June 27th, 2015


F Stokes - Rappin Ricky KickstarterThis is an awesome project:

Oakland rapper F. Stokes is launching a literacy program leveraging the popularity of hip-hop to help educate disadvantaged youth.

His animated character uses music as a learning tool, and they are hoping to make an album, animated video, and e-book. They’ve already met their goal but will make good use of all the funds they get.

Check it out and support if you dig: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/148546913/rappin-ricky-educational-rap-for-kids-of-all-ages


  1. Bizlanthropy says:

    This is really great. Hip hop is a critical and precious thing.

    It is so exciting to hear about artists, especially in the Bay (we’re in Sac) that are creating programs like this. It’s possible to measure improvement in learning in these programs, but hard to measure the equally critical things -> happiness, joy, and empowerment that children experience in these sorts of programs.

    When we facilitated a hip hop dance workshop to youth escaping sexual exploitation in Brazil, the experience, their motivation, their energy – they were just enjoying themselves 100%. (If you want you can watch the short trailer to the doc. we made here http://www.bizlanthropy.org)

    We are doing a hip hop production workshop with inner city youth in LA this fall, and seeing this kickstarter campaign from Rappin’ Ricky is not only empowering, it’s friggin’ amazing. I’m going to email him today to see if we can get some Bizlanthropy volunteers to help out somehow.

    Thanks so much Lorin for sharing this. It’s humbling when artists leverage their platform to speak about community issues.

    – Sarina Larson

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