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April 17th, 2016


HAPPY SUNDAY! Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this moment of clarity:

I finally got to the bottom of what happened with the Max Hattler debacle. There was a huge misunderstanding within our crew (at the time there were 30+ individuals on and off the road, on tour 11 months out of the year) and we were working with so many various VJs & video artists – although we run a tight ship (and getting tighter every day!) we fucked up!! Too many cooks in the kitchen, something fell through the cracks, and I did not realize we weren’t supposed to use the clips by Max Hattler (nor did I realize they were by Max Hattler, who is a phenomenal artist, whom we are all now fans of!). Had I known there was an issue, I would never have allowed it to happen.

Instead of making a bunch of excuses or anything, i just really want to step up, and make a heartfelt apology to max. I have reached out personally to him to make it right by him.

Aside from that, I don’t want to give into a bunch of pointless drama, I don’t want any of our fans arguing with his fans, I don’t want to fan the flames of the situation. I just want to apologize for the mistake, make it right, and move on – we have so much respect for all artists!!! It’s hard to put into words how scatter-brained we all get when on the road, and in the heat of the chaos, our wires got crossed, and we simply should have done better.

As bassnectar fans, please echo the ethos of bassnectar: be kind to others, act with respect & love as you give back to the world around you, treat others how you want to be treated, and don’t fall into a negative mindset. Life is so short: make the most of every precious moment.

For myself, if i fuck up i LOVE to apologize and make it right, and thats what I’m doing here!!!

Thanks for your time!

– Lorin