February 13th, 2016


Bassnectar presents Bass Center 2016 - Colorado

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It’s been a wild ride since the first Bass Center back in 2010…

Originally designed to be special regional gatherings – travel destinations with a ‘come one come all’ atmosphere – the Bass Center events have become a traveling circus; the flagship shows of our tours, and a chance to go above & beyond and make things more special and adventurous than ever before. After Madison Square Garden, I wasn’t sure how much higher we could go but now, after months and months and monnnnnths of work behind the scenes we are bursting with excitement to announce:

Bass Center 2016

Starting this year, we will deliver the Bass Center as an annual weekend special event, featuring expanded lineups, enhanced production, and as many special fx and magical extras as we can manage. Bass Center 2016 returns to Colorado where it all began with the most intense lineup we have ever assembled, featuring Flux Pavilion, Wu-Tang Clan, Flying Lotus, Porter Robinson, Lupe Fiasco, Alunageorge, Minnesota, G Jones, Dabin & Thriftworks, plus each night will feature an extended Bassnectar set. We will feature two Camping Villages (affectionately nicknamed The Shire & Narnia) which will offer limited camping for the hardcores who basically want to arrive on Friday and not leave until Sunday. Stay tuned for more details, as well as multiple official after-parties offsite throughout the weekend, and join us as we take over Colorado for a midsummer night’s lucid dream.

Bassnectar presents Bass Center 2016 - Colorado

Here is the trick: we expect this to sell out, and we want to pack this event to the GILLS with every last bass head in the world. With our triple-night Red Rocks events selling out in seconds, and even our double-capacity NYE selling out way in advance, we have done everything possible to keep the ticket prices affordable, and make them available for as many of you as possible, while still over-delivering at every single chance we get. Our team is committed to protecting all the special magic, love & beauty which makes up the community and these experiences, so thank you for all being a part of that!

Bassnectar presents Bass Center 2016 - ColoradoTicketing Info:

• Tickets go on sale Friday Jan 15 at 10am MST (Presales are sold out!)

• We have three ticket types available: stands / field / VIP field, with camping available as an add-on

• Premium VIP Experiences, Travel Packages and Onsite Accommodations will also be available via our partners at CID

• This is an All Ages event

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Thank you for continuing this journey with us into 2016 and beyond!

See you soon : )

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Ticketing FAQ

Q: Where do I get tickets?
A: Tickets go onsale Friday, January 15 at 10am MT.
> Get General Admission Tickets
(Be sure you have set up an account with Altitude Tickets!)
> Get VIP, Travel, & Onsite Lodging Packages

Q: What ticket types are available?
A: General Admission Stands, General Admission Field, VIP Field – all as either single day or 2 day based on availability.

Q: Can a Field ticket holder go into the stands?
A: Yes. However, a Stands ticket holder can not go on to the field.

Q: Do children need a ticket?
A: Children under the age of 2 do not need a ticket. Camping is free for 12 and under with an adult.

Camping FAQ

Q: How do I purchase camping?
A: Camping tickets are an “add on” during the ticket purchase process on Altitude Tickets. One camping pass per person is required. Kids 12 and younger can camp free with one paid adult. All Camping tickets are for 2 days.

Q: I bought my ticket to the event but didn’t buy my camping ticket. What do I do?
A: You can purchase camping tickets at any time (subject to availability). Call Altitude Ticketing Customer Service at (303) 405-6066. Camping can also be purchased at both entrances of the camping area/box office Friday, July 29 (subject to availability).

Q: Are the spots pre-assigned and where is the camping area?
A: There is a designated camping area for all ticketed campers on lush soccer fields very close to the venue entrance. All camping is first come, first served and each spot is 15’x15’

Q: Can we camp in an RV?
A: Yes-you can buy a 2 day RV pass. All occupants must also have camping and event tickets.


