March 29th, 2016


I hope 2016 is treating you well, and you are neck deep in living the dream : )

I began the year by jumping off grid, and instead of grinding away in usual nonstop 24-7 style, I took a huge break, inhaled life, and unplugged from everything else: no phone, no internet, no traveling – just a return to the source. I now find myself greatly replenished, working every day on a new album, with a few more months of Spring left to have fun being creative and brace for the impact of Summer Festivals and adventures. There are many new things in store (new music, new collaborations, new side projects, new visual art, new ideas, new interactive art contest) not the least of which is something I have been waiting years to kickstart: The Bassnectar Art Exchange.

The Bassnectar Art Exchange (TBAE) will be like an interactive art gallery (like a mix between Tumblr & Etsy – all Bassnectar themed) where you can share what you have created, but also discover amazing new artists, and new ideas.

We want to provide a community hub for all artists who create artwork with Bassnectar themes: to showcase, to share, even to sell. Every year there are thousands of new fans, and every OG bass head is one year deeper into the ride. There is so much art being created (from painting and drawings to tattoos to flags and pins and even clothing and specialty items) and we want to encourage the creative process as much as possible!

What we do love:
We love when you make art, when you flex your imagination, when you give life to something you are inspired by, when you take an idea to a new level. And we love when you share it: when you give it to friends and loved ones, or represent loud and proud!

What we don’t like:
Selling bootleg merchandise. Bad.

Let me make the long story short by saying we encourage unlimited creativity, art, passion & inspiration in our community! And we strongly encourage you to share & give and let your art reverberate throughout the universe. But if you make art and then take the Bassnectar Logo and sell your art using the Bassnectar Logo, that’s not ok. That’s not what a true fan does, that’s not what a bass head does, and that’s not what I would do.

In high school I loved the underground music scene, and I was obsessed with so many bands. I was always drawing their logos, or remixing their cover art, and I’d even make my own shirts and patches and whatever. But it would have ***NEVER*** occurred to me to go mass produce Metallica shirts and try and sell them. Maybe if it was a joke or a parody, then MAYBE… but just lifting another bands logo, and selling it on merchandise is not cool. It’s not what we are about. That’s not what fans do, and that’s not what music lovers do.

So we want to make it clear that it’s absolutely not ok with anyone on this team to make/produce/sell Bassnectar merchandise or art which includes Bassnectar logos, symbols, or imagery – if you want to make art and sell it, that’s great, but leave our logo, symbols, and imagery off of it.

But we don’t just want to shut down piracy & wackness without offering a positive alternative : )

TBAE will be kicking off this summer, and in the meantime we want to call out to artists and creators: if you have stuff you want to share with the community, hit us up via tbae@bassnectar[dot]net, and let us help you build out your own customized exhibit so it’s ready for launch!
: )




  1. Jesse Kuch says:

    Comes across pretty hypocritical considering the latest developments. If you wanna wax lyrical about your fans using your logos, how about not ripping off VJ’s material and claiming it’s the frontier of collage art? It’s literally no different, if not much worse, than what you’re talking about here. Yours is a logo – that’s not even art, that’s advertising.

  2. Joe Smith says:

    As a basshead listening to his music longer then some of you have been alive everyone needs to take a step back..and when i say a long time i mean a looong time.. When i could go to basslights walk up and buy tickets..when there waa only 3-400 people at a show..when Lorina hair was half way down his back.. I have been reading every day and juat now posting.. He ia saying be creative and do your artwork no peroblems with that..but when u mass produce and make money you are technically stealing from him.. Make your artwork for yourself to enjoy it yourself.. There will always be loop holes and thats what everyone is focusing on..everyone take a step back honestly.. This man is about music..what ever happened to making his music first and loving/enjoying that.. Everyone’s outlook is so twisted.. We are all here in this site because of music..lets not forget that..there wouldnt even be bassdrops on signs if it wasnt for his creative unique style of music..long story short recogbize why you are really here and enjoy the true beauty the vibrations not the visuals. .thank you..ray

  3. Bryan Lee says:

    So let’s say a conversation like this happens:

    Customer/Friend: “Hey Bryan, I love your chalk drawings. Do you make prints of any of them? I was hoping to buy one”
    Me: “No, I don’t make prints. I personally feel they devalue the time I spend on my originals. I will however, commission you a piece of whatever you want in it.”

