September 5th, 2015


Made In America 2015

9:45-10:15pm ET

Tonight we are streaming half an hour of my set from Made In America! Tune in and check it out as throw another live listening party across the digital airwaves:

Player not loading above?

Join us on Twitter while you watch to live-tweet the set, listening party style! The crew will be broadcasting via @bassnectar and providing tracklist info. Make sure to tag us @bassnectar with #MadeInAmerica so we can find you, and represent bass head style!

See you tonight, People Of Philly and People Of The Internet!


  1. Joshua says:

    Sweet! Thank you

  2. chucktone11 says:

    hell yes

  3. Jonathan Ayres says:

    FYI: you need to sign up for a trial to watch the stream, they ended the free preview with Modest Mouse……

  4. Ben Prucha says:

    Not working:(

  5. chucktone11 says:

    downloaded tidal just for lorin now its time to uninstall lol

  6. Humby says:

    Didn’t work for me, I tried all links and never loaded

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      Sorry to hear it 🙁
      Did you try the embed here on this page?
      There will be an archive of the recording after the festival, check back.

      • Alex Gross says:

        Hey hey hey! So I have to be up at 5 every morning and sadly my sister and I didnt get to watch the set =( you say it will be archived, maybe released? Lol let me know! I’m dying to hear some live nectar! To humby, the ljnks werent working here for me so I went to the tidal page and it streamed on its home page. But too late now. Nvm I see your newest comment =) YAYYYYY

      • Humby says:

        @Ed yes, I tried that one too and it didn’t work, maybe its my computer who knows lol but I’ll keep an eye out for the archive. Thank you 🙂

  7. Ed Basscrew says:

    Here’s the confirmed tracklist of the live stream!
    Check back in for info on where it will be archived for future listening.

    MosDef – Twilite Speedball (Bassnectar & Rome Fortune Bootleg)
    Bassnectar – Rick Ross Bootleg
    Nirvana – In Bloom (Bassnectar Remix)
    Rollz – Plugged In (Bassnectar Remix 2015)
    M.I.A. – Steppin’ Up [Acapella]
    Sub Focus + Prodigy – Bassnectar Bootleg
    Bassnectar – Voodoo
    Jay-Z & Linkin Park – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Bassnectar & Z-Trip Bootleg)
    Bassnectar – Speakerbox ft Lafa Taylor
    Bassnectar & ill Gates – Expanded
    Childish Gambino – Let Me Dope You [Acapella]
    Michael Jackson – Thriller
    Bassnectar – Now ft Rye Rye
    TC – Freak (Bassnectar Remix)
    Bassnectar – Into The Sun [Live Version]

    • Alex Gross says:

      Any info on that archive? =)

    • Alex Gross says:

      I just hope having the set archived isnt like when lorin sid he’d made a nvsb mixtape. Cause that was announced and then never happened. I was hyped up for a year waiyong for that ish lol

  8. Joel Munoz III says:

    @Bassnectar:disqus Thank you so much for the live stream! It was just what the doctor ordered to cure my nectar withdrawals. Way to work their nervous system open and drop that knowledge! I see you mind f*cking the masses 😉

  9. Joshua says:

    Super idea. What about live concerts you pay to watch at home for all us bassheads to live the dream of being at everyone of your sets with you?
    Vava voom

  10. patrick says:

    HEY BASSNECTAR/LORIN, Have you SOLD OUT?! In order to have come to a Bassnectar concert this year the cheapest tickets to any event were eighty dollars or so and that was for one night at Bay Area Vibez with a promo code, there may have been some cheaper but most if not all were in the 100-300 range, depending on which festival someone chose to attend. As for me, I went to 0 shows this year because of this and other reasons. These outrageous ticket prices seem to be the easest way to break up the bassfam. Mind you last year I was everywhere from MSG, Pittsburgh, Greensboro, over to SF to finish the tour BASSLIGHTS, NYE, and of course Waka and Summer Camp earlier in the year.Also is live nation still handling your shit, I could not have been more taken back in 2014 when I first noticed this.
    I am shooting a next level documentary series for a distributor which will be left nameless for now and I have reached out to numerous people on your crew to set up an interview and have not gotten a response, not one. Before you would refuse to let out set lists honoring the live experience and now you are live streaming them?! Any show I could have went to this year would have been my 20th Bassnectar experience, but I chose not to, even at Bonnaroo which would have completed the circle as that was the first time I got down to the beautiful bass you create. You and anyone in the community may give me shit for this post, but anyone that cannot be questioned sends a red flag my way. On the other hand, I think this could be part of a much deeper and meaningful plan, which I hope is the case. Again, I have tried reaching out to multiple people on your crew from Jake, to your media team and so on. And if you are who you say you are I would have expected some type of response but hopefully it just got filtered out thru your system in which you haev in place to insulate yourself., However you claim to actually look at these threads, so I am expecting a response once and for all, and if you dont see this hopefully someone on the ambassador/basscrew does and relays this message mpdcelestine88 gmail.. If so, I will fly out to Basslights and NYE to meet with you and if not Ill keep questioning these intentions until something reveals itself to me; or perhaps just be left to catch you on the next fast and the furious soundtrack. (excuse gramatical errors)

    P Daley

    • shanebasshead says:

      He’s covered the topics of ticket prices/selling out countless times P Daley. RESEARCH.

      • patrick says:

        “The comment about the set lists could be boiled down to “if you wanna obsess over set lists, knock yourself out, but don’t post them as if they are official because they are inaccurate” 🙂 and that was a note to specific people who were posting up the set lists, yielding a perception that they were accurate and official comprehensive. Then I would get all these questions about set lists and it was a long winding road of disinformation. Again, ’twas not me telling the entire world what they can or can’t do.”- well theres a quote from bassnectar 10 months ago and on this page aloen someone from basscrew has posted a set list not to mention that this is all being streamed live. ive done my research shane, to the point where my friend I visited in NYC for the MSG show actually does Lorins finances and investing and gave me a whole other perspective on Bassnectar as well. id say my first hand questioning across the united states has proved much ample research.

        • shanebasshead says:

          I’m confused. If you have this “inside” information why do you bother asking?

          • patrick says:

            this is not the direction i want this to go, i am shooting a documentary series am was merely looking to get a response on the subject from bassnectar. have a good night

  11. patrick says:

    hope to hear from you

  12. bobby wheeler says:

    what is the song before the nirvana song!!!?

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