career” ready. They are taking art out of the curriculum and replacing it with mandatory coding classes. All of the materials required to teach Common Core are provided by the corporations who are pushing so hard to get it in schools.

    This all ties into the school-to-prison pipeline that exists in this country. The public schools with the lowest scores tend to be in the poorest of neighborhoods. When those schools shut down, parents can’t afford to send their kid far away for class. Not only that, but zero tolerance policy’s leave no room for kids to be educated. Drug use is treated as a criminal offense rather then a mental health issue.

    I’m going to continue to educate people everyday, but I’m not going to waste time on a website that creates untraceable cash flow based on people dreams. I’d love to go to electric forest and golf cart around with my idol, but If I have to jump though money making hoops I think I’ll pass…

    Stoked to see you preform at bumbershoot, I was worried you wouldn’t make it to the PNW this year. Hopefully they learned their lesson and won’t stick you in Key Arena with its terrible sound quality, unreliable fuses and no space to get down. I appreciate the effort in getting people to think critically, I just question how genuine The Urgency Networks goals are.

  • Connor Planinshek

    Thanks for sharing on these topics lorin, i just wanted to say that the past few years of my life iv been in and out of institutions and jails and for some reason the majority of people in these places have these same beliefs that you and i have. Truth. Thats all it comes down too. Debate is good but fighting and arguing is wasted breath. Love is truth. Im blessed to finally be able to go to electric forest and see you. Im so grateful for a chance like this to have this experience with really awesome people. When we come together and do good things as people great things happen for all. When my life was ruled by fear i was trapped in his living hell, free your mind embrace love and take action by spreading it. ( free your mind does not mean take drugs). But anyway i can not wait for this upcoming week. Electric forest! Iv been trying to go for 3 years now! Haha so pumped and i would love a chance to talk to you lorin, i did once at firefly in Delaware for like 30 seconds!!! Keep doing what your doing man The interweb is cool;)

    • John G.

      Words like these are what make you a great guy and a great friend. I didn’t meet you til high school but i could tell you care about your friends/family/others so much. You even told me how your band would be with your friends who care for each other not themselves.
      You jumped the fence into blink182 concert at SBC in camden and later got in some huge dude’s face who knocked me down in mosh pit!! haha. You’re the toughest craziest i ever met, but these words show how much you loved. I feel lucky i stumbled on this, and blessed to play music with you scott and bob, blessed to have a caring friend like you.
      All my love to you, your family and friends. We’ll miss you Plani but will see you and talk to you again.
      “Love is truth.”
      P.S. Please listen with me when i put on 311 grassroots album. Reading this reminded me you said that was your fav 311 record. And i been wanting to text you to tell you I’ve been getting into Rob Zombie by listening to WMMR.
      John G.

  • Connor Planinshek

    RAGE For FREEDOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie Schol

    Lorin, I cannot thank you enough for your inspiration, philosophical, and heartwarming statements. My once close-minded, naive mind has been so opened up and drastically changed, and I have no one else to thank but you. You speak nothing but the absolute truth and I wish everyone on this earth could take one minute to read what you say. Our universe is such a beautiful creation and we are all so lucky to be able to experience it and live in it every single day. Not only do your words speak how beautiful each of us are, but your music expresses in the most majestical ways. And for this I thank you deeply. You express exactly the kind of change this world needs and the wake up call every human being needs. We all have such a large capacity in what we can do in order to better not only ourselves but the world we live in. Each and every single molecule in this universe is a part of this crazy rad puzzle, and with everyone opening their hearts, minds, and souls just as you do, one day this puzzle will finally be pieced together to display the beautiful world we are made to create and experience together. I have never been so privileged to call myself a devoted, open-minded Basshead. Being a Basshead is such a big privilege, and supporting not only your music, but your ideals has made me become the person I am today. I wish there were enough words in this universe I could use to express how deeply grateful I am for your heart, ideals, music, and your character.

    Your emphasis on festivals and their beauty and importance is so important. I hope that one day people will be able to see the true beauty and meaning behind them. I adore the freedom we have in that we can attend a festival to openly express our love for music without feeling patronized or seen differently by others. Festivals have opened my mind to all the different, beautiful kinds of human beings there are on this planet. Without festivals we could never live in this sort of alternate reality consisting of love, unity, freedom, and music. After attending Bonnaroo in both 2014 and 2015, my appreciation for festivals has continued to increase, yet the dismissal of its true meaning and importance in this world is disappointing. Dancing and smiling freely with thousands of strangers has never felt so comforting and familiar. The first time I ever experienced your live performance was just at this past Bonnaroo, and I cannot even begin to explain the love and respect I have for you. You embodied the crowd into this large family, full of nothing but immense love and appreciation for music. Thank you; it was by far the most enlightening performance I have ever had the privilege of experiencing, and I cannot wait to see you at Electric Forest.

    After deeply investing time to read your posts about our government and general status of our world today, I cannot even begin to explain just how mind boggling the whole system really is. There is so much more that can be done in this world and so much we are all so unaware. People continuously turn a blind eye towards the hardships people continue to endure just because it seems to be the easiest option. Taking a stand and openly expressing just how wrong things are in this system takes a lot of gut and intelligence, and I’d like to thank you for inspiring me to do the same. In order for people to live out their lives with love and respect, every single human being needs to learn the importance in standing up for what is unjust and unacceptable. Your words inspire thousands, and I hope you know that.

    This was a pretty lengthy comment, but my heart holds so much more. I will continue to express my admiration for you and your work, and will continue to gather fellow Bassheads together and stand up against the unjust acts our government constantly makes.

    Thank you for everything Lorin, you are truly an inspiration. If you’ve changed my mindset and life the way you have, I cannot imagine how many other people you have influenced. Keep on rocking, we all love you (:

  • Brad L

    First and foremost I would like to say hello, I am new to this group and just spent the last two hours just reading input from you fine humans :). I would also like to share some input on the what i learned from the campaign. I have to be honest, I was not aware of just how severe of an issue we are have in the states concerning the interwebs, I was aware that the major corps are absolutely robbing us of far internet in terms of speeds and extreme cost, but not so much the spying issue. That is extremely scary to me and has honestly changed the way i have used the internet since becoming much more educated. Thank you everyone for teaching me what seems to be an overwhelmingly important lesson.
    Im super happy there was a platform here presented to me with endless amounts of info on this topic. It made it very easy to become aware of not only what is going on now, but also that there seems to be more then enough people who want to put a stop to this! Will it happen in the near future, no I don’t believe so. It will take some time to rid of there corruption that exist currently, there is hope though. And having people like Lorin who can reach out to such a vast audience is exactly what needs to happen. I can’t tell you guys how happy it was for me to read your thoughts for the last few hours. it was like breathing a breath of fresh mountain air 🙂 Recently, I have felt very discouraged by the lack of awareness, and just overall hate that is occurring in our nation. so much anger, so much negativity, all being put under a super powerful microscope due to social media and 24 hour news networks and of course, the internet as a whole. but as the saying goes, Time heals all wounds. hopefully we as a country, as the people can correct this. So once again thank you Lorin. I can’t wait to jam with you in just over a week at electric forest and hopefully see and meet some of the wonderful people here who have really opened my eyes tonight. THANK YOU ALL!!

    So so so much love,