December 8th, 2015


Bassnectar Chocolate


Thank you for your overwhelming support for our Bassnectar Chocolate / Golden Ticket initiative. Yes, Bass Center 2016 is in the works! We’ll have some more news on that front coming your way soon 🙂

There was a script error with Shopify yesterday that allowed some folks to buy more than 1 chocolate bar, which was a glitch and against the contest rules. The oompa loompas are working to refund those that purchased multiple bars and they will only be shipped the first they bought. We believe in making things as fair as possible, so we appreciate your understanding if you purchased multiple bars.

The remaining bars will be put back on sale and will be available tomorrow at 12 PM PST here: Happy hunting!!!!!

Bassnectar Chocolate

  • Jimmy

    I bought 2 bars in one order becuase one was for my girlfriend. We could’ve bought from multiple devices if we knew we’d get the 2nd one taken from us. We just thought it easier to put it on one card and not have to pay $12 I shipping and instead pay just 6 for 2. I understand your appeasing an angry fan base but tnow were kinda screwed and both work tomorrow

    • Chris Basscrew

      Just making things fair here Jimmy! I understand where you are coming from, but the contest rules were 1 bar per purchase. Maybe one of you can take a quick lunch break at noon pst to try?

  • Brianna Cerione

    When I ordered mine, my street was spelled wrong on my address and I didn’t notice until after the order went through, how can I get this fixed?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hit me up via email: chris(at)bassnectar(dot)net

      • Yoanna Todorova

        Hi Chris, same happened to me as well. I e-mailed you last night. Just checking again since Lorin tweeted the first batch got sent out and I am afraid it got sent to the wrong address 🙁

        • Chris Basscrew

          I received all of your emails and you are sorted 🙂

      • Jen Williamson

        Same with me. I emailed you just now but alerady received a USPS tracking ID. Please help!!

  • Jls

    So if we only ordered one… we won’t have to order again right? Because we will still get the one that we ordered? Or are all of them being taken back and starting over???

    • Chris Basscrew

      You will still get the one you ordered 🙂

      • Jls

        Gracias!!! 🙂

      • Jls

        what happens if it never comes?

      • Jls

        What happens if it got lost in the mail? It’s been departed from TX for 5 days and I still haven’t gotten it and no updates from USPS. Super bummed out. Who do I talk to about it?? @ChrisBasscrew:disqus

  • Mike

    If we made two seperate orders using the same card or adress will we still receive each order?

  • James Anthony

    As I bite into this beautiful bass bar I fully expect an explosion of chocolate covered bass to high kick my taste buds, dropping my jaw to the floor, and expelling tears from my eyes. Tears falling to the floor will form a salty bassdrop for those less fortunate to lick off the ground. If this doesn’t happen I would expect a full refund.

    • Joel Munoz III

      basically, me too.

  • chucktone11

    whos the asshole who ordered like 100 bars lol

  • Jason

    so I accidentally ordered 2…I will be refunded 1 chocolate bar and still get 1 that I paid for?

  • vicantrell

    Sold out instantly?

    • Jami LeAnne

      So it seems :-/


    SUCKS!!!! Waited all day for 12 and took a break and as soon as it hit I was trying to buy and wouldn’t let me then sold out. I’m sure they will be on ebay for $50 booooooooo

  • aaa

    Lots of new cool stuff up in the official store! Wondering why the girl model needs to be bottomless when you’re just trying to sell a T-shirt, though. : / The whole ‘sex sells’ marketing strategy seems a bit off the Bassnectar brand/image.

    • Joel Munoz III

      agreed, she is fine tho 😉

    • Jon

      Cuz who doesn’t like a good booty? 🙂

  • Joel Munoz III

    @ChrisBasscrew:disqus any idea on when those refunds are going though. I have received a shipping email with tracking number(super cool BTW) on the other bar that we purchased separately. But the order that i got, ahem 5 on, ahem, hasn’t posted a tracking number for the single bar or refund to my card.

  • Lara

    Holy shit how did I not know about this! Work is killing my soul, but I love everything about this idea! Charlie and the chocolate factory is one of my favorite movies of all time, and no matter what anyone says about Tim Burton’s version, I can watch it over and over and still find it funny. Willy wonka was a maniacal genius with a twisted sense of humor. Damn. I hope more of these come around! 🙂