June 6th, 2015


Red Rocks 2015 –

This was a very special moment for me personally: late Saturday night, I was overwhelmed and in tears just from THE FEELINGS…

You can watch the full Zeitgeist movie below, and I highly recommend that you do. Prepare your mind for a complete reset & overhaul….this is a free full length feature film which will change your life and your mind if you let it 🙂


16 Responses to “IT’S JUST A RIDE”
  1. Connor Hiltenbrand says:

    Thank you for this Lorin. After witnessing that on Saturday I was intrigued to find out what the Zeitgeist movie was all about and after watching it last night, I can definitely say its changed my perspectives on a lot of things.

  2. Humby says:

    @Bassnectar:disqus Since the first weekend of seeing you, you have been changing my life. Your music and shows give me experiences that are like no other in a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on your weekend as well most importantly thank you for the connections, sending you and your very talented and hard-working crew so much love!

  3. Bak says:

    This is all almost too good to be true!! I grew up brainwashed just like everyone else in school but then graduated and had a friend show me the zeitgeist documentary when it came out in 2008 and told me to open my eyes to the world. watching it i was so confused on what to believe but because my friend was intelligent (with 2 majors in rocket science) i took the films seriously and to heart! they are INTENSE and hard to accept but with the further research iv done and retired military men iv talked to the facts are real! started to listen to Bassnectar in 2009 and shortly realized Lorin knew all the same info but wondered if he was really going to try and help wake people up or not. after a while i gave up on trying to wake people up but after this weekend at red rocks i am FIRED UP!!! Im so happy to see Lorin push Zeitgeist!! Peter joseph isn’t the chillest dude he pushes his opinions hard lol but all 3 videos are about 9 hours of a lot of good info!!!. Look into Jacque Fresco The Venus Project. With todays technology there is no reason why we can’t live in a natural resourced based society.. okay ill stop talking…

  4. shanebasshead says:

    Thanks for incorporating Bill Hicks into your show. I’ve been a fan of the two of you for almost a decade now and it’s refreshing to know that someone out there is exposing mass amounts of people to the reality that we are constantly being misinformed and misguided in our society. I’ve felt for the longest time that we’re being conditioned from a very early age to not think critically. I was a bit saddened after the show when I heard a dude saying “What was up with that Gandhi and Richard Nixon piece?” “I don’t want to think at a Bassnectar show…” I didn’t bother going out of my way to respond to him or point out that it was Dick Cheney (War Criminal) in the segment. I also would like to add that I had the greatest time at Red Rocks last weekend and am still absorbing and reflecting upon my experiences. Met some wonderful people and left feeling inspired to do my small part in helping others and the world. Thanks again!

  5. Clayton Whitcraft says:

    Damn, I wish I couldve been there to see this. Keep spreading the message, Lorin. I hope you play this at forest so i can see it in person.

  6. Daniel says:

    If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, waka. You know the rest. Well here goes nothing. We really want to see you at E forest, my wife and I. We’ve seen you 10+ times. The first time I told her ‘I love you’ was at your set at counterpoint 2012. It’s been one helluva ride from there. 360’s. Spring tour in the south. Basslights. You and your crew create space for everyone and anyone to be exactly as they please. You are changing the ride! I’ve been a listener for several years. I’ve seen the show evolve from Gville SC where you were working the scale of the universe into your visuals. All the way up to Wakasploosha (the most life changing set to date). I asked Jessica to marry me that night. She consented even after having seen the deepest darkest parts of me. Walked down the aisle after the ‘I Do’s’ while her brother shredded the intro to NVSB on his guitar. We went hard at the reception opening with ‘Here We Go’. Played ‘You and Me’ and even closed it out with Sister Nancy. I hope you don’t mind we borrowed parts of your recipe. We threw Modest Mouse, SOJA, Nahko, Bob, The Polish Ambassador and more into the mix for good measure.

    I have been trying to question authority since I found the bumpersticker in Gualala, CA maybe the summer before/after 9/11 which was a brief escape from the backwoods baptist belt where my parents had us home based. Question is what now? Aren’t you a part of the entertainment/distraction industry? Can we really make a difference? Have you read Zizek, specifically his book ‘Violence’? That’ll get you mad! Aren’t we just all Mel Gibson running around in a hospital gown yelling, “Geronimo!” Spun out on gravy? Ok ok… No more. There’s many people doing their small parts. I am just coming down off those good mountain vibes. And I don’t want to go back to work. Sorry for venting. These are just some q’s I woulda asked you had we gotten that sweet golf cart ride. Peace.

