July 21st, 2015


Bassnectar @ TomorrowWorld 2015Bay Area Bass Heads and beyond!!

I have Bay Area Vibez all up in my mind right now: it is our single play in northern California for the whole of 2015 and we wanna blast Into The Sun with a hometown showdown!

WE GOT A PROMO CODE! The good folks @ BAV have hooked it up: For the next two weeks you will be able to purchase special reduced price tickets to the festival using the the discount code BASSHEAD – Don’t miss out!!! You can enter the code above the ‘ORDER NOW’ button here: http://bit.ly/BASSHEADvibez

Last time we were in the Bay Area, we packed out the Bill Graham to close out the NVSB Tour with a BANGGG. So let’s double up and flood the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park with as much energy and force as possible! This is outdoors, in Oakland, no sound restrictions, on the water with a view of the San Francisco skyline, and an INSANE Sunday lineup that includes Nas, Z-Trip, Paper Diamond + more!

The Bay Area means a great deal to me – it’s where I was born, raised, and where it all began for Bassnectar, so we wanna call all freaks coming from miles around: Santa Cruz, Reno, Arcata, Bezerkeley, SF, Sebastapol, San Jose, Sacramento, Nevada City, Santa Rosa, – let’s make this a West Coast Massive 🙂

We always try to do what we can to make our shows as affordable as possible, while still delivering the highest quality experience possible. So please take advantage of the discount code BASSHEAD while it lasts. See you all September 27th!!

Also on the bill: Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, Stephen Ragga Marley, Meshell Ndegeocello, and more!

Tickets are on sale now!

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38 Responses to “2015.09.27 – BASSNECTAR IN OAKLAND, CA @ BAY AREA VIBEZ”
  1. Jonathan Ayres says:

    Finally a Bay Area show! You had me really worried.

  2. Jessica Risso says:

    Yes!!! Tix purchased!!! Can’t wait 🙂 <3

  3. Kangarooster says:

    Does anyone know how the VIP tickets differ from the regular GA tickets? I cannot find a shred of information about it on their website

    • Blake says:

      -Special viewing area close to stage, exclusive VIP entrance, Private
      VIP Bar, wine bar, bag of goodies from event sponsors, meet & greet
      with artists (exact artists to be announced), free festival poster

  4. Garret Felker says:

    My girlfriend and I saw Bassnectar for the first time at Electric Forest 2015. Needless to say… It was an incredible performance. Unfortunately Bassnectar has left us longing for more. I feel like a heroin addict dying in an alley because I can’t afford to see Bassnectar again (broke college student). I have reached a point of desperation. I can’t afford a Lollapalooza Sunday pass for myself and my girlfriend (her birthday is august 8th by the way, and we live in chicago). Although the odds of this being successful are slim, I am here to ask you for 2 Sunday passes to Lollapalooza so I can hear/see you again and get my girlfriend a nice little surprise birthday gift. It would mean so much to me. I would pass the word of your greatness to all open ears. Please help me Bassnectar, you are my only hope.

  5. Joshua says:

    “We have a winner. We have a winner. Juice by Sara. Juice by Sara. Go Sara.”

    • Joshua says:

      Thanks for having Polystichum (municum) on your set. Without them, soils wouldn’t hold up. Thanks for incorporating the natural world. Thanks for having us come together tonight. Blessings on blessings on blessings. One love.

  6. Joshua says:

    “The Beautiful Truth” – 2008

  7. DUB ION says:

    Bassnectar in my town on my birthday… You shouldn’t have… But you did… and so I must.

  8. Jonathan Ayres says:

    I heard “special plans” so I came back to spam f5 for a few days/weeks.

  9. Logan Cohen says:

    I am coming!!! I am excited!!!!!!! FREAKKKKk

  10. Josh Sorensen says:

    This will mark my 6th Bassnectar concert in the last 3 years in 6 different states!!! He brings it everytime!! Hands down the best DJ in the world live!! Can’t wait to be upfront once again!! Look for the big white guy going crazy!!!

  11. Leonardo Ramirez says:

    is this 18+?

  12. shanebasshead says:

    OYE!! Any1 from CO wanna GO to this?! Let’s make it happen 🙂

  13. Andrew Hood says:

    With no fall tour this year i had to make a stop and this looks like it is going to be quite the nectar experience! I am coming from Colorado and was wondering if there was any decent/safe places to stay in the area?! San Francisco hotel prices are a little steep.

    • Logan Cohen says:

      Yo’ Andrew, there is a Marriott 3 miles away from the park; it looks safe from the pictures off of google, but i have never been there to confirm that ha’! coming from co as well!! and staying at the Oakland Marriott center , hope that helps!!, safe travels!

    • Jonathan Ayres says:

      Hey there. Are you driving? San Francisco is NOT where you would want to stay, you would want to stay in Oakland/Fremont (or anywhere else in the East Bay). I’d recommend the Waterfront Hotel, it’s a bit closer than the Marriott someone else mentioned, same price, and nicer (and on the water, there’s not much in downtown Oakland so there’s little benefit to the downtown highrise hotels).

  14. bak says:

    anyone have a idea of how long he might play? i want to fly from MD to see this but dont want to come if he is only going to play one hour and 30 min… if its 2 hours or more then im sold…

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      We can’t release set times/lengths at the moment, but if you are up for making the trip it would be worth it. Bassnectar in the Bay Area is magic 🙂

  15. Kara Hernandez says:

    will you be part of the meet and greet for VIP? (:

  16. Wren Merker says:

    Still no set time?

  17. Al Gonzales says:

    Apparently 8:30-10pm

  18. LG says:

    What is everyone thinkin’ post 10 pm after the festival is over? We have a big crew of bassheads wanting to keep the party going =]

    • Dawn Elizabeth says:

      I know there will be after hours around the city but I have no idea which one will be worth going to. I’m hoping Bassnectar might be out and about, but I have no idea. It is a Sunday :/

  19. Joshua says:

    Blessed up bassheads here. Thanks for all the positivity at the tented “booth” from all the artists and their families! Did you all see the rainbow completely around the sun like it was made for us by Lorin and his Bay Area Vibez he grew up with. Thank you again. Cannot express my gratitude at the open arms that surrounded me at this event. Hookin it uuup like a G.

  20. Joshua says:

    When is the next no limit sound system?
    Your set was perfect . WAY TOO MUCH FUN.
    Wishin I could do more to thank you and your crew.

  21. Joshua says:

    Wizards by Ralph Bakshi

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