    Customer/Friend: “Well I love Bassnectar! Could you do X with a bassdrop in the background”
    Me: “Sure, anything you want i’ll do it. It will probably be about 6 hours of work, and i’ll get it to you by the end of the week. 10$/hr is my usual fees, and maybe some shipping costs if you are far away.”

    I’m now entitled to pay bassnectar some royalties?!?
    If I draw Subaru pictures from car scenes, like stance nation / boxerfest, I’m now inclined to pay Subaru royalty fees?

    I surely hope not. And if so, I’ve just lost soooooo much respect for both bassnectar and subaru.

    I read this and I hope it’s only pertaining to those who mass-produce prints, pins, canvases, hats, t-shirts, and other “merch”
    But i’ll be damned if TBAE expects to see a dime from what I do in my free time. If you want to sign artists similar to how record labels sign DJ’s, feel free to charge a fee on what they produce as part of your “label” TBAE. I personally see that as greed, one of the things that we all know has ruined half of today’s music.

  4. bman says:

    nothing personal lorin, but you cant seriously expect your opinion on copyright to be considered valid after using max hattler’s visual for years without any compensation, can you? come on man. either practice what you preach or let your dorkier fans dork out with your logo and get over yourself.

  5. Joshua says:

    Please can you write like you actually graduated from a California University.
    Instead of writing like you’re still a teenager. Be a role model bro for gods sake.
    I know the truest way to live is to live like a child. even old senile people still Write on paper and in cursive proper English.
    I forgot. Our system doesn’t teach proper English anymore. Mi b, bae. I feelz ya ha-d . I grizzy on da streeneetz two cuz, blood, homieslice.
    Waz gewd nugga. Respect, bucka booka. Blat blat.
    Sound check. Hey. Is this on? Can anyone hear me?
    The world will never be unified because of greed and our egos.
    But we all have the right to live and breathe don’t we?
    One love


    • Joe Smith says:

      When you act like this do you expect anyone to want to be around you…very very negative person.. Take a deep look into yourself and maybe that’s why.. Maybe they didn’t want to be brought down after such a positive experience.. Maybe they didn’t want to hear someone bitch for hours cause his drop was a split second to soon.. Never pleased..could give you a million and your the type to ask for another 10.. Very self absorbed you are.. Very needy and greedy.. You did it to yourself homeskizzzzlet..

      • Joshua says:

        If you could only put your feet into someone else’s shoe. try putting your feet into a trees shoes or whales shoes to understand what I think about all the time. Jobs don’t matter to me. Doesn’t make me a bum. Being a bum is more freedom to live with the earth. At least they live the way they want. The Earth has cared for life it’s whole existence Joe. Do you say sorry for cutting her life down for your 1million dollar house?. You’re the one still hung up on money, I write this stuff to make the community better. I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment. And if I were to buy a house it would be a small one with forest / orchards all around. But no one seems to listen with their hearts anymore. I want success for our society not for any individual.
        I don’t even kill spiders in my house dude. I take then outside to eat the pests of the world that Monsanto and our government have bioengineered.
        I know my mixes aren’t the best dude. I don’t even have a midi or anything. Just my laptop. I know I’m not the best nor claim to be. I listen to my own mixes than anyone else. I enjoy them and that’s all that matters. I’m not using special tools or programs to make my sets flow or whatever. I never even had a splitter to hear if a song would even match beats. I was trying to play by ear. A lost art.

        • Joe Smith says:

          As well as I do.. Catch a fly let it out that’s where karma comes in.. all I’m saying man is be positive about things is how you will make the community better.. Alto of negativity coming from your way my man.. Take the positives out of giving that bottle..and its never about money for me either..but its that feeling inside that YOU get when YOU do something nice.. Even if money isn’t involved its that bliss you feel in your heart..its that same feel when your vibing with Nectar(while his killing it obviously) and the crowd.. Just saying take the positives out of it josh.. The weight will lift off your sshoulders and if everyone…including myself.. Would be more positive and instead of looking at the negatives the positive energy would shine through and trees wouldn’t be cut down and animals wouldn’t get killed.. I have been listening to nectar for longer then some bassheads have been alive.. He is about positivity and helping people.. He has helped me through more then he will ever know. He doesnt even know me and probably will never read my post..but he literally literally saved my Positivity and showing me how to direct my positivity in the right way.. Josh no need for the negativity it makes people shy away and not come together as a community.. Be positive man and alot of those things you want to accomplish will be accomplished by you and many contributing with team work…. Positive energy out positive energy back.. Make your own luck buddy stay positive.. See nectar..