  7. kb b no true ly says:

    simply beautiful Lorin. i understand

  8. Jesse Wind says:

    Thank you for the very beautiful moment my friend. It felt special. Never stop tell your fans to think for themselves and pay attention to the world around them. It’s appreciated. (:

  9. Johnny says:

    LORIN!!!!!!!!! Last year I proposed to my fiancee at Red Rocks while on our way to the Belly Up show on May 29th. This year we returned to Red Rocks for the year anniversary of that event and celebrated the occasion with you! All day on Friday, leading up to the show, I was hoping to hear Jim Morrison’s voice announcing to everyone that the weekend’s festivities had begun, and you did not disappoint! We are getting married on July 11th, and were thinking that the sound bite with “The ceremony is about to begin” and “Where is my mind” would be ceremonial for us as it would bring our relationship full circle: engagement, anniversary then wedding day. We have been scouring the internet looking for a “clean” version of the sound bite to no avail. So, I have come to the place were I feel I have the best shot of you reading what I’m writing. We are hoping that some how, some way, that we could get a clean version of how you started Friday night at Red Rocks. If this is at all possible, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know. It would make our day pretty incredible!

    Love always from two Bassheads
    John and Tiernen

  10. Andre Pittrovsky says:

    I’ve watched the clip from the show over and over again, reminding myself daily to choose Love. I thank you with the contents of my heart overflowing.

  11. Kyle Harvey says:

    @LORIN This will be long, and I do hope you read it…

    A few years ago I tweeted you, and to my amazing surprise, you tweeted me back! I wish I could say it was something cool or something that you liked, but it was not. I tweeted to you “Drop beats not political statements”. And you responded to me with, “Great point man, that really sounds like a wonderful life. Love you too.” I’m pretty sure that you were talking with the upmost bit of sarcasm while still not letting me get to you.

    I said what I said because I was young and immature. I said that to you because you were always trash talking republicans and talking higher of democrats. I just wanted to hear your music or hear you talk about your music. I thought it was all about the music. I was wrong.

    You see, I come from a very strong republican state. We are VERY set in our ways. While I do think that California and Georgia are two of the most beautiful states in the nation, they couldn’t differ greater in opinions, elections, rights, views, racism, pretty much the entire atmosphere of the states are different. Being from Georgia, I was sucked into the machine! I should be republican, I should be christian, I should not ever do drugs, I should not think freely!!!

    It took me years to break the mindset of my upbringing and of my environment.

    My first introduction to Mr. Bill Hicks was also from another West Coast artist, the band Tool. Tool and Maynard’s side project, A Perfect Circle, opened my eyes (all three of them) to the real world. The government is not looking out for our best interests, the major corporations are not growing and located everywhere for our convenience. There is a giant foursome happening now, it’s been happening for the past decades oh yes! First you have the government, oh they are coming in strong, telling us how to ride our ride, what fees the ride costs, how fast it can go, where it can go. Next are the corporations and media that blind us from our ride, they muddy our vision of our ride and tell us how we should be doing this and that instead of riding our ride. They tell us how other people are riding their ride and how ours can be better. Third is the military complex! How they say they are keeping our ride safe, how they make others risk and offer their ride. While they all spend our money and make sure we are all blind to it. The only part left of the foursome is us. The people. The riders on the storm. We are all getting fu%#ed by the other three. We are being lied to, stolen from and overall having our one (maybe) ride degraded right before our very blinded eyes!

    I saw something the other day that made me laugh. I was watching the only good Tool live recording I could find. I couldn’t believe the audio they used to open their show. It was the same audio that I heard on your 2013 version of Window Seat. It was Timothy Leary’s quote ‘Think for yourself and question authority’. I am happy that you did not include the authority part. To me, it’s not just about questioning authority, it’s about questioning everything. I am so much more at peace now that I question everything. I am no longer a Republican or a Christian. I am an independent Agnostic.

    I do think that even though the democratic may be a lesser of two evils Lorin, it’s still an evil. The politicians in the this country (and world) are some of the worst in history. That’s how it’s always been and we expect it to change! I don’t mean that the system cannot change, I mean that if we have the system we have now we cannot expect the way it works to change from the way it has always been.

    Think for yourself and question authority. It’s all just a ride. When you get off, you don’t get to take the horses from the carousel with you. When you try to do that you end up ruining someone else’s ride.

    The only reason I have seen Zeitgeist and it’s sequel over 20 times is not to change myself, no the first time I saw it all it did was reaffirm the way I had thought and felt for years, no, I’ve seen them so many times because I’ve opened it up to so many people. I love sharing it with them, awakening them. It’s never pressured, I give a brief synopsis of it before I ask them if they want to see it. I really see this as the only way of making change. Us Bassheads, Tool Army, Zeitgeist fans, Disturbed fans, Mudvayne fans, etc… We are the ones who allow the real message to be heard and spread. We are not greedy, selfish, or violent. We spread the message of love for one another. Looking out for our fellow man or woman. We only seek to right was is wrong. We will prevail. There will be a new revolution, though not one with guns or violence. A revolution of the mind, a revolution of ideas. They will try and stop us, they will wonder why we won’t die. Because beneath our movement is more than flesh. Beneath our movement are ideas and ideas are bulletproof!

    So Lorin, don’t drop beats or political statements. Drop political statements in beats, just like you did here!

  12. shanebasshead says:

    We are powerful, beautiful, extraordinary

    We are incredibly powerful beings.

    The game was to find out what I already was

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