Allowed and Prohibited Items

Allowed venue items include:
Empty camelbacks
Empty water bottles up to 32oz or one sealed bottle of water

Prohibited venue items include:
Nitrous oxide
Illegal drugs and paraphernalia
Animals (expect service animals with proper documentation)


  • shanebasshead

    Bleacher tickets secure 😀 Can’t Wait ! !

  • Robinson Molina

    I purchased my tickets during the presale and recieved the camping passes back in January but have yet to receive the actual event passes. Have they gone out yet?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey Robinson! You should hit up Altitude Tickets and check on your ticket status!!!


    Looking for help to get to basscenter.

  • Todd Stramel

    Is anyone driving down from the Seattle area? I’ve got gas $$! 420 friendly!

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hit up the Bass Network on Twitter @bass_network – they can help get the word out 🙂

  • Zach

    So I bought my tickets and have them online through flash tickets. Any way I can get a hard cop
    Version of them? Having my phone scanned always lets me down some way and I don’t want it to happen here

    • Chris Basscrew

      You should hit up Altitude Tickets regarding this inquiry 🙂

  • Daniel Linnstaedt

    Can we bring a GoPro inside the stadium?

  • Panda

    does anyone know if the stage will be setup longways (stands opposite from stage being super far away) like at phishdicks or wideways?

    • Chris Basscrew

      That info will be released soon 🙂

  • Porchia

    How many stages are there going to be?

    • Chris Basscrew

      One 🙂

      Then another for Silent Disco in the camping grounds.

  • Turtle

    When will we have some more info as far as daily schedules and set times? I can’t get in until late afternoon Friday so wondering who other than Nectar I can catch Friday.

    • Chris Basscrew

      The lineups are above on the show poster! The left side is Friday – set times will be released soon 🙂

  • Manhattan_24

    Hey, Mr. Chris. I just had a question regarding the “Do It lIke This” VIP, do we get wristbands?

    • Chris Basscrew

      You should yes!

  • Cole Hughes

    I was curious if you would consider allowing The Sonic Portal to set up in the festival. I just recently experienced what they do at Electric Forest and it was captivating to say the least. They take you on a journey through space and sound by surrounding you in a roar of gongs. It felt almost therapeutic and euphoric. I felt like I was on a ride through space and came out a new person. It was truly immersive. When they were finished I was greeted by friendly faces and hugs from the artists. I want others to experience what I had felt. They are truly great people and I’ve been speaking with them recently to try and get them in contact with someone coordinating the festival.

    • Chris Basscrew

      Hey @cole_hughes:disqus I hit you up on Facebook about this – please send the contact info when you have a chance 🙂

  • Casandra Marie Mahoney

    Have times been released yet?!?

    • ryanmoritz

      Doors: 4:30 pm
      Show: 5 pm

  • Nicole Brown

    Will camping passes be sold at the box office at the festival? I’ve called altitude tickets about adding camping passes to my tickets, but they say they are sold out of camping passes.

    • This is what I found on Altitude’s information about camping passes

      “Additional camping passes, if available, will be sold at both entrances as well as at the Box Office, should a friend choose to join you! Subject to availability.”

      • Nicole Brown


  • Damian AnOmen Shreve

    Can someone shed light on Canibass please?

    • Shawn Haught

      With only 2 weeks away and as much as they say stay tuned you think we would already know. No one knows what this is or what to expect.

  • bhaley

    If you need a two day pass hit me up I have 2 for sale 100 each stands no camping.

  • Nectar24

    Will Cannabis be allowed? All that I see in non-permitted items is “Illegal drugs”, which does not apply to weed here in CO.

  • Scott Dale

    What is the deal with GoPro’s? will i be able to bring it in and will i be able to use my pole with it? i know it says no recording devices, but cmon now i am trying to record my VIP experience… please help me on understanding if i can bring this into the festival

    • Shawn Haught

      Go pros are allowed. Selfie sticks and other things like that are not.

  • Danny Lloyd

    Does the RV camping spots have electric?

  • Anthony Leach

    i have an Osprey 14 3L hydration pack – roughly the same size as the Camelback MULE… should i be worried about bringing this in? Thanks! (link below)

    Also, when will timeslots be released?

