September 17th, 2015


Bassnectar - Into The Sun Vinyl


Get all 16 tracks on 2×12” limited edition red+white vinyl. Comes in full color gatefold packaging with digital download and Mixtape 13.

Vinyl is in stock and READY TO ROLL, and is not hitting streets until October 2nd – so get it here and get it now if you want it first! (UPDATE: see below for list of local stockists.)

Also available bundled with Noise vs Beauty, VAVA VOOM, and Divergent Spectrum 2×12” LPs, plus Rez Remix and Vava Voom & Upside Down 12” singles featuring exclusive vinyl-only edits and bonus beats.

In these crazy days of pixelated realities and digital transience, it blows my mind to see vinyl making a resurgence: people want to embrace the warm pleasures and tactile comfort of the physical artifact. Much love to everyone supporting music and keeping vinyl alive!


Bassnectar - Into The Sun Vinyl
Bassnectar - Into The Sun Vinyl
Bassnectar - Into The Sun Vinyl

Or get Into The Sun Vinyl from these local stockists:

Amoeba Music (3 locations: Berkeley, Hollywood, San Francisco, CA)
Angelo’s (4 locations: Aurora, Denver, Wheat Ridge, CO)
B-Side Records, Madison, WI
Boo-Boo Records, San Luis Obispo, CA
Bull Moose (11 locations: ME, NH)
Cactus Music, Houston, TX
CD World, Eugene, OR
Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA
Culture Clash, Toledo, OH
Dearborn Music, Dearborn, MI
Disc Exchange, Knoxville, TN
Down in the Valley (3 locations: Golden Valley, Crystal, Maple Grove, MN)
Ear Candy Music, Missoula, MT
Easy Street Music, Seattle, WA
Euclid Records (2 locations: New Orleans, LA / St Louis, MO)
Everyday Music (4 locations: Bellingham, WA / Portland, Beaverton, OR / Seattle, WA)
Exclusive Co (7 locations: Oshkosh, West Bend, Janesville, Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Greenfield, WI)
Finders, Records, Bowling Green, OH
Grimey’s Records, Nashville, TN
Guestroom Records (3 locations: Louisville, KY / Norman, Ok)
Homer’s Records, Omaha, NE
Independent Records (3 locations: Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fountain, CO)
Lakeshore Records, Rochester, NY
Landlocked, Bloomington, IN
Lou’s Records, Encinitas, CA
Love Garden, Lawrence, KS
Luna Music, Indianapolis, IN
Mad Platter Records, Riverside, CA
Mills Record Co, Kansas City, KS
Music Millennium, Portland, OR
Newbury Comics (28 locations)
Oz Music, Tuscaloosa, AL
Park Ave, Orlando, FL
Princeton Record Exchange, Princeton, NJ
Pure Pop, Burlington, VT
Rainy Day Records, Olympia, WA
Rasputin Records (10 locations: CA)
Reckless Records (3 locations: Chicago, IL)
Record Archive, Rochester, NY
Record Exchange, Bosie, ID
Rhino Records, Claremont, CA
Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY
Salzer’s Records, Ventura, CA
Scotti’s Records Summit, NJ
Sonic Boom, Seattle, WA
Sound Garden (2 locations: Baltimore, MD / Syracuse, NY)
Streetlight Records (2 locations San Jose, Santa Cruz, CA)
The Exchange (9 locations: OH)
Twist and Shout, Denver, CO
Vintage Vinyl Fords, NJ
Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, MO
Waterloo Records, Austin TX
Zia Records (10 locations: Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Tucson, AZ / Las Vegas, NV)

Also available from Amazon.


11 Responses to “INTO THE SUN VINYL!”
  1. Shawn Haught says:

    Thank you so much for the release.

  2. Lara says:

    Yay ????

  3. Elizabet Martinez says:

    Omg we already own vava voom and beauty vs. Noise but I am so tempted to buy the bundle because we are truly vinyl lovers. When I read the bassnectar instagram post I teared up after reading it. There is much respect for what you do for us fans that love to collect music in such an epic way (vinyls) and gotta say you killed it with those Color vinyls. Much love and respect for you bassnectar.

  4. Jose Barajas says:

    Lorin, we need Mesmerizing the Ultra, Diverse Systems of Throb, Timestretch, and Underground Communication. Please help me out with this Lorin, I have been collecting plenty of EDM records for a while but these three would mean everything in the world to me. Please Lorin, throw it back for your dedicated Bass Heads, you’ve never disappointed me before.

    • Thom says:

      Seconded on Timestretch. I mean anything on vinyl from him is awesome, but I’d buy timestretch several times over, Wildstyle as well.

      • Jose Barajas says:

        Diverse Systems of Throb on vinyl though. Thanks for the support wish more people wanted these records a badly as I do.

  5. Jake Robbins says:

    Where did all of the free music go? When I used to click on music it took me to all of the mixtapes now it just takes me to the store. Please help

  6. Shawn Haught says:

    I just received my ITS vinyl but don’t see the stickers. Are the stickers in the sealed vinyl?

  7. Nils Berggren says:

    Will vinyl bundles become available again? I slept in

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