June 23rd, 2015


Hi Reddit team!
Looking forward to doing another AMA!
Sorry we have to re-schedule, hope that is OK.
1pm PST if possible please.
Many thanks,
The Bassnectar Team


6 Responses to “REDDIT PROOF”
  1. Kaloude says:

    YAY! I am excited!

  2. TylerCameron says:


  3. David says:

    Hey Lo, with the flood reddit comments I’m predicting I’ll just ask here and hope you see it.

    Do you have any information regarding your mix called Bassnectar Gardens? It was that green cassette right? I remember seeing mentions of it back at and event that old thump-radio (

  4. Edward says:

    This is AMAzing Lorin. Whether you see this or not you have inspired people in my life to do wonderful things from art to charity and so much more. Thank you for all you do and please never stop because some of us see your message and are moved by it.

  5. 808mike says:

    idk if this has been asked but wheres NYE and when will tickets go onsale?

    • colleen says:

      we’re still all up in summer festival and special event mode !! NYE 2015 location and on-sale times haven’t been announced yet, that information should be available sometime in the fall 🙂 stay tuned!

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