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July 2nd, 2015


A BassNetwork Project

After the success of last year’s NVSB Listening Party the Bassnectar crew decided we wanted to go bigger and better than before. On the eve of Into The Sun’s release we encouraged the Bass Head community to press play at exactly 7 pm PST and blast Mixtape 13. Lorin joined in on the fun and live tweeted his thoughts, shout outs, and explanations of the new album.

The Into The Sun Listening Party was even better than the last due to the amount of community involvement and interaction. We encouraged Bass Heads to host their own listening parties across the nation – inviting friends, family, strangers on a bus, etc.! Those who hosted parties with the largest sound systems, attendance, or creativity won prizes ranging from Into The Sun bundles to tickets to any show of their choosing.

In classic Bass Head fashion, some of our community members went above and beyond with their listening parties! One Bass Head organized a Listening Party at a venue in Asheville, NC – including a customized drink menu and a massive projection of the Bassnectar Twitter feed! Another group of Bass Heads threw a Listening Party at Beauty Bar in NYC. Our good friends who own the Busnectar hosted a bus bumpin’ party as well! Alongside the Listening Parties of epic proportions, many Bass Heads hosted house parties, cookouts, and bonfires – all while turning the volume knob to 11 on the speakerbox!

– The Bass Network Team

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