September 22nd, 2015


Bassnectar @ Decadence 2015DECADENCE ROUND 3!

Returning once again to see our Colorado friends on Dec 30th for our annual NYE warm-up at Decadence! It’s become an annual tradition to zoom into Denver & blow up the spot – we can never get enough! The venue is epic, the sound is perfecto, and the team brings full effect madness – we can’t wait to do it again

Tickets are now on sale!

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  • shanebasshead

    Can’t wait 🙂

  • G,lan

    I thought the sound was terrible last year. Maybe I was too close

    • shanebasshead


      • yeah. earplugs are necessary anywhere, but especially up close. without em i doubt it’s gonna sound good since it’d be blasting out your eardrums, but with earplugs it’s like swimming in a sea of bass 🙂

        ps. we give em out free at shows, just hit the merch stand!

        • Ceara Keller

          At dancefestopia, me and friends were about 5 feet from the rail (for the first time :)) and the bass and everything was great, but at a point my friend was mouthing the words “i love you, i love you” from mystery spot and I couldnt hear the words, or many of the high pitched synths, so i took the earplugs out, and my ears got flooded with sounds i wasnt previously hearing. my friend had her earplugs in the whole night and seemed to hear everything just fine, though i have no idea since they arent my ears. Im not advising people to not wear earplugs or anything here, just giving my account of my personal experience.

      • Jose

        I hear its the venue. Wouldn’t doubt it, just see him at Red Rocks next year, the sound is amazing!

        • Hannah Elise McNamee

          There is no Red Rocks next year :/

          • Jose

            Do you know how long they have been saying this for. I doubt it highly.

          • Ceara Keller

            Loring tweeted himself that thered be no Red Rocks.

          • Josh Lampert

            He tweeted “there will be no red rocks shows in 2016 that will be at a decent sound level” that doesn’t rule out the venue completely. He tweeted about having other plans for Colorado in 2016 but if said plans don’t manifest in time I doubt the bassnectar team would starve Colorado bass heads because of red rocks’ noise ordinance. I was on the rope for last years dates and it was plenty loud for me, those are just my ears though. All in all He’s about his fan base.

  • Logan Cohen

    delta flight 1517 to Atlanta on the 31st after Decadence! departs Denver at 6:25am can we all just be on the same flight for onceeeeeeeeeee

  • Ceara Keller

    Decadence the 31st, then onto a plane from DIA at 6:00 AM to arrive at BHAM to get wildstyle round 2 at NYE 360!!!!!

  • Josh Lampert

    Blow up the spot with some deftones remixes, pleaaaaaaase.

    • Put it on the request line — Bassnectar.net/requestline 🙂

      • Josh Lampert

        Thank you ?

  • Josh Lampert

    Specifically, blow up the spot with your remix of “Prince”
    My musical tastes have evolved and changed with me as a person over the years but Deftones has been the holder of the top spot when it comes to my musical tastes since I’ve had the conscious ability to pick favorites. Their musical abilities are as amorphous as yours and since I’m unable to attend NYE 360 I’d love to hear my two favorites blended perfectly together to close the year out.

  • Robert Baumhart

    Does anyone want to drive with me from Chicago to Denver?

    • Lauren Barnhardt

      Come pick me up from MI first!!

  • Caroline

    Is Lorin planning on playing at red rocks again this year? It is my favorite show to go to ever!!!!!! Please Lorin!

    • Joe Conway

      No more Red Rocks shows for the wizard. (at least in 2016)

      • Caroline

        Noooooooo this can’t be :,(

        • Joe Conway

          He said he has got somthin special planned for CO tho. No worries girl. 🙂