2015.12.19-12.20 – BASSLIGHTS 2015 IN HAMPTON, VA

October 13th, 2015


Bassnectar @ Decadence 2015ANNOUNCING BASSLIGHTS 2015!

We are bringing it back to Hampton once again for another round of double-header Mothership madness!

This is our 5th year teaming up with the Pretty Lights crew to bring you two nights of kaleidoscopic adventures and this time around it’s the weekend before Christmas, right as Finals Week shuts down and Vacation begins!

It’s going down Saturday December 19th + Sunday December 20th at the Hampton Coliseum in VA!!!!


See you soon Hampton!

Facebook RSVP

Allowed items:
> Earplugs
> Non-professional digital and film cameras
> Small bags (8.5 x 11″) or smaller are allowed.
> All bags are subject to search.
> Please note there is no on-site bag check.
> One factory-sealed plastic bottle of water 20oz or less (caps to be removed by security at the entrance)
> Empty Camelbaks (bladder must be removable)
> Totems of 6ft or less not deemed to be safety hazard and are constructed on a hollow cardboard tube (at security’s discretion)
> Reusable light-up toys & LED Gloves

Items that are NOT permitted:
> Any professional cameras, any video, and/or any audio equipment
> Any item that can be used as a weapon
> Fireworks, pyrotechnics, or any other kind of explosive
> Electronic or vapor cigarettes
> Large bags and backpacks
> Laser pointers
> Masks
> Water guns, water balloons, and/or any other kind of water projectile
> Glowsticks
> No aerosol or other spray products

NOTE: Parking lots will not open until 5PM on show days.

Doors: 6 PM

  • Eric Blair

    Anyone have any extra tickets??

  • Angelique Wernich

    If anyone has 2 tickets they want to sell please let me know. angeliquewernich5@gmail.com or 9739514482

  • Jordan Rattanavong

    i got ripped off trying to buy 2 weekend passes from someone online. no stub hub wants $211 per pass and an $80 fee. anyone know anywhere i can get two passes for $400 or cheaper? lemme know if someone can hook me up. jordanrattanavong.9@gmail.com

  • Lady Farquaad

    If anyone has a 2 day GA pass for sale please comment!!!

  • samantha ladeira

    Can anyone tell me who is headlining the first day? Does bassnectar go on after pretty lights like last year? Can only afford one day and wanna go when bassnectar is the closer!!!

    • Kyle Harvey

      Lorin should be Sunday!

  • Jeremy Locklear

    I really hope PL is a little less schwasted for basslights than he has been the last 2 shows I saw him in the last month or two. Realllllly sloppy.

    • Haley

      I couldn’t agree more….Such a shame to see such a fun talented artist playing these sloppy sets. He played the same song at Freaky Deaky twice in a row. Took him a few seconds before he realized he was playing it again and the rest of his set was just not what I have come to expect from him. Hopefully Lorin will help make sure he gives us some good quality stuff

  • Brian Loeper

    Why am i hearing that basslights was cancelled….please tell me this is a hoax

  • Branden Howell

    Soooo is there going to be openers for basslights? Or just two hours sets back to back BASSNECTAR to Pretty Lights or the other way around! Haah

    • Kyle Harvey

      To be announced this week!

  • Caroline

    Which night is bassnectar headlining??

    • Kyle Harvey

      Well, if things go in order, it is Lorin’s turn to open Sunday night!

      • Caroline

        Awesome! Does that mean he’s playing last/longer on Saturday?!

        • Kyle Harvey

          Scratch that! lol. I meant he’s closing Sunday night! I don’t know if the sets are longer based on who is closing. But he usually goes a little softer and more melodic on his opening night, as to not over shadow Derek, but when he closes he goes all in, as loud as he can!

  • Joey

    Does anyone know if there are plans to have a donation box this year?

    • yup — there will be another clothing drive at basslights this year! bring any coats, blankets, warm clothes to keep you toasty while waiting in line but that you can ditch in the donation box once you get inside where it will be hot and massive 🙂

      • Joey

        Awesome thank you 🙂

  • Jenny

    Any Bassnectar fam heading to Basslights from Florida? Looking to split gas/driving with some awesome new people!! ?

  • Joel Pegram

    I will be attending Basslights with my girlfriend for the second time and I plan on proposing to her with thousands of our closest friends. Would be really cool if i could get assistance in making this the best weekend of our lives!

  • frequentfacemelter

    yo where can I put in a request? that mix of nectar’s purple daze by Minnesota slaps. haven’t heard it since counterpoint 12′

  • Fox

    Is there a line up list for the show or is it only Pretty Lights and Bassnectar playing? Cant find one anywhere

    • Chris Basscrew

      Tonight there is support from Son Of Kick and Break Science!

  • Tim Slim

    Who were the openers for both nights?