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July 2nd, 2015


BNet Electric Forest Recap
A BassNetwork Project

Greetings Bass Heads!

Between the constructive chaos taking place last weekend at Electric Forest, and the recent release of Bassnectar’s new album, Into The Sun, our crew has finally caught some Z’s and had an opportunity to reflect on this past weekend. From June 25th-June 29th the Bass Network crew blended in with the rest of the community and explored the grounds of Electric Forest – observing and encouraging community building and interaction. After four days of fun and frolicking in the unfathomable Forest, we wanted to recap on some highlights!

Bass Camp

Our original idea was to have one massive camp filled with enthusiastic Bass Heads from across the country – swapping stories and sharing ideas about life and love. We had about thirty cars gather in a parking lot before rolling deep into the festival around 3:30AM early Thursday morning. Unfortunately, throughout the chaotic entrance lines, the massive caravan got split up. This resulted in several, smaller ‘Bass Camps’, which was almost even more intimate and exciting! We witnessed new, old, and young (our neighbors were all under 10 years-old and loved Nectar!!) Bass Heads all come together and get to know each other like one happy family!

BNet Electric Forest Recap


BNet Electric Forest RecapWe had several Ambassadors roaming the campgrounds, engaging patrons in interactive projects. One project was the ‘Bucket List’, which consisted of a giant, wooden bucket with the words ‘Bucket List’ painted on the side. Festival attendees were encouraged to write something they wanted to accomplish within their lifetime on the bucket. Another Ambassador provided paint, canvases, and easels – teaching renegade art education workshops within the group camping area. Overall, the Ambassadors helped radiate the ‘Ambassadors ideology’ of taking care of one another and sharing knowledge throughout Electric Forest.


Unfortunately, while at the festival, our community was hit with the devastating loss of a valued community member, Sean Hiebel. Sean was a hardcore Bass Head, Ambassador, and all-around amazing human being. In his honor, a large group of Bass Heads gathered at the Jubilee tent in his honor. Words, hugs, and tears were exchanged – all with Sean heavy in our hearts. To close out the memorial, a few community members managed to convince the sound guys to blast Leprechauns Arise over the massive sound system at the stage. The memorial was deep, beautiful, and a shining showcase of what the Bassnectar community is all about.

The Bass Network team had an amazing time at Electric Forest, and we wanted to thank everyone who participated in all of the community gatherings and projects all weekend! From here we look forward towards the second half of the summer – ready to tackle even more exciting community interactions throughout the festival circuit!

p.s. How absolutely insane, bonkers, and beautiful was that Bassnectar set?! Old school, new school, and Michael Kang live…yes please! See y’all soon :))

– The Bass Network Team

BNet Electric Forest Recap