January 26th, 2016


“It seems like everything I experience in life is happening inside of a dream…”

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Music: Bassnectar – Into The Sun
Listen to the full album below!

  • Bill Franzheimer

    I love seeing multi-medium “mashups” of different artists like this 🙂 that’s why a BN show is unparalleled… all of my senses being assaulted and then soothed at the same time… i love seeing Bassnectar music paired with any visual aspect. Thank you so much for helping provide the soundtrack to many of the best moments of my life!!!! Many more to come! Much love to Lorin and the whole Bassnectar team… my life has been forever changed for the better since i stumbled upon the weird multidimensional space creature that is Bassnectar….
    p.s. is it July yet??? BASSCENTER and my first time to CO ahhhhh