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July 23rd, 2015


Ambassadors on Festival Circuit
A BassNetwork Project

A major goal for Bass Network is to help extend our community’s outreach to the far out corners of the music scene. In order to further spread the message of love, community, and helping one another our team decided it was time to unleash the Ambassadors onto the festival circuit.

Though the Ambassadors are more incognito in the crowd – carrying out interactive and engaging projects – you can find them in their white Ambassador jerseys on the rail during Bassnectar’s set – hydrating and taking care of everyone head banging and losing their minds! Be sure to keep an eye out for our dedicated, badass Ambassadors and give them a big hug and smile! They can provide you with water and earplugs (mucho importante!!!!), help you meet new friends, provide valuable knowledge, and elevate the hype to galactic levels! See y’all out there 😉

-The Bass Network Team

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