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June 17th, 2015


BNet Bonnaroo Recap
A BassNetwork Project

Just as we were feeling the post Red Rocks depression, Bonnaroo saved the day! This four-day spectacular ran from June 11th-June 15th, 2015 and will forever leave a mark on our hearts. The Bass Network crew made their festival debut at Bonnaroo – kicking off a summer dedicated to community building and interactivity! Now that we have retuned from the Bonnaroo-verse, we wanted to recap on some of our favorite moments:


BNet Bonnaroo Recap Our relationship with Headcount deserves a post of its own, however we wanted to highlight Headcount for their amazing presence at Bonnaroo! Our friends kept their booth open for several hours after they were supposed to close to host the Bassnectar community meet up and hand out earplugs up until Bassnectar began at 1:00am. WE LOVE YOU, HEADCOUNT! We are so honored to work with you 🙂

Learn more about Headcount here!


This is the VERY first time the Ambassadors volunteered with us at a festival; they did an incredible job spreading positivity and interacting with the Bassnectar community throughout the weekend! Their main project dealt with engaging Bass Heads and connecting people from all over the country. Our Ambassadors made commemorative cards and pendants to give out to patrons as a reminder that there is so much beauty in the world. Thank you, Ambassadors for all that you do!

Our experience at Bonnaroo has left us inspired about how strong our community bond truly is. Enthusiasm is contagious, and this is only the beginning! Catch you at a fest this summer 😉

-The Bass Network Team

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BNet Bonnaroo Recap