  6. Joshua says:

    Good job Bass team. Mom says thanks and finally. You picked up trash one day out of the year. Something to be amazed at. I’m awestruck. When it’s socially exceptible to do so… Maybe next festival or concert you guys can do that too… But you’re just there for a set hu? How quickly we forget yesterday in a pursuit of tomorrow.
    EVERYDAY IS EARTH DAY people. Oh wait. We aren’t taught that in school.
    Capitalism is what I should have started with, that is all we are taught as a society.

    There are only 1% intact a old growth forests on the West coast. Only 5-10% of the coast is protected ALONG THE WHOLE WEST COAST of the US. Let’s get more art with some vegetal / animal life in it BNF. Does no one have creativity to use something other than animals lLoron uses? Maybe use some sheep?

    Purple rain anyone? Koolaid tastes good don’t it?

    Just teasing you all for farts and giggles because no one can really discuss what’s going on here can we?

    • Chris Basscrew says:

      Hi Josh! No need for the sarcasm dude. The Ambassadors wanted to set up different events around the country on Earth Day – clean-ups, tree plantings, hikes, hangouts, etc. They have been doing more of these sorts of activities recently and have more planned in the upcoming months.

      There were a ton of bass heads that stuck around after Lorin’s set at Euphoria to help clean up – and we plan on doing this more too.

      Instead of criticizing what others are doing, maybe it would be more productive for you to write up a campaign/idea/plan of attack for something environmentally related that you would like to see done. If it’s doable and realistic I’m more than happy to help coordinate and promote it through the Bass Network and get Ambassadors to help support.

      Let’s work together here, rather than antagonizing peeps!

      Hope you’ve been well 🙂

      • Joshua says:

        Good to hear from you Chris,
        Seems like that is the only way to get a hold of the community around here. By yelling and ranting a bit.
        Staying positive for the next year and giving you guys reinforcement to keep on keeping on.
        I’ve told you where I am and what I’m about dude that’s why I blowing y’all up.
        I told you I wanted to coordinate stuff like that around my neighborhood 6 months or so ago..
        I’ve always loved the Sierra Club or The Autobon Society or some other non profit to get involved with what I’m talking about at your events…

        • colleen says:

          what stopped you from coordinating stuff like that around your neighborhood 6 months ago?

          a bunch of bassheads — kids who know each other specifically thorough the bassnectar community — just did the same thing at suwanee after the tipper sets this past weekend. it was self-coordinated and self-enacted. same with euphoria. and i expect the trend will continue 🙂

          • Joshua says:

            I don’t earn enough money to afford to go to all these events like you guys can. For my
            Wife and I we are lucky to get to go to one or two sets a year.
            I emailed Chris bass crew. I’ve had festival ideas with this “Earth day” concept just in mind. That I came up with in Puerto Rico when I was swimming in their polluted seas. I guess traveling does make you see things in new lights sort of say..
            all of my friends growing up either like oldies, classicals, country, alternative, punk rock or rap.
            Everyone I WORK with LOVES house. Not really my style. But I’m more drum and bass. Plus Lorins music holds all types of music within . That’s why I’m a basshead.
            Trust me, I humiliate everyone. But it says that it’s the truest way in the Bible.
            That’s the only way humans can learn now a days because we are so hard headed or stuck in the matrix that even that doesn’t seem to be getting through to anyone.
            It’s a hard fight that I’m fighting and it gets harder when your family doesn’t even try to understand.
            I’ve taken 4 years worth of natural resource conservation and horticulture. Trust me I do more than my FAIR share to protecting the inches or so of cultivataible land left amongst this concrete jungle . That is the MJORITY of my thoughts of how much we ALL waste. I include myself because it humbles me. I wish more people would think about shit like that.
            That all of our clean water has been damned up. Blocking the oceans from receiving it’s health and nutrition. But then how would we be able to support the masses? What’s going to be more important humans/comfort/money or Earth? That’s what we are boiling down to as a world society. But we are too far up the medias asses that blindly direct our minds to what? More fighting and death? Wow great to hear everyday isn’t it. How trump and so and so are calling each other names…
            No wonder why everyone in the army gets into this scene

