December 7th, 2015


Bassnectar Chocolate

Bassnectar ChocolateThere’s something special about chocolate. Not milky, whack chemical mass-produced stuff; but pure, organic, hand-crafted chocolate: it’s magical and other-worldly. The cacao used in our brand new Bassnectar Chocolate is sourced from wild harvesters throughout the Ecuadorian Andes. This cacao is also certified organic.

Today we are unveiling our first offering, available now as a limited edition run. Each bar can be broken into two squares so you can share this with a loved one as a gift; either for the holidays, or simply because you love them : )

To make it even more fun, we have a special surprise for 5 lucky chocolate lovers. Hidden inside 5 of these bars are Golden Tickets, each offering free admission to next year’s ‘Bass Center 2016’ (2 x full VIP passes)… more info to follow on that!

But for now, enjoy Bassnectar Chocolate for the first time! Limit one bar per order, available only at

Bassnectar Chocolate

– Bar Size: 3.25″ x 1.5″ – 17.5g
– Ingredients: Heirloom Chocolate, Sundried Cane Sugar, Ginger, Passionflower Extract, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt.
– Made with organic heirloom cacao & organic cane sugar from Ecuador.
– Portions of proceeds go to $/BH charity.
– Formulated & designed by Julia Corbett of Dessert Medicine, in collaboration with Yes Cacao. /
– Available exclusively at

Golden Tickets small print:
1. One (1) chocolate bar per purchase;
2. Chocolate bars will be sold via Bassnectar’s web store only;
3. Winners, see tickets for redemption details.
4. Contest terms and conditions:
a. Amorphous Music LLC is running the contest;
b. Golden Tickets are non-transferrable and not for re-sale, barter or otherwise. Any violation of this rule will render the golden ticket null and void;
c. The Golden Ticket prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. Travel is NOT included;
d. The closing date for this contest is May 31st, 2016 – after this date no further entries will be accepted;
e. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for any reason;
f. If a winner cannot be contacted, Amorphous Music LLC reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner;
g. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in publicity materials;
h. Amorphous Music LLC reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms & conditions without notice;
i. Amorphous Music LLC decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final;
j. By entering this competition, entrants are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • Reid Davis

    The initial draft had “2 vip passes plus camping..more to follow on that” What happened to that!?!?Go ahead and announce the festival aggghhhhhhh!!!!

    • Mark Fennec Reddington

      It’s on the post…

      • Reid Davis

        Not the camping part. Is it?

        • Mark Fennec Reddington

          Oh yea you’re right.

        • zach

          It was on the leaked post. It said Weekend VIP camping yesterday and today just a “VIP Pass”

    • Nick

      I think because the initial draft was meant to be posted after Decadence, when he was going to announce all the details

  • Humby

    On sale yet?

  • Kyle McCallum

    Golden Tickets small print:
    1. One (1) chocolate bar per purchase

    So if you buy more than 1 chocolate bar are you no longer eligible for the Golden Ticket prize?

    I was able to purchase 2

    • Warren Schuitema

      I am wondering the same thing as well. Why would they allow you to purchase more than 1 chocolate bar if you wanted to enter the contest. I didn’t see that rule and went and purchased 5 of them because I was so excited…….

      • jason

        the darkness of greed

        • Warren Schuitema

          More of excitement than greed……I saw them and didn’t even scroll down to read all of the information. I knew they would sell out in minutes….

          • Yomes McKenna

            I’ll purchase an unopened one from you. From one basshead to another, plz?

          • Warren Schuitema

            They posted an update a couple days ago – They are only going to send 1 chocolate bar to those of us that purchased more and they are going to refund us the amount that we paid towards the extra ones. Sorry.

          • Yomes McKenna

            Ahh that’s too bad. Thanks for getting back to me with the info. Bassheads unite!

      • Ishawn Yajnik

        I did the same thing! I hope that didn’t ruin my chances..

        • Warren Schuitema

          I’m thinking it doesn’t…..I think #4 on are the actual “Rules and Terms”…..the 1-3 are just about the contest itself, meaning you get 1 entry if you make 1 purchase…..

