September 8th, 2015


Bassnectar @ EDC OrlandoUPDATE: scroll down for all the latest info on wristbands, entry to venue, allowed items, ID requirements etc, plus a map of the venue area.

We are raging into 2016 at full throttle with our biggest Bassnectar New Years Eve Gathering ever. JOIN US!

After last year’s entire event sold out in the blink of an eye, we began searching for a new room which could fit as many beautiful bass heads as possible.

While it may seem like the road less travelled, we have found the perfect temple for our ceremony: we are proud to bring the NYE360 experience to Birmingham, Alabama! We scoured the country high and low for the best home we could find, and in the BJCC Legacy Arena we have a room that is both more intimate and nearly twice the capacity of Nashville. RESULT!

In keeping with the tradition of good old-fashioned Southern Hospitality, Birmingham is welcoming all bass heads with open arms, and we are proud to have found such a perfect new home for the NYE360 Spaceship. The stands are all free-roaming GA and there is not a bad seat in the house. You will feel closer to me. I will feel closer to you. I will be able to see the color of your eyes from the back of the bleachers and the entire room will be one massive spinning circular launchpad!!!

Joining us in the cockpit to help us smash the light-barrier and break on through to the other side, our super special guests:
The Glitch Mob
• Paper Diamond
• Psymbionic

This is an 18+ Age Limit event.


We want to welcome as many of you as possible to be a part of this – and avoid disappointed bass heads who cannot get tickets. Like previous years, and Red Rocks & Halloween, we know tickets will go fast. Make sure to clear your schedule, set your alarms, and be fearless and unrelenting in your page refreshing!

> There are three ticket options this year:
• Floor tickets = floor access
• General admission = no floor access
• VIP Packages = floor access

> VIP Packages will also be available on Fr 9/11, with accommodations connected directly the arena so you can get to mission control without needing to acclimatize to the outside world. VIP Packages include:
• 1 x night at Sheraton Hotel
• 2 x VIP tickets to Bassnectar New Year’s Eve 360
• Access to the Bass Space area throughout the evening w/ private bar, lounge, and bathrooms
• Early entry into the venue
• 2 x guaranteed floor wristbands
• 2 x limited edition Bassnectar gifts
• VIP Family Photo with Lorin & the crew pre-show

(This is the only VIP Package available for 2015. VIP Packages are the same price as last year – but this year they include a bonus hotel room! We upping the ante, as the venue has a hotel attached, so your crew basically can have their own green room!)

We want to enter 2016 with bass heads of every star and stripe onboard. Local Deep South freaks, come out and represent your people! Road-tripping bass heads, gather your squad and get your hustle on! Newcomers, take the plunge and get initiated! Veterans, time to suit up and go deeper than ever before!!!

Come one come all: climb aboard the spaceship and buckle the fuck up!!!

Facebook RSVP

Leave it in the comments below and we will reply ASAP!


Parking lots: 4:00 PM

Doors: 6:30 PM

NOTE: Floor tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the Floor entrance beginning at 3:30 PM. Floor wristbands are required for floor access, however, Floor wristbands are allowed into upper seating areas.


Bassnectar NYE 360 2015 - venue map

Allowed Items:
> Earplugs
> Reusable light-up toys
> Non-professional digital and film cameras, including cellphone cameras
> Small backpacks and bags (12” x 12” x 16”)
> Reasonable amount of inflatable toys
> Totems may only be constructed on a cardboard tube, 5′-6′ tall, and cannot be dangerous to public safety
> One factory-sealed bottle of water 20oz or less — caps will be removed at search
> Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, and chapstick/lip gloss
> Lighters
> Empty Camelbaks (the carrier may have no more than 2 main compartments and 1 small compartment)
> Prescription and OTC medications subject to specific conditions

Prohibited Items:
> Any professional cameras, any video, and/or any audio equipment
> Unsealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, chapstick/lip gloss
> Electronic or vapor cigarettes
> Hula hoops
> Drug paraphernalia
> Vitamins
> Instruments
> Large bags or backpacks
> Water guns, water balloons, and/or any other kind of water projectile
> Glowsticks
> Focus light beam devices of any kind, including laser pointers
> Flyers and stickers
> Marker pens and spray paint
> Stuffed animals or dolls
> Tripods, monopods, and selfie-sticks

ID guidelines

> US governement-issued driver license or ID card displaying a photograph and date of birth
> US or foreign government-issued passport displaying a photograph and date of birth
> Foreign government-issued driver license with a color photocopy of a foreign government-issued passport with both documents displaying both a photograph and date of birth
Not accepted:

> School identification cards
> Consular identification cards
> Expired identification of any kind, even if listed on the “Acceptable” list
> Birth certificates
> Photocopies of any identification document except as noted in the “Acceptable” list