          • Joshua says:

            I even poured wine for artists and bought bottles or brought them out of my personal collection to give to BN at Bay Area Vibez and it was ALL out of my pocket with no kick back or media thank yous I was extended by yalls homies.
            It hurts trying to be a part of any community if you don’t get any appreciation for it.

          • Chris Basscrew says:

            Josh! Come on man – you and I both know that I was very appreciative of everything from BAV.

            Let’s move this to email please.

          • Joshua says:

            I NEVER said you weren’t appreciative. I heard at least 3 thank yous that I remember.
            Hasan told me that he would do all he could on social media. Seemed to me that you were more working for them that weekend so maybe you have some strings to pull on your end…
            I thought he was Ls homie and that’s why L even did the event, well that’s what it seemed talking to Zachary and Alex. Favors for the birthday boy. I get it.
            That’s all my boss wanted from the event anyway. Was a “hey. Carvalho is here pouring up like bosses for all families alike.” Or for you to take some time and bring your family to meet ours with COMPLIMENTARY tours I personally extended from my heart. But I understand Chris. This is just an accumulation of anger I need to get out. I love the scene, but most of all I love the music.
            I don’t have a group of friends with the same likes as you all , laugh and vent about these types of things with each other… While making some Rent at the same time.
            I just have family and they are all disconnected with Earth just like everyone else.

        • Chris Basscrew says:

          Please understand that we are extremely busy – there are so many moving parts with the Bassnectar Team and then the entire Bassnectar Community. I would love to take the time to respond to every one of your comments on the site, but it’s not always realistic. You and I have had extensive correspondence via email in the past – I have so many bass heads hitting me up, asking me questions, and suggesting ideas like you have. The community is vast dude!

          Like I said if you want some of these ideas to become reality you have to write out a full plan and shoot it my way. These organizations you have suggested are awesome and it would be great to team up with them, but without a plan of attack it’s just a pipe dream…

          Anything you want to get going in your neighborhood, you just need to go for it!

      • Joshua says:

        Were the plants native or fruit bearing at least?

  7. Eli says:

    The day you have a non-concert poster up I am buying it

  8. Joe Smith says:

    Whoever this Joshua dude is he is a bum and doesn’t have a job cause he literally posts every 5 would be one thing if you are positive but duuuuuuuuudddeee you are so negative about something that has been so positive for so many people.. Be positive or don’t say anything at all.. Your the dude that probably fights t nectar shows.. Like whhhhaaattt..

  9. Ian Murphy says:

    Seems like a sneaky way of making a little more money off the fans..

    In general, I think it’s pretty pompous to think you’ve got the sort of influence to effect bootlegging.. Americans have bootlegged things since forever, and nobody who has tried to put an end to it, private or corporate, has been successful. I think you should appreciate the fucking DYNASTY you’ve created with your music and stop worrying about what is on my T-shirt. its petty, its greedy, and i’m really not buying the “its for youuuuuu” attitude.

  10. Carson Maier says:

    so when is this Art Exchange gonna be a thing? Looking forward to it…

  11. Joshua Edward Thompson says:

    Seriously dude. You remix other people’s shit and I PAY to come see you do it. If I cannot create pins with your logo then why in the world can you make music and make me pay for it? This is hypocritical bullshit and it comes across as disrespectful to the people who are providing you with FREE MARKETING by creating artwork with your logo. I just got done creating a run of 50 Bassnectar pins. Should I be scared you will take them down or fuck with me in some way? I paid my own money to create something because your show inspired me so heavily at Electric Forest. I feel insulted that you would act like this “Art exchange” is anything other than a way for you to make money off of us creators. I’m pretty sure when the pins arrive I’ll just give them away. This community is polluted with negativity. I’m sorry to have contributed to it with this post.

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