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December 28th, 2015


Bass Network - Birmingham Storm ReliefGREETINGS BEAUTIFUL HUMANS!!!

We are 3 days away from descending upon Birmingham in our 360 spaceship! And while we could not be more PUMPED for the 31st, we must take a moment to acknowledge the recent severe weather Birmingham has experienced and the damage that took place.

There are a number of people who lost their homes + belongings due to a tornado, plus a large number of people who were put in danger from flooding due to the heavy rains & storms.

Since this city has welcomed our community with open arms, we would like to give back! That’s why at this year’s NYE adventure the Bass Network will be hosting a food, water, and clothing drive at the BJCC.

Everything collected will be given to those in need in the city of Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Items to donate:

– Bottles of water
– Canned goods
– Socks
– Underwear (all sizes please!)
– Personal hygiene items (deodorant, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, etc.)

With 20,000 bass heads expected to make the journey, we are hoping to make the biggest IMPACT possible to help out! So please bring anything you can, whether it’s from home, picked up upon arrival in Birmingham, or if it’s money sent from afar if you will not be joining us – every little bit counts!

Drop-off location map below!!! Collections start at 4 PM Thank you all in advance and we will see you super soon! ARE YOU READY?!?

Storm Relief Drop-off Map

Give a donation to the Red Cross here.

Give a donation to the Firehouse Shelter here.

– The Bassnectar Team + Bass Network