705 Responses to “BASSNECTAR NYE360 2015 – BIRMINGHAM, AL”
  1. Dayna says:

    Is there a coat check at the venue? If so, would I be able to check my hula hoop? Don’t wanna use it for the main event but I wanna bring it to the after party without going back to my hotel

  2. Jenny Ash says:

    So me and my squad or family as you may say are coming for new years. Lorin, your music saved my life. I’m being 100% serious. Where I was at in my life a few years ago was a very dark and unsatisfying. I had no happiness nor any good thoughts of the future. I was with someone that beat me for 3 years until my love for you met another. He saved me and my son without one thought of personal gain. But what he did was gain us and made our family complete. Since then you have become the soundtrack to our beautiful lives. We saw you in Greensboro and you blew my mind. (I cried). Then we got to see you in the beautiful electric forest where my other half and the end of your set dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. Now I’m lucky to bring in the new year with him and the rest of my amazing family I thought I would never know. I never though I could be this happy. Because of you I found my purpose in life and I want to thank you. The impact you have had on my life can never be put into words. I will say this we will be coming and we will have a totem of one of my original paintings. I would love for you to sign my art or us in general. We all stated if you were to sign us we would get it tattooed. And it makes it kinda easy too lol cause I am also a tattoo artist. Your music fills my soul and pours onto whatever canvas I work on. Thank you again and I cannot wait to bring in the new year with all of my bass family!!

  3. Leah Waldon says:

    Are totems constructed of pool noodles allowed or only ones made of cardboard tubes??

  4. seth says:

    PLEASE CALL ME @ 479-713-9765


  5. seth says:


  6. Cameron Hall says:

    Hey I bought two tickets then decided to get my friends tickets for Christmas, we are both GA1 but one set is GA1 A and one is GA1 N, is there any way we’d be able to be together or are we in separate sections?

  7. Cameron Hall says:

    If me and friends have tickets in GA1 A and GA1 N, could we still chill together or will we be separated?

  8. Maxon Paul says:

    Got tickets for son who is 17 will he be able to get in with two parents. Tickets were gifts. Need to get in!!

  9. Ryan Naylor says:

    SOOOOO EXCITED! First Bassnectar show ever. CANT WAIT! WEEEEEEHOOOOO!

  10. Nikki says:

    it says that you cant bring photocopies unless noted in the acceptable list. this means I can bring a photocopy of my liscense right?

  11. Jess Fritz says:

    Our tickets are presales. Can we exchange them for wristbands for floor or are those ga? We didn’t have the option to buy floor, at that point it was all GA

  12. Wes Cantrell says:

    Does anyone wanna trade a floor ticket for a ga ticket? I could trade and throw a little cash your way too if ya want!

  13. Stone says:

    Slightly confused. Your website says no Hula Hoops but your email said hula hoops allowed. Which is correct?

  14. Chelsea Lynthycum says:

    is there gonna be a bag check area where we can leave our coats etc.?

  15. Nemesls says:

    When do they start the music and also how long do they plan on playing until roughly?

    The reason I ask is because my friends car is broken so I have to go out of state to pick him up and I may not be there till 10 o’clock just want to make sure that we’re still going to have an amazing time if its like last year I know it’s going to go in until you know well after 1 o’clock I just want to check

  16. Stephanie Shelton says:

    I have a lightweight fiberglass telescoping flagpole


    do you guys think something like this would be okay or are they really only allowing stuff made of cardboard?

  17. Jose sanchez says:

    Can we pick up our wristbands at 5pm for floors?

  18. Zac says:

    Anyone know how much it costs to park???? THANKS!

  19. Monsy says:

    Is there a bar inside th venue?

  20. Kenia Pensyl says:

    I can just tell you how utterly disgusted my boyfriend and I are that we will not be there. We worked/mainly my boyfriend who can get extra hours for us to be able to be there. Got everything planned and last night at 930 we got a call our flight was cancelled due to weather in North Carolina where our connecting flight was. They could not get us on any flight to get us there in time for your show. We are heartbroken. We were so excited for the last two month since he first bought the tickets. We had a horrible new years last year and was planning on not having that happen again. What better way could we spend new years than watching bassnectar live and spending it with you lorin. We knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. Then to have this happen. I hope all you bass heads enjoy and rage hard. Wishing we could be there so bad. Now I stead I’m stuck on the phone figuring out refunds.:( tear it up lorin as you always do!

  21. Virginia Graydon says:

    Is there a coat check?

  22. griffin says:

    yoooo, i have my nectar ticket but i wanted a nectar wristband is there anyway i can exchange anywhere its for a wall display of all the festival bands i have, will travel back to Birmingham if i have too lol

  23. Joel Munoz III says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to the whole team for the most amazing sonic journey I’ve been on to date! I love you guys! Anxiously awaiting this BassCenter announcement! eeeek!

  24. Samuel Caine Levine says:

    How much bass was used at NYE? Wattage, I mean

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