    • Andrew Reininger

      you can sell me one to atone for that 🙂 I wasn’t able to grab one in time

    • Warren Schuitema

      I wonder if they are simply meaning that 1 Golden Ticket will be put in 1 Chocolate Bar and you can’t win more than 1 Golden Ticket……we can hope.

    • Emma VB

      I did the same thing – hoping it doesn’t hurt my chances… if so I will gladly return one / give it to another basshead

      • Warren Schuitema

        Same….I would gladly do that…

      • Kyle McCallum

        Yep, same.

      • Ty

        I’ll paypal you 7 bucks for cost and shipping for one unopened bar. if interested

    • Kyle McCallum

      Well even if it makes me ineligible I’ll still have a couple of bars of chocolate to pass around at New Years 😉

    • Bryson

      Note the use of the term “purchase.”
      They did NOT use the term “person.”
      A purchase is a one time deal. You had to have made two purchases, correct?

  • Reid Davis

    Bass Center 2016 will be in CO and there will be camping. I want to know venue and lineup! its killing me. How awesome!

    • Ocho

      How do you know this? I would loose it if this happens. Colorado Bass Heads Forever.

      • Reid Davis

        Because on twitter a few weeks ago he was saying Colorado I hope you like Chocolate and he isnt playing at red rocks so this is in place of that.

  • chucktone11


  • Basshead

    Sold out…..:( whyyyyy

  • Christopher Castillo

    sold out already

  • Allie Cat

    sold out instantly 🙁

  • Humby

    Got lucky 🙂

  • Nick

    How come some got that it was sold out while others were still able to order? Was priority given to people with accounts or something? Fuuuck I wanted one. I tried about 50 times since 2:05 and had no luck lol

  • Basshead212

    So if you read the description about the chocolate bars it says it’s split in two to share with a friend. That being said the one chocolate bar per purchase makes sense because I think they wanted to see who would give into the greed and buy more then one just to better there chances of winning instead of giving other people a chance. For example in the Charlie in the chocolate factory Charlie only got one chocolate bar and it ended having the golden ticket. Remember the greedy kids ended up with nothing and Charlie won the factory. But hey I could be wrong

    • chuck

      Ok so what they mean by this is that you only get 1 bar with each purchase , just like if you buy a carton of eggs it says only 12 eggs per purchase .

  • Marc

    I bought bars for friends in class and for Christmas gifts. Am I disqualified from the contest?

    • Bryson

      I think you guys are thinking about this too hard…

  • Mia D’Andrea

    Will any more be going on sale that may have golden tickets in them, or have I missed my chance?

  • Denise

    What if you just use multiple cards? One bar per order?

  • Ty

    If anyone would be so kind to sell me one of their extra unopened bars, I would happily buy it from them. I really would like to get one and share it with my love. I’ll be willing to pay shipping too! Please email at

  • Humby

    I thought the rules explained everything pretty well.

  • Nason

    45 seconds into the re-release and I was prompted with an inventory issue. Such a disappointment :

  • andres

    fuck this shit i waited an hour for this chocolate and couldnbt get it im sooo mad

  • Ryan

    Didn’t work! let me add to cart but not checkout for 10 min then it said sold out and wouldn’t even let me add it. anyone else have this problem?

  • Jen Williamson

    basscrew – who can I email to edit my shipping address? damn autofill. i need it to be fixed before this wonderful chocolate gets sent out. thank you!

  • Nick Mejia

    Does anyone know if they’re going to be on sale again? I think I missed my chance. I can’t find it.

  • Joshua

    Tryin ta get some goodies 😀

  • Jls

    So… everyone seems to be getting the bars they ordered… and mine has been stuck in TX for the past 5 days. What happens if we never get it? 🙁 That’s really a bummer. Just my luck.

  • Kelly

    When is the next chocolate sale???

  • Rian Baker

    We missed the chocolate bar sale. That’s ok, Bassnectar 360 NYE is so close! Countdown begins!

  • Joshua

    “The giving tree”

  • Meaghan Len

    Can’t figure out where and how to buy in store. There is no chock are tone going since 1215!! Did scalpels grab all of these too?!? (Still bummed about not getting field tix for Denver).. Lmk if anyone can help with either:)

    • zodPod

      Wow this is super incoherent… Scalpels? “there is no chock are tone since 1215” wtf?

  • SandmaN

    More chocolate again this year, Lorin? 🙂