    • Shawn Haught


      style water bladder systems. All bladder systems must be removable,
      transparent, and empty upon entrance inspection
      Additionally, CamelBak

      le bladder
      carriers may have no more than 2 main compartments and 1 small compartment.

      • Chris Basscrew

        thanks Shawn!

  • Angelika Bury

    will there be shuttles or any transportation available to the after show at gothic theatre? I just ordered my tickets and didn’t realize how far it is. Also, is there uber in this town?

    • Shawn Haught

      No idea about shuttles but i doubt it. Yes there is uber in town.

  • Bass Emissary

    FAQ asks if spots are pre-assigned, and then doesn’t answer the question. Are spots pre-assigned, or can my crew roll in and grab a bunch of spots right next to each other? Would be a bummer if we were all spread out

    • Bass Emissary

      Camping spots, that is

  • Taby

    Can you buy an RV pass for your car to be able to take it inside the camp grounds?

    • Chris Basscrew

      There will be no cars allowed inside the camp grounds

  • Jose

    Am from Tennessee and my car took a dump on me is there any one heading from Tennessee to Colorado if not how does the April insurance work do I need to contact them. Or jus simply not show is that how I get me money back? 4239202526

    • Chris Basscrew

      If you’re looking for a ride from Tennessee, hit up the Bass Network on Twitter @bass_network and they can help get the word out!

      If you have a question about your tickets, please contact Altitude Tickets.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Ol Ya

    Will there be storage lockers in the venue and what will the cost be?

  • Sara

    Will I be allowed to bring my camera into the show and camp grounds?

    • ryanmoritz

      According to the list of prohibited items, you’re allowed to bring your cellphone and use it as a camera, but professional cameras including interchangeable lens are banned. Any other “non-professional” cameras are allowed. (e.g. a basic digital camera, GoPro)

  • Mike W

    Selling 2 basscenter camping tickets – hard copies at face value. Please contact me for details. I live in Littleton and can meet up with you. 630-276-3898

  • Vo

    Where can we park? Also, why are LED gloves prohibited?

    • Jessica Margolin

      in the parking lot at the venue lol

    • Jessica Margolin

      and not sure why everyone is mad about it though

      • ryanmoritz

        cause LED gloves are awesome

  • Catherine Ritter

    Hey is there anyway to upgrade from regular stand tickets to VIP? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Komrad

    it is difficult to switch from stands to field?

  • Josh

    So are we going to release venue opening times? for the life of me I cant find that information. With everything that is happening during the day, I’d like to know when I can show up to participate. (I’m not camping, unsure if that matters)

    • Kevin

      He just released an Android Basscenter app with set times. Bassnectar goes from 10 to 12:15 each night.

    • ryanmoritz

      Doors open at 4:30 pm. Show starts at 5. It says so on my ticket

  • ryanmoritz

    For those who are camping, during the shows inside the stadium, are our tents supposed to stay in the campground?

  • ryanmoritz

    Also I can’t find the Bass Center app in the Play Store either…

  • Scott Cannon

    Will all surviving Wu members be performing?

  • Nathaniel Hai

    No e cigs? Is that for real?

    • ryanmoritz

      Yup. Straight up bull sh*t

  • sammymagz

    Anyone know if you’ll be able to leave the venue area to go back to your camp site and then re-enter the venue area again??

  • chuck

    Go pros allowed ? Or

  • Julie Andersson

    What time are the performances over each night?

  • Julie Andersson

    What time does the concert end so I know when to pick up my kids?

  • James

    What was up with the drones over the show? Yes, some had to be affiliated but there were many more. Strange drones that were doing were very interesting things. Left slightly early the second evening and they were everywhere. One flew over my car, turned on bright lights and then hovered so close to me that it scared the people next to me and blew dirt and dust all over the place. This one was very large and quite silent. There were no drugs involved and asked many more people if they were seeing the same, they agreed and were quite afraid. WTF? is going on here.